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  1. I myself really wonder what kind of "trance fans" are these people, when they can`t find the similarities between trance and psytrance So if they even hate it, I cannot understand them... I think many of the "big hair" metals can`t stand stuff like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park. Logically, I find many Linkin Park songs great. Maybe the metal and rock fans do not listen to them because of the crossover with Hip Hop Perhaps?.... in dance there are melodies indeed, but in some of the rock genres there`s a lot of "noise"..
  2. Imo metal and rock are really types of music that are completely peculiar to me, too. Many of the songs are unlikeable to me just because there is a lot of noise. Where there is some good melody or something like that, I may like the track. At general, I won`t say it suck even though I really hate also some ballads....
  3. Hm I would go to if it depended on me, but I`m still living with my parents and they won`t let me visit this event Hope the time when I`m fully independent comes soon ....
  4. And for me the first track is something special. It is something that completely differs from the tracks I`ve listened to before. It`s unique!
  5. Well, this is a link to some of the track featured in a music competitions for remixes of a Bulgarian national or folk song. I myself cannot define the genre well (you colud do that ) Hope they match your taste http://bulgaria2005.net/files/siberius_2.mp3 http://bulgaria2005.net/files/uplifter_2.mp3
  6. That`s bullsh*t. I like some of my tracks more than many pro stuff, too DL-ing the track now...
  7. I think i could somewhat decide if a track is Goa or Psy, but I`m unable to explain the difference
  8. The first song is just very cool
  9. Is there an album, in which you find all the tracks great?
  10. That`s quite innovative! I`m from Bulgaria and not really expected such thing to happen. Gotta see what time it will be broadcasted.... Congratulations for the project!
  11. A good album, indeed. For me, if it has more than 1-2 tracks which I find good, it`s a nice album The basslines are well-made, the effects, the melodies - alltogether very good work. Favourites : Unknown - 6/10 Time Hunter - 7/10 The Messenger - 8.5/10 Kung-Fu Lesson - 9/10
  12. It`s a nice album. It`s really great to be listened to as relaxing music I like especially Search (9/10), Monkey (8.5/10) and Shift (7/10). The tracks after that are a bit similiar, indeed.
  13. For me it`s somehow a good album, I like several songs. Some of them are really great. The bassline is reallly impressing to me. In Leo it`s really captivating!!! The product of his collaboration with others are not better for me (I know only the album Talamasca and Friends from 2004, maybe I should find other older tracks ) Favourites : Libra : 10/10 Gemini : 9/10 Leo : 8.5/10 Cancer : ~8/10 Capricorn : ~7.5/10 Scorpio : ~7/10
  14. Heh, are the track names in the mainstream music more original.. HAhahahahahahah...
  15. How could I know who`s he ? Just below your nose. www.psynews.org -> "What is Goa?" ( from the links in the upper left part of the page ) ......................
  16. Cool and interesting site. Hope to have more time to visit it more often
  17. Hmm, for me also the Buzzmonx are the right choice. I find their stuff quite good and relaxing.
  18. Scryden, I think Holymen - Abra Cadabra is a tune of this type. In the main part of this track the melody is getting I colud say "Arabian", at least it reminds me of some Arabian countries, or something like that.
  19. Dunno about emotions .. hard to say perhaps .. maybe some of the goa tracks bring emotions to me . Hmmmmm, definitely there are examples for me : Astral Projection - Maian Dream and Astral Projection - We`re controlling transmission - they make me feel nostalgic and sad, that`s for sure. What is even more sure, Goa tracks are really food for your imagination if you can think of some landscapes or figures or processes when listening to them That`s my point
  20. Motorcycle - As the rush comes : I don`t find it good enough... definitely not good enough..
  21. Cybernetika - Bipolar Man with no name - Lunar cycle Hallucinogen - Gamma goblins (it's tutles all the way down mix) Biot - Actinuria Astral Projection - H2H3 Astral Projection - Maian Dream Astral Projection - Utopia Chi A.D - Ampere Holymen - Cyan Holymen - Desert storm Josh Wink - Higher State Of Conciousness Shakta - Ion tribe Tandu - Visually Distorted
  22. Stop spittin! Holymen is classified as Nitzhonot, which is a sub-genre of Goa.
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