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  1. I guess that'll do. I was wondering what is the current state of psychedelic trance music seen in its historical framework. Where has it evolved, what is the new thing right now, and yes, the artist that can be seen as bringing new stuff in rather that replicating the old. But I guess that'll be an essay so even slight help on where to look at is welcome. _Oh, and of course those that are already classics of new era, but I guess I can find em at the Ultimate catalogue as soon as I find that one.
  2. Ah, so the revolution finally came. As usual, I missed it. I'll check out the fruits, thank you. That was not my point either. It's just that when I last checked out new psy releases there were so many alike releases that I got bored really fast, but no doubt that there are good artist, I just don't know them, and cuz' aren't in the "scene" don't have anyone to point them to me. That's why I'm asking. Well the off topic admittedly became a bit of a farce, yes, but once there were really enjoyable discussions about essence of reality and mind. Nothing lasts I guess.
  3. Hiya. I was reading these forums already back when these were free.fr or so under different names (I never remember my passwords, although there werent any originally)... anyways, lotta people still hanging around. I was wondering if there has been happening anything in psy music in like 5 years or so, really havent been interested. Or is it still stuck on galloping bass at Formula race? Could somebody fill be a bit in? Don't feel like digging through gazillion onenotebassliners. Oh, and where is Offtopic, the fruit and bread of the board?
  4. I would be selling it 'cause I need money and I'm not really using it, nor making music anymore. It's definetly not broken, it works like a charm, and I would include rack mount kit in the package. Anyway, maybe I could sell it for 350€ if buyer pays for postage. Don't know how much it costs if sent abroad tho.
  5. I can sell you Novation Nova right away for 400€ plus postage. Definetly worth of every cent, do not underestimate this synth!
  6. People do have bad and good musical tastes. Everyone has different ears, maybe you can't hear a shit? But who cares, we are all moving to marshmellowland where there is no thoughts, just MARSHMELLOWS!!! Yiweeyippee!!!
  7. Emotions are main part of present subjective reality.
  8. Ah fuck it, love is real at the moment of happening. You might as well say that any other feeling is not real, because you aren't feeling that way the next day. Just get so drunk that you mess the whole thing up and you don't have to think of it anymore. Then be happy and make music and wank all day. Or move to syberia.
  9. How do you mix songs that are in different keys to each other with such an ease like when mixing techno/house songs that practically are keyless? How do you match melodies?
  10. The Old Days are gone, The Scene is dying, mental revolution will not overcome mankind, life will end...
  11. propably that one, I already heard one version, but it was at my friend's and I think he had dl'd wrong file. Not that he has habit of dl'ing songs, but for the purpose of seekin' it out...
  12. No not that one. More eerie, floating, dreamy feeling. not 100% sure it's infected though, soemone just claimed so. But the melody resembles gamma goblins theme a bit, thoug the sound is quite different. *************************** Found it! Was under name of Gamme Goblins on Mummy Said CD!
  13. Also try finding program called Saiko. It's basically all you need.
  14. Begins with infected-style gamma goblins like theme and filtered choirs. What is it?
  15. Depends if you are recording or not. For just digital audio you don't necessarily need soundcard other than your mac already has.
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