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  1. if u only need 2 ins and outs on ur soundcard: emu 1212m check out the reviews, everyone's praising it.
  2. somehow it looks like it has been photoshopped his head seems so unreal
  3. 73.) Brian Eno - 'An Ending (Ascent)' OMG!!!!! one of my favourites!! damn, this must be one of the best mixes I have heard... ever! and I really mean this.
  4. OMG!!!!! you still listen to simon posford?? he's so passé..
  5. cool topic 6-7 years ago, when I was 14. A friend gave me a Fruity Loops demo. Those were the days.....
  6. Steve Roach - The magnificent void !1 he can choose the other 2
  7. I found some old unplayed Nova Zembla vinyls in a theatre. Actually, it was a whole pile of them. And they said I could take home whatever I liked The Elysium one is still in mint condition and the SWM one hase some minor scratches. These are the ones I'm talking 'bout: Elysium - Master Of The Rainforest EP http://e.discogs.com/release/302804 Shaolin Wooden Men - The Hungry Forest LP http://e.discogs.com/release/51311 Do any of you know what they're worth? cheers
  8. if the car would have a license plate, it should have '604' in it..
  9. Why is it that psytrance artists always have dull names? (in general)
  10. MOTU's Ethno Instrument Wizoo's Darbuka and Latigo EMU's Emulator X and the Planet Earth sample cd
  11. I had a 'download manager' on my pc a long time ago and I could pause and continue your download anytime I liked. But I don't recall the name...
  12. only 12 hits? You're really missing smt here
  13. http://jackthetab.org/index4.html they're really really good
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