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  1. I can't imagine anybody voting on anything else than these. Correct me if I'm wrong! My vote (as Cinos) goes for Juno Reactor - Labyrinth. IMHO it was EASILY the best 2004 release. Since the mafia consists of several people, we should not vote with this account, but instead with our own. (is this poll useless? tell me.)
  2. You always have those... whaddyacallem... salvation army, and their soup kitchens. Go there.
  3. 1. skazi - ants UNrLLLLLSSSSD 2. skazi - necrofil UNRLSSEDED these :ya: killar bassline kivck yaaaa YYYAR
  4. mafia

    skazi - ants

    killa bong bong shantiii shantiii trade mp3 with me killller
  5. Would post some pics of you but our new bruce/jacob already did it so why bother. Spindrift havin' fun with his male friends..
  6. I never said this forum was pathetic, or did I? Certainly didn't mean to. I love this place
  7. this is what he looks like at the moment, trying to come up with something even remotely funny
  8. nah ensign's last reply is just lame, no originality whatsoever..
  9. You aren't by any chance a Christian Foreign Aid Worker in Afghanistan are you?
  10. I dunno, maybe it's the american way to spell it?
  11. www.iamafreeloadingfucker.torrent.com
  12. or maybe some users, like you for example should stop posting shit? now everyone thinks that i posted something that went like "psynews is a kindergarden" when i really had absolutely nothing to do with such comment. EDIT traveller here maybe I should log out from the Mafia account, eh?
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