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  1. Astral Projection - People can fly This always gets me in the mood. :posford:
  2. heard so many times about Chi-AD and Exit Eternity. Unfortunately there seems to be no way of getting it ... Even their official site doesn't support downloads from my region. Any hints? or any kind soul willing to email it to my address? thanks ( akin123@hotmail.com )
  3. Starlancer, you're a star. Cheers mate !
  4. no problem i'm trying to get the tracklist from the photographer/cameraman of the movie. Watch this space hopefullly.
  5. 09/06/2007 - 11/06/2007 Royal Doof 4 :posford: ( royaldoof.com ) approx 2hrs from Melbourne, Australia Some of the Artists… (More to be confirmed) Digital Talk – (France) Penta - (Portugal/US) Blanka – (Israel) Space Tribe - (Nsw) Nagira - (France) Brain Bokka – (Israel) Activate Morlack -(France) Fractal Gee - (Holland) Sun Control Species Luke Psywalker – (nsw) Gappeq – (Syd) Mash – (Syd Agent 23 – (Syd) Third Drop Reflection – (Syd) Player One Doof Lex (Qld) Tijunacartel (Qld) Mantrix Mindelight DreamCatcher Terrafractyl Siaqua Arron Smiles Trolley Cacophony Aldiddy Luke Shamanix Shive Bionic Empire Chiba Bros Autonomech John Angel Pedro Bobby Raver Arron Smiles TD Shagga Jonny Mac Oblique Industries Simon Slicker Xtion Sgt Dan Miss Atonix Tim Harvy Jesscat Unit Rainbow Architect Serotonin VJ’s – Booie Visuals, Jaberwocky, Mim-In-Boots. Décor – Canopi Crew, Key Arts, Shroomz Check out the Flyer More info: http://www.royaldoof.com
  6. cheers thanks a lot. cleared things up a bit. I will check out Live and Reason...gr8 thanks the avatar's actually a small part of a painting done by someone called mika kramer in goa in 1994. He painted it on his house wall as a mural and when I stayed there last season, I took this pic. they are supposed to be dancing on south anjuna beach.
  7. P H I L O S O M A T I C A on iTunes radio station ( under eclectic category ) also plays goa trance. :drama:
  8. DJ 1800 doesnt seem to be a great program. I just downloaded megaseg....is it better?
  9. Am deciding to get into making Goa trance finally after all these years...could someone out there give me a few good tips on how to start. I am using a mac but i can't seem to get a good Dj program.. I know already bout the roland TB 303 and the type of music. It's the starting technical help that I could do with. Any help would be appreciated. BOM
  10. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4293381565598742364 check this out....reminds me of the good ol daze.....really fucking good film....makes me long for the days of yonder...hah :posford:
  11. i heard rajasthan had a number of isreali trance parties this season. The israelis were supposedly banned in goa so all flocked to rajasthan. Can anyone confirm this? Also ko phanan in thailand is good for the half moon festival..give the full moon festival a rain check.It's crowded and full of tourists. The half moon ones are much more real and enjoyable. Where else? Bahia in brazil. But living in brazil is expensive compared to asia and the parties kinda lack the spiritual depth that goa parties have or once had. Man the world is getting more restrictive. But there's always bound to be a place up and coming... anyone where??????
  12. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4293381565598742364 Check this out. It's the Wonderland Experience, an experimental film shot in Goa around 1998. You don't get these in Goa anymore...at least not easily.
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