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  1. Just playing around with the site and trying to remember how it all works -- please don't say anything if it disappears and/or becomes illegible! It'll be right after the weekend.
  2. Will Stoner is/was the guy responsible for the last iteration of the Rhino site... I guess he's who you were in contact with? will [at] flyingrhino [dot] co [dot] uk <-- no idea if it still works AFAIK the copyright on the old recordings reverted back to the artists once Rhino went down. Not all artists agreed to having the audio up there which is why the catalogue was incomplete.
  3. So long as there are villains, there will always be crime-fighters
  4. http://arabesque.co.uk//index.php?option=c...61&Itemid=1 http://arabesque.co.uk//index.php?option=c...34&Itemid=1 http://arabesque.co.uk//index.php?option=c...62&Itemid=1
  5. Parvati are a bit like a pet dog. Faithful, reliable – they’ll always deliver the goods and quite often they’ll deliver them exactly when and where you want them to. It is at this point that my analogy ends. Parvati doesn’t shit on the carpet, nor does it lick its balls in front of the fire. Also, it doesn’t have four legs (although I’d hazard a guess it has more than two.) No Time No Space continues in the vein of the Psy Stories series. The vibe is menacing and gnarly, but never too far away from that sense of humour. Indeed, if darkpsy can be characterised by snarling
  6. does anyone have a definitive list of all SP's work -- under various guises and at various stages -- that's more comprehensive that discogs? and/or can anyone direct me to any site that has streaming samples of these more "secret" tracks?
  7. I always thought Matenda was a great producer on the one hand, and an underrated producer on the other hand. He is one of the few artists whose music I can always go back to, and find I know every single damn note (the other artists who spring to mind are Neil Young, Johnny Marr's guitarwork with The Smiths, and most of The Stone Roses.) From the opener Speculator, with its effortlessly gliding layers and orgasmic breakdown, you know you’re in for a bit of a treat. Plain Vanilla shamelessly resurrects warm Balearic vibes – think Chicane with up-to-date production, all the while sounding a
  8. Psyreviews’ standard observation about this whole freestyle / suomi subgenre is that, a lot of the time, it’s too weird for its own good. Too emphatic on the postmodernism, the humour, the sheer glitchy mess; and not enough emphasis on big-grin danceability. Luckily for us, Sienis has a solid knack for coupling the danceable with the cheeky, fully present and correct on this album Sum=Thing teases you with an understated flow that picks up classily subtle energy via a series of deftly-executed changes. The melodies are fun without being too grating – something a lot of current morning-y ac
  9. I can’t put my finger on quite what’s happening, but Interchill are on this brilliant mission at the moment. After setting the standard in what makes a good chillout, they seem hell bent on now defining just what chillout isn’t. The word Eclectic doesn’t even come close on this one. Even the prospect of Michael Dog and Full Moon Scientist working together should fill you with some sort of optimism. The proof then emerges by way of a dazzlingly good pudding. Two minutes into the album and you know you’re heading somewhere special. Take Two More: Fela Kuti meets Innervisions-era Stevie W
  10. I’m going to paraphrase, for a moment, Mr Darcy in Pride And Prejudice: “If this is indeed what living in Bali sounds like, then I really rather think I should be living there rather than sitting in this shithole talking to you, Mr Wickham.” Dari Bali is a sublimely smooth piece of amply-lubed chillout compiled by Supercozi, the slightly-more-attractive half of Zen Lemonade. Where it succeeds is filling a niche untouched by a lot of other downtempo: it’s not bong-n-hammock, it’s not Café Del Mar, and it’s not The Ultimate Beach Lounge Buddha Album In The World Ever Volume 16. System 7
  11. hm, i think it's more recent than that. more BNE than BBE. shocked that you didnt get it DP ... there's nothing else for it, it's going up on *shudders* isratrance,...
  12. come to australia mate --- will never forget what you did in the UK -)
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