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  1. update! - added banks for rob papens new predator synth and ones for rapture and vanguard - theyre heaps psychedelic too!!! enjoy...
  2. haha its taking me a while unfortunately - im doing a large bank for rapture which should be finished in a couple of weeks - check back if you have it
  3. i just finished uploading my new website with a bunch of preset banks - i thought y'all could use some banks for z3ta, wusikstation, blue, vanguard, and others http://secondsight.110mb.com theres some tutorials for ableton live too if anybodies interested... enjoy! update! - new presets for rob papens kickass new synth predator...
  4. i reckon you should go for z3ta and rob papens blue
  5. i have a quick suggestion to make ive just been playing around a bit trying to get something going, and ive noticed that the classic eq does nothing... its as if it was designed as a mastering eq or something. or maybe its just me and i need to download it again... in any case if it isnt just me, can we use our sequencers native eq???
  6. ok its probably as exciting as i made it sound... www.bandspace.com/Second_Sight all feedback is welcome...
  7. is everyone invited? and whats the time limit??
  8. i cant get the link to work, perhaps thats why nobody's responded so far.....
  9. wicked track dude, i didnt like the sudden dropouts to bring it back into the build, although on second listen its really grown on me. are you shopping around for a label?, coz you should be...
  10. http://www.bandspace.com/Second_Sight enjoy! ps. feedback is always appreciated. especially anything regarding mix levels etc... i need to know if my stuff works on other peoples systems...
  11. hi everybody! check it out... http://www3.bandspace.com/bands/31027/
  12. come have a look and give me some feedback http://www.bandspace.com/Second_Sight
  13. hi all! mine is progressive morning style stuff www.betarecords.com/second.sight
  14. New Track hosted at www.betarecords.com/second.sight -Agent Dark Booty- is the new one... its not dark though...actually its morning stuff Comments and feedback is always welcome :)...please?
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