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  1. You should check out "Re:sonate" by Pete Namlook and Gaudi. The first times it may sound rather mediocre, but the more you listen to it, the more you start to appreciate it. You really have to grow into this album, although it may sound rather "simple". edit: it's one of my 10 (dare I say 5?) favourite albums!1
  2. I don't think it's an 'FM' lead. It sounds more like a Nord lead to me. I don't really know actually...
  3. Juno 60 DX7 SH-101 Jupiter something etc check vintagesynth.com
  4. Long time since I've listened to it. Last time I didn't really like it. Going to re-listen I've seen Fear Falls Burning live some time ago. It was pretty good but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too short.
  5. spx for the replies the magnificent void is a true piece of art and yeah, "minimal" ambient is more or less what i'm looking for. 1 constant moving, evolving, tunnel/texture/landscape
  6. link - click - links - click - more links - click click - etc if i could, i would check it all out, but there's just too much. not only are there tons of artists, they each have something like 10 cd's too. i don't know where to begin... i'm looking for (not too) dark and dreamy and spacy drones, slowly and gradually moving to (anti-) climaxes, music that you're sucked into. i've already checked out astro cortex's reviews and the ambient threads on this forum but i need more (and the google too off course) ... so names of artists or albums are very much appreciated. music i like: oophoi steve roach ishq / ishvara / elve tom heasley thanks in advance and happy dr0nes!
  7. tweakheadz is a great site, and i like the "style" of writing too http://www.soundonsound.com/articles/Technique.php for those who have been living on another planet
  8. http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?seller=buzsiek&page=1 I already bought a cd from him, so he's reliable
  9. does anyone know where I can listen to some samples of teh Fizmo? edit: found! http://homepage.mac.com/synth_seal/html/fizmoc.html
  10. Some guy wanted to trade his Fizmo with my MS-2000
  11. ah yes the distortion. a bit of a pitty you can't control the amount of distortion.
  12. woops sowwy. then check out the SY77, SY99 and DX-200. They're all Yamaha.
  13. They both got only 4 voices but the mono/poly has 4(!) vco's. The mono/poly has a unique arpeggiator too, check it out on the internet. I've had an MS2000 for about a year and I must say that I was a little bit disappointed in it. I admit I never used the stepsequencer, which seems to be one of his stronger points. The digital filters are a bit weak too. It's not a bad synth, but I expected more from it. If I were you i'd go for the mono/poly
  14. It may sound stupid but have you contacted Waveidea and/or Alesis yet or have you checked their forum yet?
  15. or look for an SY-77 (successor), an SY-99 (successorst) or a DX-200 (identical but easier to program)
  16. for one or both? get 'em while they're hot (or: cheap)!
  17. psilocybin mushrooms >> Ishq / Ishvara / Elve / Matt Hillier It's deep, calm, trippy, smooth, organic... ideal for tripping on mushrooms
  18. uhm..uhm..... it just means 'doctor'.... you know, dr nick, the simpsons... no?
  19. I believe that it was Nine Inch Nails' studio full of modulars that was destroyed by Katrina. If I can find a pic of it, I'll post it.
  20. the Teisco / Kawai 110F is pretty kewl too good for strange metallic sounds
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