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  1. So you havent listen to any melodic IDM like ametsub(snowy lava), kettel, wisp, Bluetech, plaid from 5 years ago, and THE flashbulb. Boards of Canada / Venetian Snare / u-Ziq / AFX/Aphex Twin / Squarepusher / Autechre are all harsh idm artist, agressivnes, but thers the more melodic IDm, and way better imo.
  2. I agree with you man! Thats my list 1-kettel 2-wisp 3-secede 4-ametsub/The flashbulb 5-aphex twin Wisp is not original, you must be kidding! How many albums from wisp you heard? cause seriously, wisp is UNIQUE Well, aphex twin is normally more extreme/hard/aggressive BPM then wisp, beside from the selected ambient series, Aphex twin hasnt made a lot of dowtempo song. aphex twin and AFX is HARD BPM Mostly But wisp has done even more downtempo or downbeat song then ''hard'' song. Wisp has like 8-9 release(EP or albums), and when you listen to every cd, wisp really doesnt look like aphex twin. But thats my opinion, maybe you havent listen to all wisp releases, so you base your opinion only onthe shimmering hour album. The shimmering hour is hard bpm all the time, and its the only time that wisp has done that. Normally, every album contains like half the time slow bpm. Just an example, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ox-DWhlV_tM...feature=related listen from 1min 46 exactly, and look at the changes of rythm with awsome melodies, and then at 2 min 30. the beat is coming back much different, then listen carefully at the end all the sounds blending together. I really dont see how wisp is not unique, ive never heard such complexity into aphex twin dowtempo selected ambient 85-93 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9t0jOXtmFA...F3&index=47 this really look like aphex twin, apart the fact that wisp and aphex twin makes both IDM music, i dont see a lot of ressemblance. I find in fact that wisp is even more original and better than Aphex TWin because with wisp, we dont get the feeling that hes using drummachines... aphex twin has done his tracks mostly WITH drum machine, and i find that when you listen to everything from aphex, you have less originality into the kick drum. The song are a LOT more repetitive musicwise. But thats only my opinion
  3. for my taste, wisp is way different then aphex twin. Into the gathering from IM, you can hear the halluciogen inspiration, but its still a masterpiece. so... Wisp new album is still good, even if it sounds, sometimes, like aphex twin. sadly why? I love aphex twin.
  4. Great topic !!! 1-kettel 2-wisp 3-secede 4-ametsub/The flashbulb 5-aphex twin ------------------------------ Bola Venetian snares Helios board of canada Near The Parenthesis Anders Ilar Boards Of Canada Legiac Bluetech Ginormous
  5. very interresting still don't know about the 8 speakers thought....
  6. Okay what all that fost around the Cat these day I mean the man just ask a simple question... I really believe that those kind of comments should not exist around here.... We all appreciate the same music style so why focus just on our particular taste instead of giving a point of views WHATEVER THE POINT OF VIEWS IS ....
  7. Anybody heard of Cosmic Fools since their last work on the compilation midnight soul dive ? They only done two track and then pfff disappear!
  8. Sound refreshing and yes I think the Cicada and Rent boy track was more Youth or even Paul Jackson work... I'm still waiting to heard the full album
  9. Wow okay first thing about this album is that Ametsub create a new paterns of sound that never done before, even in his firs album Linear Cryptics For full reviews and direct link to his myspace page go check on headphone commute (2009 section) enjoy it :clapping:
  10. Absolutely marvellous moments there ! I like the way you put in men truly dub and ambient at the same time... Not sure for the album of the years instead
  11. Go check on his myspace for free download !!! We can hope to get the new full lenght album later this years !! great stuff!
  12. Entheogenic - flight of the urubus cannot believe they not improve more their style after be in top for so many years... Ott - Skylon a couple of great track but still dont know this one not get me at all Younger brother - the last days of gravity Maybe my hight expection for this one have something to do with the big deception but no matter that fact I was expecting something more amazing... Ultimae Deception 1- Hol bauman 2-I awake 3-Sync24 4-James Murray
  13. Some great compilation that been forget! Divine Inventions - really nice track by mood deluxe,beatnik and Mr peculiar just to name a phew Origin Stage 3 - Zen Mechanics,Laughing Buddha and Headroom enjoy it !
  14. I vote a ouple of their things because except some really enjoyable moments in the fahrenheit project series nothing really amaze me with Ultimae... Still not giving a chance to the new H.U.V.A. Network album yet ....
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