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  1. Although I must admit... (because this is musically a very good album)... Everytime I listen through it ... which is like every 3 months, or when I have the flu... I start getting tears in the corner of my eyes, as if it's touching something very deep inside me.
  2. Too bad one of the best albums in a long time is ruined by brick wall-ish and ear fatiguing overcompression! Please do not repeat this... Haven't heard an overcompressed album like this in ages!
  3. THIS! ... The most resistance is from metalheads, bashing psytrance by saying it's not even music (lol). Funny enough, most psytrance listeners I meet these days used to be metal heads before. I don't know if that fits with you guys... could be the fact that Norway is swarming with metal heads everywhere, so the percentage of psytrance-converted metal heads is higher.
  4. It seems that ... despite how much hate IM has gotten all these years, they are good for one thing in particular... Introduction into the psy-scene. And for that, I applaud them.
  5. Yes, it seems that there's little bio-info about Reefer Decree, after googling him. What I can say is that he is Danish (if you didn't know) and his live performance is amazing. I saw him live this summer... somehow i got lucky and he came to my crappy town here in Norway. ^^
  6. Great story Psydude ^^ I didn't discover psy until I was 17 (21 now). Funny enough I used to be strictly a metal head, being against any form of electronic music because I didn't consider it to be real music ^^ ( pathetic, right? haha) Story goes like this... I found some new friends and they invited me to this smoke-out session. I obviously had toyed around with some shit weed many times before, but these guys had some amazing stuff and they played Star Shpongled Banner by Shpongle... I had never felt so connected to music EVER (up to that point). during the 4x4 part of the track I stood up and danced by myself in eternal bliss ^^ Then eventually they showed me old school Infected, 1200 mics, skazi and all those typical "introduction artists"... I was hooked from then on
  7. Here you can share your stories about how you got into psytrance. What was the situation, and which track removed the blindfold and made you aware of this amazing form of musical expression? you guys go first * I tried to search the forum for this question but I couldn't find anything*
  8. Wow. Your niche of preferable music amazes me Didrapest has released tons of full-on albums with cheesy vibes to it. If you haven't checked it out, you should find a couple of (shit) nuggets there
  9. By saying hyper melodic, I interpret that as typical Nitzhonot-ish.... If that's what you're looking for, just search for Nitzohonot trance in youtube:P
  10. Full-on suggestions: Well, i'm rusty when it comes to fullon...haven't had a descent listening session for that sub-genre in a long time. Progressive suggestions ...Some artists that haven't been mentioned yet: Ovnimoon, Reefer Decree and Gaudium would be a good place to start I guess.
  11. I'm not trying to piss on anyone's boots... but I was kinda disappointed by this album. You don't get downtempo by simply cutting the BPM of goa tracks in half. Didn't anyone else notice this?
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