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  1. Only one chosen MWNN ??? SHAME My went to AP
  2. OH MY gosh It`s not really new.. ok I`m ready for exam in Speed garage and Goa Trance hahah I `m jokin Speed Garage is freeaky I seem to like it Seriosly : I think it`s a good place to learn some classifications
  3. Tiesto - Lethal Industry Tiesto - Traffic are amazing pieces. Tiesto is likeable in general but I also don`t like his recent stuff ( excluding Adagio for strings). And what`s this bashing of "gaytrance" ? It`s just a commercial mainstream trance. I also know some of BT`s works and I wasn`t blown away, some of the songs are .. somehow good .. there aren`t any as good as Traffic and Lethal Industry
  4. Fairly said - somewhere in the middle. It`s a bit simple and monotonous in the beginning ? Why not smaller track but more variations.. I like the second part more
  5. Deepdrone

    Yahel !

    I like Scratch and Avalanche from 2002. They are terrific. I don`t find his normal trance something exceptional.
  6. Hey thanks for the info I intended to get an answer from someone that knows it without google though maybe the desperate face made you think i cannot search it with google so a bit of a sorry for making you search
  7. Machinery .. I hope it`s good one, judging from the title will check it out .........
  8. Right ! He`s a "ninja" He`s said that he uses FL studio 5 with several vst-s
  9. I got some track from Cyan - Evil Touch and I don`t know which year it is ? in the tag it is written Album : "Transistance 4" - is it right ?
  10. Gamma Goblins from the album "In Dub". And for me Lsd isn`t somethng special
  11. the way I could cooperate with other people is if I give some track to them to remix it unfortunately i have neither the time nor the money for decent software/equipment
  12. OMG Referred as mix of electronic and metal, alright. I`m sure many metal freaks can`t stand it, it`s logical Yeah, in that topic "dark experimental noise ambient" in the music making section I downlodaded the stuff from Bahamut which is beautiful to me and the track Vecordia - Aeon is likeable, the name is goood, the track itself is somewhere medium-good, but from time to time it catches me back So recommend to me other similar tracks, it`d be "food-for-the-brain" I`m serious though and does Psytekk exactly mean mix of Psytrance & (Industrial)Techno ? Once again I admit the mix is constantly on, it`s if I could say it with a new word - "mind-eating"
  13. Home-made ampli 100W mono + 2x50W russian speakers But they do have great bass system
  14. I see, but I merely haven`t got enough experience to be sure they suck .. but which other site could be a guide then ???
  15. Very goood work Cybernetika !!! I`m satisfied a lot with this mix and it appears I`ll listen to it more than one time. When I listened it for the first time yesterday there are of course parts where it`s a bit "dry", but on the other hand the stomping periods are more! It`s also the selection of the tracks that is very good. I like it very much. The 1st and 4th tracks are quite driving Keep up P.s Today I was lookin at Ishktur`s guide to electronic music again. When I compare your mix to the samples there in the section "Industrial" I think the following : these samples can go to hell beside your mix This a very strong advantage of your tracks - the genre "Industrial" is not easily "digestable", but your most tracks are splendid. That`s my point of view
  16. Lol. If we all give positive review then the authors will become kids - only noticing the good sides of their work...
  17. http://www.mikseri.net/artists/?id=27019 I downloaded something :: project_83_-_visions.mp3 it`s nice and relaxing but I suppose a bit simple ?.. I`ll maybe check out some more tracks from "project83"
  18. This IP is not allowed to use the free-service anymore today. We detected very extreme downloads. Don't worry! This has not to be your fault. hahah i can`t download it obviously
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