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  1. THAT'S funny! Does the experience involve farting and bubbles?
  2. HA!! That guy on the first picture looks like he's trying to squeeze something massive out of his arse. I would love to see him move. I consider myself an eyesore on the dancefloor and dont give a flying F*CK! I just like to be up front, in my own little world, and throw my arms and legs all over the place
  3. Shpongle - Around the world in a tea daze (Ott's remix) Planet B.E.N. - September love (Eat Static remix)
  4. you strike a hard bargain, basilisk i'll give you my soul for deflo.... or, say, 50 us dollars?
  5. Hi All! I am desperate for some Deflo. Does anyone wanna sell the Resonance mood and Second flight: turbulence compilations?
  6. Here are some gems that always does the trick for me in the morning... Triptych: The Path, Thought Transfer Zorba: Barkbass, Datora Protoculture: Melodymachine Hallucinogen & Joti: Long Long Arms Shpongle: The Sixth Revelation Alien Project: The First Revelation Total Eclipse: Freefalling Upwards 1200 Mics: E=MC2 Hujaboy: The Day (its gonna be a bad day if you greet the sunrise with this one)
  7. Whew... glad SOMEONE like it It is awesome all the way through. But for me, the REAL fun begins when the trance kicks in after a couple of minutes. It is like the Shpongle-mask taking you on a rollercoaster ride through the multiverse, leaving you SERIOUSLY shpongled. I consider it the finest psy-trance epos EVER. Epic, mysterious, wonderful, indescribable. Trance doesn't get any better than this. To Deathposture (about Deflo - tio mate)... I am a sucker for Deflo. His tracks are among the most ominous, merciless stompers to ever hit the psytrance-scene. True classics from the golden pre-2000 era of Goa-trance. I heard Tio Mate on a Digitally Imported mix and was immediately impressed when all hell broke loose after 2-3 minutes. But if you dig that one, you should NOT miss Implacable (a sample can be found on www.saikosounds.com - search for 'deflo'... or call his name three times before he mysteriously appears before you). Believe it or not, it is even harder! THE most evil stomper I have EVER heard (it ranks up there with Hallucinogen - Space Pussy). It hits like a mack truck and conjures images of green-eyed, fiery ghosts in your brain . Truly, this music is pure evil of biblical proportions and should NOT be played without extreme care. As a consequence, most of Deflo's tracks seem to have mysteriously disapeared from all record- or onlineshops... No doubt they have been reclaimed by their dark lords.
  8. OZRIC TENTACLES http://www.geocities.com/ozrictentacles_web/ I GOTTA listen more to these guys
  9. Shpongle - Seventh Revelation Hallucinogen - Jiggle of the Sphinx I will not rest until these tracks are worshipped and have a day named after them
  10. dr papa


    Awesome, sinister, deadly...A massive track. what a tribute to one of the greatest monsters of mother nature, spawned by evil german genius Marcus Maichel. Can't really think of other tracks with such an ominous soundscape... But the rest of the Delta album is crammed with scary stuff. If you haven't heard Pop or the spinechilling Thing you are in for a thumping good scare! Not as thundering or blowing warm wind in your face, but it will make you crap your pants.
  11. WOW! So much positive feedback on Ozric Tentacles.... And Hallucinogen has mentioned them as one of his major influences on several occasions. Never heard this stuff before. Is it really as good or even better than the masterful Hallucinogen and Shpongle?
  12. You are listening to a mix of Alien Project, Dado, S.U.N. Project and GMS (mostly GMS and AP). Bloody great scene and, for once, a believable 'rave' in a film. Check out www.imdb.com for man on fire and check the soundtrack list for more info. Besides the Matrix-films, I don't think any other major Hollywood flick features psytrance. I have plenty of ideas, tho...
  13. I recommend Mila Mar (first album, Nova) and Hagalaz Runedance.
  14. Shpongle - And The Day Turned To Night: Countless singles, two albums and a third one on the way.... This 20-minute opus is still Shpongle's masterpiece (Simon agrees with me). It is beautiful as the dawn and vast and mysterious as the depths of the pacific ocean. The ambient noises, the flute, the change in tempo and the melodies.... All is just perfect. Hallucinogen - E: Few melodies can make me cry. This one came extremely close (what is it about pianos and cellos that does this?). Infinity Project - The Answer: The spaciest track I've ever heard. I just love the sounds and samples ('In our spaceships of the Imagination', etc...) Healer - Aqua Sleeping: Squeaking dolphins, piano-sounds, sonic bliss... Another reason to listen to Healer. Jairamji - Temple: The flute-sound is FANTASTIC! I felt like standing in a misty jungle. Walter Ego - Purple Pygmies: More dub than ambient, but still... About 2.30 minutes into this song comes the most mesmerizing and best crafted soundscape I've ever heard in a psychedelic tune. It made feel like an army of purple pygmies came dancing out of an enchanted forest and carried me off. Bluetech - Alchemie Dub Son Of The Light - Journey To Hunab Ku: A mystical masterpiece. I totally dig the part when the beat kicks in. Saafi Brothers - On Air Entheogenic - Pagan Dream Machine: Entheogenic's second album is crammed with psychedelic ambient masterpieces. This is just one of them. The trademark Entheogenic sound is sweet as honey and the church-choir is just downright beautiful.
  15. Shpongle - Dorset Perception (Low-step's balearic breaks re-edit) A mistake of biblical proportions... It was so terrible I think it gave me cancer! It was just the original track with an annoying beat pasted over it. And to complete the act of desecration, there was a 'skip' in the track. Today, it remains a complete mystery to me that Twisted records released this abomination. I know that Shpongle had nothing to do with it, just some birdbrains from Ibiza who thought it would be a good idea to trash Shpongle and raise the bar for commercial exploitation. But how could Twisted endorse this crap? That's the only travesty within the psy-genre I can think of. As for regular music, every cover-track by recent 'artists' makes me sick to my ass... most recently with Alicia Keyes playing Stevie Wonder's 'Superstition' - BARF!!!!
  16. 'I find this follow-up album to a respectful, popular comp disappointing and lacking in creativity and just being super-catchy or bringing something innovative to the table overall. Many people seem to agree that this album is not all that' ....Whatever.... THIS is what psytrance is all about. The only thing that pisses me off about this compilation is the unbelievable delay of its release. But all good things come to those who wait.
  17. Another good album in the darker end of the psy-spectrum: Haldolium - H2 (especially the tracks Nega.tif, Motion and Heliotropin ) Also, look for albums by Magnetrixx and S.U.N. Project... Hmmm... The Germans seem to be dominating this genre... As for single tracks, look for Deflo's old (and incredibly hard-to-find) masterpieces 'Tio Mate' and 'Implacable' - they are monstrous! The best thing to come out of France since wines and babes
  18. Ooh I agree with all the TIP-, Hallucinogen-, Astral Projection- and Delta-enthusiasts... those samples ROCK!!! Myself, I have a soft spot for Long Long Arms (as most of you know): NEXT MORNING MY ARRRRMS WERE VEEEEERY LOOOOONG! LOOOOOONG LONG ARMS COVERED WITH BEAUTIFUL FEATHERS! MY ARRRMS ARE VERRRRRRRRRRRRY LOOOOOOOONG!!!! Don't we all know that wonderful feeling? The BEST sample in the world! Period!
  19. I'll take an example from my alltime favorite psy-track: Shpongle - The Seventh Revelation.... When the trance-part kicks in, just after the guitar-bit and the Shpongled voice singing, you are in for one HELL of a psychedelic experience!!! That sequence releases a trillion billion waves of intelligent energy in my brain - everytime. It has NEVER been surpassed by any artist. Can't figure out why I am the only person out there who is completely crazy about this wonderful tune. Maybe you should all give this one a serious listen someday Another one that leaps to mind... Hallucinogen (obviously) - Jiggle of the Sfinx (2.22, when the drums start banging) , Hallucinogen - Space Pussy (towards the end, when things really go crazy, with all that weird shit going off at once) Younger Brother - Magic Monkey Juice (when the British guy yells: 'OH GOODIE... LET'S PUMP OURSELVES FULL OF MAGIC MONKEY JUICE AND TAKE A TRIP TO SPACELAND!')
  20. hmmmmm..... maybe these days we'll witness the birth of the FUN-trance genre: Psytrance packed with energy, kerfuffle and with crazy titles, funny voices/samples and sounds - all with that inexplicable ability to make you laugh you arse off and realise that life can be more fun than going to the movies. I am thinking along the lines of 1200 Mics - High Paradise, Nibiru - Paranoid, Hallucinogen - Jiggle of the Sfinx and some of the new stuff on Unusual Suspects 2: Long Long Arms, Balloon Dance and Stretchtastic Then again, genres are for librarians....
  21. bah.... Teleport, Detox, Jack-in-the-box, Lion Sleeps Tonight remix, East 98th Street and Teleport will always hold a special place in my heart
  22. sorry to keep you waiting..... THIS THREAD IS TOO NEGATIVE
  23. START YOUR ENGINES!!! What a surprise... The Solstice site has just released soundsamples from the Gran Turismo 4 soundtrack for our listening pleasure. Since I am a Hallucinogen-fan I was itchy to check out the latest killer from the Soundlabs: 'Bubble 'n Tweak'.... What can I say? Its a really amazing tune. Simon seems to be moving in a lot of different directions these days. Good, steady beat and a thumping bass that will make it sound like Armageddon if you've got the right equipment. Don't let those first 15 seconds fool you - it quickly morphs into a darn good trance-track. It's gotta be the slowest Hallucinogen-tune (134 bpm). It sounds like what you'd get if you took The Antidote - Empty dot (Hallucinogen mix) and Younger Brother - Scanner and threw them into a blender. Fantastic. Good for the dancefloor, too... Maybe as a warm-up tune to start a set. Another blaster from the master. What do you guys think?
  24. Oh, i LOVE these threads Lets see.... Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins pt 2. Still deep, twisted, dark, pumping, evil, mad and... well, just great. Nothing beats that one. I must say that Balloon Dance, Long Long Arms and Stretchtastic are both seriously beginning to grow and me. Fantastic tunes... Pure sonic madness from the Hallucinogen soundlabs. BTW, welcome aboard borboleta-nz. As you can see, I am a Hallucinogen-fan
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