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    uk near leeds west yorkshire
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    messing about with vst instruments trying to master reason and Ableton\Live just converted to middi from my Hammond organ and less lie cabinet and a very old roland SH100 Snyth,,,,,its even in the synthmuseum now god ime getting old lol. ps i have just bought the minnimoog electric blue vouger i love it all though it was expensive worth ever penny though,,
  1. hello just been cheking that buzz out have you seen all the bugs in it OMG check this site out http://www.noolmusic.com/buzzboard/crashing_problems.shtml
  2. Ime asking if reason rewired to Ableton Live 6.0.5 is a good start as a beginner i love psytrance and eny psychedelic and ambient ps got the best bunch of vst on the go is that eny clear a cheers ???? :posford:
  3. Hello can eny 1 give me some ideas with wot ime using i have got reason on the pc plus Ableton live witch i use in rewire 4 the vst ive got most of the good vst on but it seems to me as if you are all using cue base ime still learning and i found Steinberg Nuendo cue base a bit tricky would i be ok to learn this set up first as ime still learning all though i have made a few tunes. reasons not that easy 4 me ime still going through all the tutorials 4 them eny feed back would be nice thanks. by the way i read music if thats eny help
  4. sorry i just don`t like female signers sorry an all that its just my my opinion no disrespect girlys
  5. have they been sold yet man ,,,
  6. I got that un Klopfgeister Travel Diaries :posford:
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