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  1. Spectral - Moonstone Subcouds - Homing Astrological - Moonwave Psygone - Delbaya SECTION X - X-Fly I
  2. First off let me thank you for the uplifting review, I have been dieing to get some feedback Yes, I did try to present Son Nefes as the proper banger it is and Enver agreed to collaborate. Lunar Transformers is a side project of Everything Turns and Adam Shiva is Aimen Itos.
  3. CromoNova

    V.A. - Elan Vital

    Title: VA - Elan Vital compiled by CromoNova Label: Melusine Records Date: 1st of November 2018 Format : Digital only Tracklist: 1. Travma - Son Nefes 07:48 2. Median Project - Shuttle 08:16 3. E-Mantra - Xibalba (Eleusyn remix) 07:53 4. Nostromosis - My Inspiration 08:18 5. InnerSelf - Circle Of Dreams 07:29 6. Via'on - I don't Like Goa 09:09 7. Astrancer - Koilon (Remix) 10:06 8. Lunar Transformers - Lunar Transformers 09:15 9. Adam Shiva - Ergot Pulsing 06:04 10. Proxeeus - Me, myself, and a Gnop-keh 09:46 11. The Maniac - Prayers Of The Night 08:56 Elan Vital (Romanian) roughly describes the rush we feel when suddenly overwhelmed with positive energy, a spontaneous burst of uplifting joy, the state of being once overly excited. It is what I resonate with and each track was carefully selected to reflect that. https://melusinerecords.bandcamp.com/album/elan-vital-24bits Audio Mastering by Zsolt Peter (Artifact303) www.facebook.com/Artifact303/ Cover art by Aleksandar Zlateski www.facebook.com/Aleksandar.Kenzo.Zlateski
  4. Hello there, my name is Adrian a 31 year old from Iasi Romania and this is my latest dj mix: It has little to do with the latest release of Melusine records : V.A. Elan Vital other then a simple name resemblance although I am the guy that helped put together https://melusinerecords.bandcamp.com/album/elan-vital-24bits You will find the tracklist and a download option on the soundcloud link. The mix was recorded in a local radio station where I was invited to present my take on goa trance music so make abstraction of the little romanian used for little interaction as a subtle distraction
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