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  1. What can I say.... I'm an artist WHEEEEEEEEE!!!! LOOK AT'EM GO!!!!!
  2. THIS IS AN EYESORE!!!!! Mark Neal, SHAME ON YOU!!!! THAT'S IT!! I'm boykotting Shpongle!!!! My life is over! I'm gonna go to my room and cry! Just kidding. You devil, you, ban jankri. You had me fooled.
  3. thanks for your help, guys not to worry, gnome... bender will definitely probably not steal anything
  4. hey all i just wanted to know how i can put a funny animation into my avatar signature (kinda like the one Frontier Psychiatrist has... with the fat lady falling on the stairmaster). i got a funny videoclip on my digital camera which would look really wicked on my signature.... plz help
  5. Sometimes I ask myself that question... ....and then I listen to Gamma Goblins pt 2, Space Pussy, Deranger, Trancespotter, Jiggle of the Sfinx, Long Long Arms, Herb Garden, E, Magik and Stretch Tastic.... ....and the answer presents itself
  6. Welcome aboard, bro My name is Dr. Papa and my arms are verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry looooooooooooooong Join me later for a balloon dance
  7. I have no objection to the possibility of downloading ancient goa-tracks that can no longer be obtained the legal way. There has never been an abundance of psychedelic albums nor shops where you can buy 'em. It is virtually impossible to get a hold of anything released before '97. I have been trying to find a place to buy the goa-head collections, beyond color from tip and mystic cigarettes - so far unsuccesful. I've never fully supported bootlegging, but then again if the music is not available for purchase and more and more record companies go bankrupt, there is only one way for the artists to be heard. Some of the best goa out there is from the 94-98 period and it is nowhere to be purchased. As for the tracks available for purchase, I wouldn't want to see them available for free download and anyone who puts new stuff such as Shpongle 3 or Unusual Suspects 2 on p2p for free download is a complete wanker in my eyes Rather, there should be a link to one of the excellent online-shops, such as www.psyshop.com, where they are available. I would hate to see some of the record labels going out of business... Maybe they should follow tipworlds and avatar's excellent example of re-releasing old stuff, as was the case with infinity project - mystical experiences/mystery of the yeti pt. 1.
  8. Yup! So gay that we can't even think straight...
  9. Why am I NOT surprised??? Is there anything that guy can't do? He did state in an interview that anything above 70 bpm was to fast for his liking. Ott's first venture into the world of trance is definitely a succesful one.
  10. i haven't counted the beats, but Hallucinogen's 'Space Pussy' is as fast as they come. Check it out. It still sounds wicked after almost nine years. Buckle up, tho - this one is a STOMPER!!! Another wicked fast Posford-tune is Beast - Spawn from the 'Dementertainment' album Goa Gil's trance-project The Nommos produce tracks that are definitely in the higher end of the BPM-spectrum. 'The River' and 'Life is a Dance' are excellent examples GMS and Systembusters also seem to specialize in high-octane goa tracks, with tunes like 'Square Wave' and 'Slingshot'. A good listen, when you are strapped to a rocket launched from a giant sling-shot
  11. I finally got to listen to the samples on solstice23.com. WOW! this is really excellent stuff! Epic Hair is like a relaxed version of snakes and ladders... Great way to introduce this powerhouse of an album Long Long Arms is just as i remember it from all the parties: more fun than bungee-jumping. What's with all the beautiful feathers falling all over me like a deck of cards??? Stretch Tastic is THE definition of sonic unsanity. I was stretched out of my own arse Balloon Dance is just downright crazy. It reminded me of Mi-Loony-Um and and Cyberbabas... only BETTER! Simon and Merv sure made me laugh. The rhythm made me think of my high-school gym teacher dancing Les Lancier (?). This collaboration is well worth the long wait Grow More Pot really takes me back to the good old hey-days of goa. It actually reminded me of an old X-Dream track ('Psychomachine'). This is old school at its finest. Quite sinister, actually Black Ops is.... ummm.... EXCELLENT! Chilled, trancey, beautiful. Can't wait to hear it in full length. Smells like Posford spirit, tho This is really promising stuff!!! Only two weeks until it is released... strange music for strange times. I am looking forward to this... I have a good feeling about this one, friends
  12. aaah... now therein lies quite a story. lets take a trip back in time to the dark and evil winter of 2000.... i remember borrowing depeche mode's 'violator' from a friend of mine. before he let me go, however, he handed me a burnt cd with strange and ominous inscriptions on it: INFECTED MUSHROOM - THE GATHERING . That was back in my heavy metal-days when metallica, clawfinger, rage against the machine and rammstein did it for me. i had dismissed electronic music as garbage (bad experiences with eurodance and cheesy trance) but decided to give it a go. i hit play and all of a sudden this creepy, monstrous melody ('release me', i later found out) loped into my cortex and made my mind a very scary place to be. a thumping beat i knew quite well from trance, but with this indescribable touch to it, like nothing i ever heard before. not trance, this was new. it was as if evil, infinity and playful wickedness assumed the form of sound. and WHAT a sound! Combined with familiar soundsamples from Independence Day and Men In Black, it all made one hell of a sonic experience. Of course, not all first encounters are succesful and i dismissed this one rather quickly. But barely 6 months went by when i was on a guy-trip to the forests of sweden in the summer of 2001. someone decided to put on Astral Projection - 'mahadeva' and for the first time in my life i listen to something new and proclaimed within 5 seconds: HEY! THIS STUFF KICKS ARSE! i later learned that this kind of music was called 'goa'. and the rest, as they say, is history. During the following months i developed a habit of inviting mates to my flat, turn off the lights, open a few bottles of substance, pump up the volume, activate a wicked winamp-plugin and play astral projection-tracks while realising i had truly discovered something unique here. it was winter 2001 and i quickly decided to expand on my small collection of goa-music and went to a friend whom i considered the best when it came to knowledge of weird electronic stuff and guaranteed goodness. he recommended a little thing called hallucinogen - gamma goblins . before i knew it, i was listening to space pussy and gamma goblins pt. 2 - while having the greatest musical experience of my life (it got even better over the years). one thing lead to another and my collection of favorite goa tracks expanded into include hallucinogen, shpongle, tristan, x-dream, infected mushroom, astral projection and juno reactor. and here i am, quite a few years later with a vast collection of cds including both psychedelic trance and ambient/dub by some of the finest of names in this wonderful underground industry of delight. introducing myself to goa-trance was the opening of the doors of perception into another multiverse of divine music that could be anything from downright scary (delta, hujaboy), fascinating, intimidating, powerful (gms, prometheus), pure hilarious (1200 mics, hallucinogen & joti) and pure genious (hallucinogen, shpongle). i thank everyone involved and of course the brilliant musicians for bringing us this mad, wonderful genre of music. none mentioned and none forgotten.... ok, here are some of them: simon posford, raja ram, riktam/bansi, marcus maichel, nick barber, frank e./ian ion, erez/duvdev, avi nissim/lior perlmutter, benji vaughan, space cat, ofer dikovsky, astrix and many many many many many MANY more.
  13. You guys..... you are all just precious... This thread has been more fun than going to the movies. Provocative, heart-warming and a THUMPING good laugh! My hats goes of for inthebigblue for apologizing. And i also tip my hats for the numerous, cool-headed counter-arguments and hilarious comebacks. None mentioned and none forgotten. Let's all play nice and enjoy what short time we have in this fantastic Life of ours. I'm gonna go listen to some Hallucinogen Peace and Love to all sentient species PS: I'm buying the aid-comp, too
  14. You are NOT the only one. I have been praising this tune like crazy since Earthcore Carnival. It RULES!!!! 'THE NEXT MORNING MY ARRRRRRMS ARE VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY LOOOOOOONG.... LOOOONG LOOOOOOOONG ARRRRMS COVERED WITH BEAUTIFUL FEATHERS..... MY ARRRRRMS ARE VERRRRRRRRRY LOOOOOOONG' Let's form a fan-club and shoot spitballs at a picture of anyone who doesn't like 'Long Long Arms' WHO'S WITH ME?
  15. Heh! I expected that. It DOES sound kinda stretch-tastic. Another KILLER-track. Simon and Tristan really outdid themselves on this one. How do you know this for sure, McDee?
  16. Good on ya, Frontier Psychiatrist!! The world needs music-teachers like you. Though I praise your teaching methods I slightly disagree on your comments about Magik and Long Long Arms. It is a matter of opinion, of course, so I give you mine I consider 'Magik' one of my 10 favorite Hallucinogen-tracks. It has all the elements that make up a classic tune in my book. It is complex, varied, twisted and well... hallucinogenic. Of course, it is not Space Pussy, Deranger or Gamma Goblins and will never be (but those are indeed tough acts to follow). 'Beautiful People' is beginning to grow on me. It has taken more than a 100 listens. I admit I was making sad faces at first and thinking: 'oh my god - Simon has finally lost it'.... But it is one of those tracks which proves that first listenings can be deceiving. I simply can't get enough of that insane, distorted wailing-sound in the first couple of minutes and I consider it one of the greatest tricks which Simon has pulled out of the hat over the years. It is one of his weaker tracks, but that doesn't make it horrible (that's a strong word). Way above average, at worst. And THAT ain't bad. 'Long Long Arms'... Oh my! I have praised this one to High Heaven on several occasions in this forum, since I heard it at Earthcore Carnival. New psytrance-tunes rarely delights me at first listen, not even Hallucinogen-tracks - especially when I come to a party and expect some of the old dancefloor-killers. It is at home, immersed in the music in front of my stereo, that the REAL magic happens. But this one was an exception. That 'My arrrms are verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry looooooooong.... looooong loooooong arms covered with beautiful feathers'.... and so on has got classic written all over it. I remember the rest of the track as delightfully melodic and psychedelic and I am looking forward to its release. On another note, you should definitely give one of Simon's other soon-to-be-released-tracks a listen. I have heard it twice at his live sets. MAN! It is a killer! A rhythm formed by an insane, distorted robotic voice talking absolute gibberish. Golly! Don't know the title nor if it'll be released. I'm guessing its one of the collaborations on Unusual Suspects 2. Here is a link with a short videoclip from thump-o-ween in San Francisco. It is one of the clips, dunno which one. Enjoy http://www.phosfor.com/hallucinogen/ Peace and love to all sentient species
  17. Let's hear it for Banjankri... the dude who found the Yeti.
  18. Yeah... that is always a good one to start with. It is as dark as they come. Careful, tho... it gets inside your head and makes it a VERY scary place to be. Speaking of Delta, Pop is not bad either (well, it IS - scary). Other tracks along that line include: Haldolium - Nega.tif, Infected Mushroom - Release Me, Hallucinogen - Thugs in Tye-Dye. Someone else mentioned Hujaboy... Good one, too, especially The Day and Flake.
  19. AW MAN!!! I wanna have a Yeti-revelation too... Now all I need is some schnaps and some snow
  20. Nothing lasts... that goes for the excruciating waiting for this cd to arrive. Finally! Unusual Suspects 2 is making me itch, too... I am also anxious to grow more arms and comb my long long hair in an epic, stretchtastic balloon dance and say hello to oscar who is lost and profound. Purple from TIPWORLD also sounds like something worth checking out
  21. Sure.... it happens every time I put on a Hallucinogen-track Heard Juno Reactor's 'Giant' the other day. HOLY SHITBALLS!!!! If I had hair i would definitely have ripped it out, but it turned white when I hit 'play'.
  22. My favorite compilation.... definitely the 'Mystery of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls'. Another testament to TIP's glory. Timeless classics, production on a very high level and a concept album that tells a story (and kick-arse cover-art, too). The sequel, 'Secret...' almost qualifies, simply because of Shpongle's contribution, the almighty Seventh Revelation - STILL the greatest psytrance-track ever made - but the rest of the tracks on the album are... well, just not that good. But hey, it's a tough act to follow... I am not a connoisseur of compilations, since the number of psy-cd's I have bought can be counted on one hand (thats because I'm a newbie, NOT a bootlegger, ppl).... But Raja Ram's Stash Bag vol. 2 is still one of my fondest memories when it comes to cd's. Although not all the tracks are great, I really dig the flow and the energy pumping out when I play this baby. Benji's mixing is superb, especially during the last three tracks. About the tracks, I almost came when 'Gamma Goblins according to GMS' and 'Crystal Skulls dance mix' rocketed into my neural highway during the final minutes of the CD, worth the wait during 40 minutes of full-on. It was the first time I heard these tracks and I was blown away. Raja Ram definitely earned himself a big fan that day... In fact, I'm listening to it as I write these lines. I guess I have to keep an eye out for future compilations... Unusual Suspects 2 is definitely on my target-list. And I have considered buying the 1st Stash Bag for months. And vol. 3 doesn't sound bad either. I would go to damnation and back to get my hands on the old Goa Head and Colour-series but they are harder to come by than a decent right-wing politician. Until then, I have every faith in compilation releases. Keep on trancing. Peace
  23. oh, like you gotta ask.... Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy (title says it all). I swear, that track feels like nails clawing on the inside of your soul... Non-psytrance, i know. But Aphex keeps popping up in this forum like a bad dream that won't flush. So i might as well give the guy his credit once again. Now for the creepy trance-stuff... can you hear me in the back? The Delta - Thing (everyone's favorite choice for a good scare, it seems) Blowfish - Liquid eyes Hallucinogen - Space Pussy (weirdness and intensity so extreme it makes me scared to my arse - GUARANTEED effect, EVERY time... my head falls off every time) Thats all i can think of right now... i'll get back to you
  24. Those artists are so great that i refuse to vote for a single one as my favorite... so here are my favorites: Shpongle Entheogenic - LOVED Spontaneous Illumination Ott - he should be on the list. The audience is with me Ooze - Still sounds great Mystery of the Yeti 2 - Just bought this one... it is MASSIVE The Infinity Project Saafi Brothers Walter Ego - How come good old Walter is not on the list (He's Simon Posford, by the way, case you didn't notice) Doof - not on the list, either... what is this, people? Healer - NOT on the.... well, you catch my drift.... let's get on with it... Jairamji - any of you heard 'Temple'.... whew! it will leave you breathless
  25. here are my favorite psyguitar-tracks in no particular (dis)order: oforia - free kicks the delta - as a child i could walk on the ceiling melovskys - purple haze 1200 micrograms - high paradise + mescaline nibiru - paranoid infected mushroom - release me
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