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  1. The person with 100.000€ would not listen to psytrance
  2. Cybernetika - Silver Blue Aurora All praise Cybernetika!
  3. MC Ronin feat. Nina - Arschzeit Baby (Mehr Bass Remix)
  4. Kraftwerk - Aerodynamic (Trentemöller Edit) KRAZY!11
  5. Fierce Ruling Diva - Rubb It In MC Ronin feat. Nina - "Arschzeit baby (Mehr Bass Remix)"
  6. Cool, thanks will check it ) - seems a nice progression - but I think its a bit similar to another track of yours in the beginning. Ill take more listens of it later maybe
  7. Sounds great at the first listen. Not too monotone - according to me. I have a few expirience with Psy--Breaks, but I think it sounds very tasty and trippy. Cheers ps. Can you host as well your very first trax? I miss them so much
  8. Decaff and Roland Clark - Helpless (Hott 22 Isle Heat R)
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