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  1. yes you did, I told you about him...
  2. naaah I don't believe you you always want just one more synth
  3. I don't like dark at all. Maybe that I should give this a try?
  4. don't laught with accordeons! they're very nice instruments! I didn't say dark psy isn't music.
  5. you're stupid yourself! Yes, I've heard dark psytrance before, but I don't count an arpeggio as a melody
  6. I've never understood the whole fuzz about pleiadians. I can't listen to it any longer than approximately 5 minutes.
  7. to make it a little bit more difficult... http://www.spectralis.de/
  8. thanks for the replies listening to an '96 live set from dj esp very repetitive, but that's just so great about it
  9. I don't know the exact name of the music I'm looking for but it's made mostly with drumcomps and 303's. It exists, no doubt about that, but I don't know where to find it. Tracks I know and like a lot: DDR & The geezer - Mad cows on acid Cosmic Commando - Acid overdose Public Energy - three 'o three Charlie don't surf - Blood on my giro Can you boys and girls recommand me some tracks/artists/albums? Muchos gracias in advance!
  10. the whole afternoon I'm listening to the tracks on his site instead of learning for my exams.........
  11. I can get it for €300 - €350 What's the reason you're selling it if it's such a great synth?
  12. yeah, the little phatty is sexier but has fewer knobs. I think you can't turn the RES and CUTOFF knob at the same time because it's 1 knob for both. The Ion/Micron is virtual analog, but it sounds analog so it doesn't really matter
  13. a moog and an ion are 2 different synths with different possibilities / options indeed if I had to choose (and had lots of money), I would go for the Moog Voyager, otherwise the Ion. the voyager is a pretty kewl synth, especially with the VX 351 extention but the ion has 12 voices don't know if you heard about these: http://asb.creamware.com/
  14. I'm going to buy me a Nova and a Korg EA (MkII perhaps) 2 nice synths and 2nd hand very cheap
  15. it is check out http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews...ard%2FSynth#man and http://www.soundonsound.com/articles/Reviews.php for reviews
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