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  1. This is so freaking good. It's CBL like we know them, but they keep evolving. It's still too soon to jugde, but after one spin I can sure say that it's same standard as World of Sleepers and Hydroponic Garden. Track 5 and 10 are masterpieces. Bottomline must be that NO ONE will be dissapointed.
  2. Principles of Flight - Chaotic Opera. :posford:
  3. I downloaded the rip you mentioned and fell in love so I bought the album of course (waiting for it to arrive ). It is unbelievable that itcould be even a little bit better than the extended version. :posford: I just love it!
  4. The Infinity Project - Freedom from the Flesh.
  5. Sound freaking amazing even better than the two previous albums. I just can't wait for this one. :posford:
  6. I just checked out Stephan Bodzin from that list. Wow, beautiful minimal, techno whatever. I have to get this one: http://www.discogs.com/Stephan-Bodzin-Lieb.../release/954777
  7. Behind Blue Eyes - Behind Blue Eyes. The best progressive album imo.
  8. March, I can't wait. And that where the winter will be gone at the weather keeps getting better. If this album will be at least as good as the two previous I will be dancing happy and the beautiful autumn will be spiced up with Jikkenteki.
  9. hyppeN

    Recent ratings

    2001: A Space Odyssey. Amazing scifi movie and of course the best ever. 9,5/10 Stand By Me. Really sweet story about four kids. On the outside they look like regular kids, but the movie is filled up with some really intelligent dialogues. 9/10
  10. Very nice EP. Thanks Ektoplazm and please, keep them coming.
  11. The samples sound awesome! I'm ready November 28th.
  12. Pretty nice EP. It gets too minimal sometimes which can be a little boring, but when the melodies starts at the last minutes of the tracks it gets really magical. Very cosmic and spacey. Looking forward for more!
  13. Simple question: Ambient/downtempo like TLWH or trance like FoI or maybe a third thing?
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