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  1. hi you should make the kind of music you like (of course) and that's what you obviously do. as long as you have fun doing it. and i suppose you do. maybe i'm misunderstanding you, but it seems like you are saying that people who are trying to be innovative don't make music "from the heart"? i respect you and others like you for putting your music on the net for free. i don't think i could do that
  2. Nice track but I wouldn't call it a masterpiece I liked your previous one too. The build ups are similar and imo a bit to predictable too, which is a bit of a shame 'cause I think that there's a lot more you could do with this track. The whole sounds a bit thin, but I think that's due to VST's. I wondered how it would sound with (80's analogue ) hardware synths. Keep 'em coming afgin!
  3. But post it in the International Section
  4. Anyone interested in a Korg Oasys PCI card?
  5. Didn't Waldorf come up with a software emulation? Don't know if its sound comes close to the original...
  6. It seems a pretty good deal though. The specs aren't that special but I liked the sound of the V-station a lot and this one's some sort of "upgraded" V-station/Basstation.
  7. I can get a KS rack for € 270. Should I go for this or should I save my money and buy the MWXT (for example) a bit later?
  8. Is there much difference (in sound) between the Micro Q and the MWXT?
  9. I know And it's a sampler/synthesizer I haven't tried it either but I've read a few reviews and it seems pretty kewl.
  10. Someone told me that with the Z1 it takes a bit more time and knowledge to create te same (and better) sounds as the Prophecy because it's more complicated. He also says that the Z1 is capable of a lot more. Do you have any experience with the Emu E-synth? Seems a pretty good sampler/synth too and a lot easier to program than the K2000.
  11. What exactly do you mean by recording immediately? They're not so rare I think. On http://fr.audiofanzine.com/ you can find them quite often. Thanks for the reply
  12. I'd like to buy a new synth (now that I've got the money). I've got my mind set on a Prophecy, but the Microwave XT seems pretty sweet too Advice, opinions etc are appreciated Thanks.
  13. I agree that it's a nice piece of artwork, but not for the cover of an album. When I see an album with a cover like this one I think: yay, another 13 in a dozen psytrance album. But that's my opinion.
  14. replies... woohoo! I'm going to buy a Prophecy and maybe a K2000RS too. It'll depend on how much money I'll earn this summer. Editing seems to be a bitch on those 2 synths. At least, that's what I heard/read.
  15. I hope it's not like the one in his first album. It really sucked. The album was quite good though, especially the second part.
  16. Good for bass and leads. Not so good for pads and that's the reason I'm selling it. It's still in very good condition though. Always used in a non-smoking area. Comes with English manual and adaptor. For more info please visit this page If you have a question, feel free to contact me Philip
  17. Hi. Does anyone know a (reliable) freeware alternative to one of these? Or can someone give me a... "demo" of one of these programs. Thanks.
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