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  1. very good. Thanks for the responses. I will spend some time today (finally) and check the second half out! I also enjoy ambient mixes and plan on featuring them in the near future as well. -AJ
  2. I checked out Abasio's mix. Very nice it was the 2.0 one laid back with some subtle moodswings
  3. its a bit tricky, posting on public forums. Does that make you a public figure within the context of the forum? If so, then the suits have no merit and you could countersue... IANAL btw! but i think its getting old though the best attack against an attention whore is silence!
  4. - the mix title: FiliTico --el otro soy yo-- april3 progressive trance - the mix tracklist: http://thebeatmonger.blogspot.com/2007/04/...tro-soy-yo.html - the mix style: Progressive Trance - the link where to download: http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?acti...E9PQ&crrpt= - a quote saying "hey i'm just a beginner you know" if you fear Psynewsers: not a beginner so destroy it if you dont like the mixing or whatever other technical aspect. However, if its not your taste and its a "I hate this sub-genre because i am too narrow minded etc" then go fuck yourself! I also spin darkpsy, fullon, suomi, psybient, etc and will be posting other mixes soon
  5. by the way I got one mix uploaded for you guys and its at the bottom of my signature... enjoy! tracklist is available at my blog: thebeatmonger.blogspot.com
  6. ok about slander paris hilton cannot sue us for making fun of her. these people threatening to sue have volunteered themselves into being public figures by posting in a public forum. they can only take it up with the people posting not the forum itself. but i understand that nobody wants to deal with a lawsuit (even if you guys would win of course) and its libel by the way, unless you guys are dictating into the machine! there is also the context of people getting themselves all this negative publicity. all that can be proven within the threads...but who wants to hire a lawyer and waste all this time anyway!
  7. Yeah lately within electronic it has been mostly progressive/minimal (alex Smoke, Gui Boratto, James Holden) and Psy Progressive (vibrasphere, Soul Surfer) I also enjoy suomi and forest psy but don't play it as much... and then there is fullon (very little and not often) dark psy (1/10 tracks is decent, but that 1 is amazing) there is always house, hard techno and stuff like that but not often
  8. Thank you all for the responses. I will make some time today to analyze some mixes and figure out which one to put out on the show.
  9. Ah ok that's good to know. I use gemini cdt-05's so its the same record and no needle on it needed. very cool stuff
  10. i do enjoy demon tea so we will see how this one is
  11. stupid cover + shitty ego + conformist production values = new talamasca the second cd says it all
  12. ok agreed. Then Pleadians should not call themselves so for butchering their sound so much. I know half of the people left...but fucking shit, 90% of the talent left they could have used a different name for their new project and nobody would have noticed (infected should do this as well). Most people like generic full on better anyway so they will still get their dicks sucked. I'm just angry that's all. This is an average full on release. preaching to the chorus i know...
  13. yessir i found another link that will be helpful... vestax VRX-200 (vinyl cutter) http://www.vestax.com/v/products/recorders/vrx2000.html I don't have one and I don't know if its legit. Vestax is one of the best turntable & mixer companies in the world though...
  14. I have a solution for you...hybrid turntables :clapping: Numark's hybrid turntable (about $1000 a piece) http://www.numark.com/index.html?http://ww...rview&n=143 Gemini's hybrid turntable (I got a pair for $1000) http://www.geminidj.com/cdt.html I fucking love this turntable (gemini). It has a cd player on it and an interface that allows you to manipulate it exactly like vinyl...because it is vinyl! Read the links for explanations. So i am posting on the tech forum on ideas about production for this. The possibilities are infinite. Maybe scratching famous speeches or beat juggling psy trance (that would be out of this planet hehehe) Now I just need a good mixer...no DJM800 though That one is my favorite! -AJ
  15. perhaps the reason a lot of psy trance albums look amateurish is that there are few funds to hire a good artist. Or maybe, the artist making the music muses himself a polymath and thinks he(mostly hes right? ) can design the whole thing hansolo. Its not like you are putting this out under Universal or Sony/BMG that has a graphics department the size of your school...
  16. I agree! but...Teacher is surpassed by student and now must take notes from him (them)
  17. That's cool. Anybody else? I do my shows on Thursdays 6-8 PM Eastern Time (Miami). I also am working on a rebel radio show. I am thinking of titles, and GroupThinkProof is my favorite right now.. PRODUCERS how about any of you guys? anyone have some free time for some networking and cross promotion?
  18. Yeah I was the same. Michael Jackson, Vanilla Ice (whateverrrrr you guys hummed the beat too!), then Korn and Green Day, then Wu-Tang and Marilyn Manson and peppered throughout "I like to move it move it...you like to...move it!" "must be the reason while I'm king of my castle" "Boom boom boom boom I want you in my room" lol 1-2 two year into psy trance and I pretended the years before it never existed, but now I just laugh about it. Elitism is for Nazis!
  19. Thanks abasio. I'll give them a listen when I have some time this weekend and let you know if there are any ones I would like to use + some feedback on them as well.
  20. Hello DJs, Promoters, Vinyl Junkies, MP3 types and everybody else as well! I run a radio show at my University dedicated to electronic music and more specifically for Psy Trance. I usually take the whole 2 hours for myself, but from now on I would like to share some airtime with all of you guys! the site is owlradio.fau.edu (being renovated at the moment) and as far as I know, the only one I have heard lately that plays psy trance (at one time we had 4 1-hour long shows a week doing psy trance, a couple progressive etc.) The station is run by volunteers and all genres are welcome. I want to take advantage and help spread out the word for DJs producers and labels. If you have something you would like to share PM me and we will set something up, including interviews, promotional giveaways, etc etc etc. I also like to spin minimal, electro, and chillout/psybient so those mixes are welcome as well and I will be posting in other sites that cater more to those (minimal and electro) For mixes, I need them clean (no swearing or over exposed drug references) because afterall, the few funds we have are tied to the University and they must maintain this "image" bullshit, but that shouldn't be a problem right? drug references get a little corny after a while The mixes should also be an 55-60 minutes long (I can also cut them short) and have no advertising unless previously agreed on. Tracks are a bit different. I don't usually present tracks by themselves so I need to work them into my mix. So I will take tracks and if I like them a lot... If you guys are in South Florida and happen to bring your music with you, let me know and we will do a collaboration or battle mix or something fun like that. Producers: I am also looking for talented producers than can make some promos for me. 15, 30, and 60 seconds. I am getting the hang of making some, but I'm so busy with my day job / internships / school. cheerses, AJ
  21. I'm listening to the damn phone ring off the hook in the office next to me
  22. What did you guys and gals listen before stumbling upon Psy Trance??
  23. sweet. As I expected people who enjoy psy trance truly come from all walks of life.
  24. Hello!!

    happy Tuesday!

  25. Don't know and didn't look too hard for an older post, but I was just wondering... Lately I have been quite into African music: the bluesy folksy Ali Farka Toure from Mali and afrobeat King Fela Kuti from Nigeria. They don't come up much on my last.fm account because I mostly hear them on my mp3 player. I also didn't want to write up all genres I can think of since genre obsession is silly 10 choices is more than enough! I used to be very into 'underground' Hip-Hop like Brother Ali and Immortal Technique (underground to me anyway) but that was years ago. And unlike most 'cool' people I meet, sometimes some good ol' country music hits the spot. What's with all this country hatred anyways? And of course as a kid, anything coming out of the tv was OWESUM POSSUM :clapping:
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