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    in ur base
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    Electronic Music, can't get enough of it. Old school trance, synth tracks, goa, psy, techno.. heck, even some eurodance.

    Feel free to add my msn.
  1. Shit.. it's what I feared then.. Indeed his recent albums, or pretty much the majority of them, is horrible, horrible shit.
  2. Has anyone listened to this album yet? I used to like the old albums but the recent releases were beyond shit, imo. I would love to find out if this new release is worth the time and money. Can't seem to find samples on it either.
  3. Wow! I just realized we have this comment thingy :) I mean , I knew we had it, I just haven't checked it in ages.

    Hello back! :D

  4. nvm found it thanks to caffson
  5. Alrighty then, Ive downloaded Kawaks, Added you on msn, and im currently trying out some roms. :D

    Hope it's Streetfighter alpha 3. (Usa)

  6. hey guys some m8 sent me this youtube link saying he thought I liked that kind of music, knowing I like psy. Turned out the track was kind of cool and I'd love to find out what it's called. This is a sample and the sound is far more distinct further into the video, so it should be pretty easy to recognize for someone at least. Thanks
  7. Alright Sarrsari! now it's time!! time for me to play that game of yours! Bring it on! ... how do i do this sheeeeeeeeeeeit?

  8. I asked my swedish Co-worker today and he said it's nothing bad... i trust you.. One svartskalle to another ;) - How's work?

  9. Lollerz a black sheep?

    and thanks for the svartskalle remark, even if it feels like i just got hoax'ed into believing that it was a compliment, it's almost like the time i was told that "banchoed" (sister-fucker) meant homie

  10. Well, in reality im very light haired - but that picture shows other wise (i changed the middletones) so it looks darker than it really is, and i guess im only half "svartskalle" since my father is danish.

  11. Took some googlin' and i just discovered that you dissed me in swedish.. fear my revenge!!!

    svartskalle = an equivalent to the danish word perker? am i rite?

  12. Nevertheless it's a very cool picture q:

  13. You said you quit :P

  14. Whoa! Nice updated personalpicture ;D Wtf are you drinking? a magazine?

  15. inshallah - habibi.


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