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  1. asura

    Asura - 360

    Hehe, I understand better now Yes I am working on a spacey album, I will let it grow, and give it to the listeners... when it is finished!
  2. asura

    Asura - 360

    Hi Abasio I must admit I am a bit surprised by your review. Not that I want to dispute your taste. You didn't like "360" that much, it's your point of view, I have nothing to add. But saying it's almost a "Life²" bis or in a close style, makes me perplex, moreover knowing that, usually, you are a very accurate 'specialist' in that kind of music, and especially in the Ultimae one, and that you know how to appreciate nuances. The two albums are more than slightly different, according to me obviously, but according too to many reviewers or listeners. Not that it should be better, just that it is
  3. asura

    Asura - 360

    Problem solved on discogs
  4. asura

    Asura - 360

    Thank you very much Jon Cocco and Trance2movU for your great reviews. About what you wrote Trance2movU: "And I am here to tell you that the rating on Discogs might even be a little low..." Even more when you know that several accounts on discogs were hacked. The account "zzzeeennn" ,for example, who gave "360" a 1/5 has been hacked. He posted me a kind message (with his real identity, I knew him yet) saying he is not responsible about that. I sent a request to Discogs to give him back his account and they cancelled my request within the day without a single answer. So my humble point of vie
  5. 'Introduction' is for me one of the most beautiful tracks I heard from Magnus till now.
  6. If you refer to the very compressed kicks of, for example, "Like a Summer Day" or "Life²", there is no more in the album, even if there are two "4/4 with kick" tracks. I let this kind of treatment for live act tracks now. But it's always a question of point of view. Some want me to do always the "Code Eternity" vibe, with low bass and big compressed kick, other want me to do only space ambient, other want me to do chill music with triphoppey beat. The only thing I can say Antic, is that, if the only problem you had with "Life²" was its kick, guess you will like ²360². You can listen to samples
  7. Hello everybody! My new album, "360", will be out (finally ) on Ultimae Records the 10/10/2010. Pre order period still on!
  8. No it's not the same. The track has been totally redone (structure and frequencies) and it lasts one minute more.
  9. Three links to my new interview on Ashoka: - On Ultimae: http://ultimae.com/en/news/369.html (interviews for Chillbase and Ashoka) - on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ASURA/106457240133?ref=nf - on myspace blog: http://www.myspace.com/asuramusic Many people ask me when "360" will be out. As it changes regularly, I suggest you to stay tuned on these sites. Everything is mentioned on them, and I update every day my facebook page
  10. All your albums are brilliant

  11. All your albums are excellent! Thanks!

  12. I agree too with abasio. What is psychedelic and what is not? Take a dictionnary and you will see every music who create an image in your mind IS psychedelic. Let us be openminded, at least with the terms...
  13. Hi Bwhale. You think that Road to Nothingness is an 'happy and superficial' track? Can you give me an example of unhappy and unsuperficial melody track please?
  14. It's a pleasure to see u around. We were wondering at Ultimae why you don't post anymore your fantastic and exhaustive reviews about the new albums. Guess it's not because you don't like them anymore. To answer to your question, Asura new album will come at the end of 2009, but well, this is not the subject. Thank you all for your feedbacks about Ultimae artists, it's good to see that most of you don't hate us
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