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  1. There were some other tasty morsels in that update too. Of note, Benji has a new album coming next month and has been playing shows. Let's hope his solo works and his Prometheus stuff see vinyl releases too!!!
  2. I'm curious about this bit in the description: Remixes of other producers’ tracks will not be included, nor are collaborative compositions or remixes by others. What we have here is pure, essential Hallucinogen. There are certainly enough released (and likely unreleased) Simon-produced single mixes, remixes, live, etc. of Hallucinogen material to round out 5xLP, which is great, but it begs the question as to what the plan is for In Dub and In Dub (Live). My fanboy hope is we see another 5xLP or 6xLP set that has 2xLPs of both In Dub releases, as well as more non-Simon remixes and/or live versions of that material...
  3. AFOB has shown up in a lot of US retailers for preorder (Amazon, Rough Trade, Merchbar, Music Direct, B&N, etc.). Haven't seen Vaccine yet...
  4. Selected Deep Bass by Desert Dwellers Desert Dwellers are excited to kick off a series of limited run of vinyl releases that will see some of the biggest songs from their catalog finally pressed for collectors. Selected: Deep Bass features on Side A two of their biggest bass tracks in “Seeing Things” and “Saraswati's Twerkaba” as well as the unreleased vinyl exclusive, “Spaces Between (Expansion Mix).” Side B contains three more tracks from some of Desert Dwellers' favorite bass acts, Gumi, Nanosphere, and Mindex remixing three fan favorites. The selected vinyl series will continue with installments covering a variety of themes, sounds, and styles across the vast DD back catalog. Comes in 2 colors Silver (edition of 300) or Limited edition Blue Marble (edition of 200) https://desertdwellersmusic.bandcamp.com/album/selected-deep-bass
  5. Bluetech Phoenix Rising remastered 12" pre-order. First time on vinyl. https://bluetech.bandcamp.com/album/phoenix-rising-remastered-pre-order Edit: no clue why the editor was forcing this topic reply as a quote but can't delete it.
  6. I'm not sure who did the art for Animism (I have the purple marbled edition and it looks and sounds fantastic BTW). The artist for the new Ă“perentzia album is apparently named Leszek Kostuj.
  7. Pre-order this Friday Oct. 1 for Ă“perentzia's new album Biohack at NebulosaRecords.com and Bandcamp. From the site: Available as limited edition of 101 copies, hand numbered marbled Transparent Green/Black and 202 copies Black. 303 total pressed. Heavyweight 180g vinyl. Pre-order! Preliminary shipping Dec 2021. Includes bandcamp digital album download
  8. Love this album. Snagged the marbled edition when I randomly awoke in the middle of the night last night (west coast USA here).
  9. New dance oriented album Liminal Migration from Bluetech and Steve Moore. Edition of 600 on orchid color vinyl. https://bluetech.bandcamp.com/album/liminal-migration
  10. Thanks! I missed out on the initial pre-order of Trancelucid so was able to snag one. And as someone who owns both the RGB and Acidious pressings you listed, I'd highly recommend both. The RGB box in particular is super well done for the price.
  11. Oh very interesting...are those live recordings available somewhere for stream/download?
  12. My dream release for these would be a box set with each of the 4 albums as well as a companion LP(s) of some of the live band performances (assuming some high quality soundboard audio was captured...I haven't really ever seen any out there but hope it exists)
  13. Not sure if anyone else saw this but it just popped up on Bandcamp (my BC app push notified me), I added it to cart and then it evaporated from cart and the listing itself ...
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