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    natural building<br />vernacular architecture<br />tribal art<br />music<br />nature<br />sex
  1. don't feel bad, the dx7 is great too bout the mwxt; it's almost sold snorry
  2. woooo a dx7 IID sweet I'm saving for an sy77. the mwxt is €390. photos on demand
  3. experimental sounds and complex drones >> microwave xt! (I'm selling one btw ) other: nord lead/modular, wavestation, jd-800/990 (instead of JV-1080), ensoniq ts-10/12 etc or just a sampler with lots of modulation options? what kind of synthesis r u interested in? fm, wavetable, additive...?
  4. Sennheiser HD 650 http://www.sennheiserusa.com/newsite/hires/HD650_hires.jpg
  5. I've got a few songs of his. It's pretty ok although i'm not really into "psybient" and such.
  6. i blame television for that edit: and sugar
  7. "nobody" actually means "Blaze"
  8. that's a healthy male fantasy nothing gay about it just guys around the fire listening to music.
  9. hmmmz probably in a log cabin with a stone fireplace in the company of men with lumberjack shirts on
  10. it seems that nobody mentions Simon Posford
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