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  1. This is mine After the summer monitors and a Nord Modular will be added
  2. Digidesign Mbox 2, but I have to get a new one 'cause it's broken
  3. Hi radi. Check out the cd Transient Dawn http://www.discogs.com/release/81799 I think it's right up your alley! It has a Posford track on it too btw, what does "steppest" mean?
  4. I see you have a Matrix 6R. Is it true that you can't program it?
  5. @ Colin: Is that a Yamaha Promix 01? Do you use it as some sort of midi controller for your mixer in Cubase (or...)? It's because I'm looking for an affordable controller or digital mixer and I don't know what to choose. Maybe that an old cock like you can give me some advice?
  6. I'm considering ordering from them. The only thing that's keeping me from doing that is the fact that I live in Belgium and the chances are likely that they are going to keep my package at the customs and open it, which means that I would have to pay extra. I ordered a cd once in the States and I had to pay almost the double because of the latter. They couldn't know there was no anthrax powder stuff thingy in it... You probably have to pay more "customs money" the heavier your package is or something. Does anybody know more about this?
  7. Has anyone ever ordered something fromt hese guys? Prices are extremely low and you don't have to pay shipping costs.
  8. Simon Posford's newer tracks are just sublime. Better than the old ones. More subtle.
  9. Doesn't matter if you use PT, DP, Cubase or whatsoever. You should use what you're most comfortable with. PT has some nice fx-plugins though.
  10. You could go for Pro Tools LE too. For less then € 500 you can get the Mbox 2 together with Pro Tools LE.
  11. Buy them at Ultimae! Very nice people!
  12. True. I listened to the whole album (ecxept for the last track) several times and I thought it was just OK. Then I let it rest for a couple of weeks and listened to it again (ALL the tracks this time). And when I heard the last track I kind of understood the whole album and it made me appreciate the other tracks so much more. Now I find it rather average again, except for the last track
  13. Do you mean the "it's gonna blow!" sound? The sound right before the climax that normally comes with snares and kicks and stuff? You can make that type of sound with any kind of synth. I think you use the attack and tune knobs for that. Or you make a sound, you render it and then you reverse (try a reversed kick very popular ). Or something like that. I'm not quite sure 'cause I never use it in my tracks. happy experimenting!
  14. Hi. Does anyone have any experience with working with / editing a Wavestation?
  15. And its melodies are imo just a liiiittle bit better than the Hallucinogen in dub ones.
  16. There's already an Oliver Lieb remix of LSD
  17. Did you buy that cd or did you just downloaded it? Why? Because it says 'HALLUCINOGEN in dub'?
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