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  1. Not so bad, but I still prefer Celine Dion.
  2. Hi. "Nu skool" doesn't sound bad but it doesn't appeal to me as much as old skool / goa trance / whatever does... I kinda miss those typical cheap, dirty and raw old skool sounds. How do you boys and girls feel about it? Greets.
  3. Does anyone know which synthesizers MWNN or Total Eclipse (especially in "Aliens") use? interesting topic btw
  4. Maybe this could be helpful: http://www.synthzone.com/theorytb.htm
  5. Hi Increase your attack. It makes your bassline whip (?)a little bit. Have lots of fun!
  6. My worst would be 7 nation army... WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!! (I haven't heard the other remixes)
  7. I wanted to add a few but they're already in this list Big thank you!
  8. I bet his lame 7 Nation Army RMX was one of them... ténnnnngggg teng téng teng teng tenngg tennnnggggg Shiva Jörg for president!
  9. Fill your head with Phantasm vol. 2 It's like you're listening to the audio samples of an old album on Saikosounds.
  10. Simsynth is crap, Wasp isn't. Hint: Don't use presets What I mean is that you can get some decent dark sounds out of Wasp, even a few out of that other crappy DX10 synth. But I don't use them very often
  11. Isn't there going to be released something under the name Metal Sharon? (Simon + Ozric Tentacles) Correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. What exactly do you mean by this?
  13. HI EVERYBODY! (hi doctor...) Does anyone of you know where I can find some decent samples of sounds of the rainforest (animals etc)? Most samples I found on the internet are FULL of noise... Or can someone recommend me a good sample cd(rom)? The same thing for the ethnic/asian/indian... stuff. Only these or even harder to find (imo). Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  14. How much for number 7 and number 10?
  15. Nu zegt ge daar iets... de Waves bundles... Weet ge wel hoeveel die kosten? Ah ja, ik verkies om software te kopen (tenzij ze gratis EN legaal is). Gekraakte software is broodroof. Das hetzelfde als mp3's downloaden vind ik.
  16. blijkbaar hebt gij veel geld om uit te geven En de kwaliteit van uw geluid is beter me fl in cubase dan fl apart? Tiens, das interessant Dus ge maakt alles in fl ma ge mastert het in cubase... Is da tzelfde als werken me fl en de geluidskwaliteit van cubase bekomen? Of iets in die aard... A brief translation for the non-Flemish speaking members of this forum: So you make your songs with FL but by mastering with cubase you obtain a better soundquality instead of using only FL?
  17. Thanks Freeware plugins that don't decrease (is this the right verb?) the soundquality of your track are always welcome!
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