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  1. Finally and PsyTech Team can be found at YouTube , our page starting with some videos from Mati Zemlya festival 2005 - Goa Gil , Penta and Kemic-Al . More to come soon... http://www.youtube.com/psytechteam Greetings !
  2. :posford: Pictures from the Dark Fellowship Party - PsyTech Team Photo Gallery :clapping: Wish you Happy New Year !
  3. Kundalini (Intelligent Monkey) - Bulgaria Nicolay Sabchev a.k.a. Kundalini is born in 1984 in Bulgaria. He’s interested in electronic music since 1997 and influenced by the trance genre around 2000. After some time of interest, music and parties, he turned the whole experience to mixing and having more fun spinning his favorite style. He played on many parties in Bulgaria and also in Turkey establishing good connection with the Istanbul based label Intelligent Monkey. His sets contain mostly full on psychedelic trance with a lot of groovy, warm and melodic sounds “but once again all depen
  4. Some info about our guests : DigatalX – bpm/ Triplag Records The person behind DigitalX project is Alexis from Cyprus who has been both djing and producing for the past 10 years. Determination, constantly in search for new sounds and meanings are the key points taking the major part of his unique conception for the music production. Distinguishing hard yet groovy darkpsy style you can find as a result in his latest work. Underground spirit always is that makes him and his music both different and remembered. He played with artists like Highko, Claw, Azax Syndrome, Iron Madness, N
  5. Psytech Team And Friends Present : The Dark Fellowship @ club Mastilo /ex Phobia/ location : Plovdiv / Bulgaria Line Up Kundalini - Bulgaria http://www.myspace.com/basickundalini Raya - Bulgaria http://www.myspace.com/rayaesus DigitalX - Cyprus http://www.myspace.com/digitalxproject Kerberos - Greece http://www.myspace.com/kerberosnet Andonasty - Psytech Team - Bulgaria - http://psytechteam.org/ All Night Full Power Psychedelic Trance Decoration : KASAR - Bulgaria - http://www.myspace.com/kasarart Start @ 22.0
  6. Trust me , You have to hear this radio !!!! All the best guys ! Keeep on Rockin' !!!!
  7. Sorry i saw this post too late some pics Mati-Zemlya.net http://mati-zemlya.net/photo/index.php?cat=5 Ouim http://ouim.org/gallery.php?album=20050812...d%20acid_drums) and from Goa Gil's site http://www.goagil.com/photogallery/Bulgaria-13-Aug-2005
  8. And here's some useful tips : If you're outside Bulgaria , the best way is to get something to Plovdiv. If you haven't a direct line to Plovdiv of course you can travel to Plovdiv from any other point of Bulgaria with a bus or train ( http://bdz.bg/ - Bulgarian state railway - check it!) From Plovdiv we organizing a bus to the party place , and We'll post more info soon. Also you can get a train or bus to Assenovgrad (the ticket is around 0,50 euro) -Central RailStation - Plovdiv -Bus Station - “Rhodopes” and from Assenovgrad to walk to the place ("40 Izvora" , 6km from Assenovgr
  9. the first TranceMission ! 07.July,2005 20:00 - 22:00 Radio Plovdiv more info will be placed at http://psytechteam.org
  10. Bulgaria : Mati Zemlya 2005 http://mati-zemlya.net
  11. Mati Zemlya 2005 - Bulgaria - 12.13.14. august with Goa Gil http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=23308 Good and friendly ppl , great nature , something new to add in your "expreience case" ... i'm "sorry" that it will NOT to be like circus or marketplace But we have strong , dark line-up , good enter price for our Balkan reality (10 euros) ...and positive vibez...
  12. Bulgaria : in english/bulgarian/other http://psytechforum.com in bulgarian http://ouim.org/forum
  13. Realy not big , but we growing and it's pretty good . Also have and traditions. ...and we - PsyTech Team together with other organisations here make all possible this music to reach more and more people. This radio show will be good way to do it , the other is our festival MATI ZEMLYA - http://www.mati-zemlya.net We keep the psychedelic alive !
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