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  1. 160 makes it kinda hard to heartbeatmatchit
  2. hunting for darkpsy I can live with Candy Power - MSN not too shabby
  3. Most of the girls I know that like electronic music are into vocal house...some of them get into full on and darkpsy, well only one I know has not been pissed when I spin it I also think that the obsessive compulsive, got no life, cant multitaks male brain is designed to focus on this whole crate-raiding basement synth slinging thing However, I think that like most guy apartments, psy trance needs a female touch...not the stereotypical make it fluffy...but youknowhatimean
  4. I am hesitating to join the haters bandwagon, but it truly must be quite painful to make something so euphoric, hypnotic, and life changing like IFO and never be able to reach that level of class again no tracks stand out, even by fullon standars im depressed now. they should take some notes from Suntrip!
  5. whoa lots of bitching on this one. I gave Horn a go and I didn't get it. Don't get me wrong I don't mind Dark Psy (although I did vote it as the genre I usually can't stand because of so much generic stuff), but I felt like there was something missing. Not melody per se (since this isnt a priority i darkpsy, but maybe some more winding escalating power? or funier samples Pentastyle!
  6. best referred to as psycore hehehe call darkpsy whatever you want
  7. I think it was videogame noises that got me into Infected Mushroom. Somehow I must have been gaming when I first heard it and the association began. Then I see "classical mushroom" and it seemed like this was the future for me..high tech meets tradition. I, after having listened to all the albums of IM over the years have come to enjoy this one the most, probably because my first listens were also part of some my first voyages into psy trance and the culture as well. Not the best album ever, but certainly close!
  8. filitico

    Artifakt - Artifakt II

    Hehe it sounds like he got some samples cooking in the kitchen This album grows along with my appreciation of music. It's a couple years later and there still is a unique style and I especially appreciate the risk taking. Without risk we would still be monkeys in the trees
  9. Keep bumping up this baby! I found it by chance on psyshop and have never looked back. The progressive guys at the radio station I work at can't get enough of it. Its Ultra-Melodic but lactose free. We need more of this!
  10. Im looking forward to this one. Minilogue does stuff like this and I'm loving it!
  11. I truly enjoy this music! I have to be in a different mindset to appreciate minimal and progressive music (the housier kind) I'm sure people around here also have heard stuff from Alex Smoke or James Holden and although personal taste might be different, at least an appreciation for the production of the music should be there since I find it more original than most psy trance lately *cough* darkpshyt d{-'-}b
  12. This album was average for my goa tastes ^^ Apsara imho is far better because the melodies are less cheese stuffed and there is a more solid beat to it. Scraqp is such a sick track too. I can't think of anything like that in here.
  13. I voted dark because I am tired of dark artists relying too much on blasting speakers and neglecting everything else (with some exceptions of course)
  14. hey what about buttrock goa? kidding... great job!
  15. just saying hi!!

  16. Trance Miami Psychedelic Sunset presents local and national Goa Trance acts at Ultra Music Festival this year March 23-24. I hope to see some of you there! These are the acts: Third Ear Syndrome (live) DJ Roe Revolution Arjuna Efishwintarsky DJ Deleim DJ Psy-Fi Filitico -Filitico thebeatmonger.blogspot.com www.myspace.com/filitico
  17. Hey guys, I was reading some posts about Miami's underground psy trance scene. It is VERY underground. Some places you guys can hear about it is in club Sonar on Wednesdays (they have a psy trance sets there by some up and coming artists and some big ones once in a while), also I have 3 radio shows devoted to psy trance (2 of them at owlradio.fau.edu at Florida Atlantic University on Wednesdays 2-3 PM and Saturdays at 5-7 PM Eastern Time) and a possible pirate radio mix on late night Saturdays in the Ft. Lauderdale area. I'll give you details on that one soon. There are other parties that go around as well, and Infected Mushroom among other artists play here once in a while. Psy trance is alive here in South Florida....you just have to know where to look Keep your ears open...cuz psy transmissions are coming to a h00d n34r you. -DJ FiliTico
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