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  1. Yeah, well.... I´m an expert in.. Hallucinogenology Then again, it might be a crazy-ass coincidence
  2. Nuts Dead link on the 2nd pic. Do a picture search on Google for "simon posford hallucinogen" - it´s the 2nd pic on the list from top left. The resemblance is striking. So you think George has the best hair, Abasio? Maybe we should do a poll...
  3. Hmm....anyone else who notice a certain similarity? Maybe it´s just me, but there is a creepy, uncanny resemblance in the eyes and the diminishing hairline I remember reading in an old interview that Simon credited a fraction of his amazing talent to his granddad, who was a composer. So I guess this is where the "Posford touch" had its origins. The man in the first picture, George Posford, was indeed British. Having been born in 1906 makes him old enough to be Hallucinogen´s grampa. I wonder if old Posford´s music was just as twisted. Maybe Gamma Goblins was originally conceived back in the early 30s, played on cello After all, it IS best known as "Part 2"... Read more here: http://www.musical-theatre.net/html/compos...rgeposford.html
  4. Fantastic album. My favorite track is Soma and second is Arcadia... A very distant third is Oz and I took an instant liking to the "Logic of the polyphooooooniiiiic"-sample. Overall, though, I´m not totally impressed - most of the tunes are rather forgettable, but I have a feeling it will grow on me. Its a very worthy effort from Benji... Only problem is, I got Derango - Tumult in the mail the day afterwards. Having listened to that one, Corridor of Mirrors seems like lullabye-music Then again, I was looking for raw chaos and dark energy, not intricate, mesmerizing soundscapes. As usual with a Twisted-release, my only real gripe is the cover-art. It is bland and pointless as usual. I´m one of those people who really miss the heading days of the late-naughties, when Mark Neal blew us all away with his classic Hallucinogen and Shpongle-covers. They really added to the flavor and experience. After Calx took over, it just wasn´t the same anymore. Minor rebuke, but still...
  5. Two words.... Lustmord - Rising Unspeakable evil, emerging from your speakers.
  6. Ordered my copy yesterday. I´ve heard Arcadia Magik and Soma on internet radio and at festivals. They are awesome tracks and the most promising thing to come out of the world of psy in the last year and a half. I have no doubt it will be a massive album.
  7. These are the current top 10 summer tracks in my book. Some old, some new. Most of it is ambient or chill. I guess I´m past my psytrance-summer-phase. There was a time, when Oforia, Zorba and Infected really did it for me during summertime, but times are changing... Mellow music for a mellow summer, I guess. Mathias Grassow - Siddharta Ozric Tentacles - Dance of the Loomi Younger Brother - Sleepwalker Prometheus - Arcadia Magica Psychonaut - Derwish Carbonbased Lifeforms - Silent Running (Carbonator Remix) Pitch Black - Elements Turn Disham - Inspire James Reipas - Kashahum Jon Mark - Eye of the Falcon
  8. Word... I was there, too, front row, center... Sleepwalking to "Sleepwalker", freaking out to "Freak" and, ummm..... chestering to "Chester" (new tracks - out on the new album - heard ´em on New Wave Radio) Too bad the skies opened and drowned the festival before Hallucinogen-time
  9. nothing like it... sorry
  10. I was sure having a good time . I´ve heard rumours of some live-acts doing a rather unusual "live"-set, involving live instruments, e.g. Haldolium and James Reipas. Is this true? Also, I´d like to get back to my bashing of Simon Posfords "live sets" and his lack of enthusiasm in my previous post. His Younger Brother-sets seem to be the exception. He was actually looking like he enjoyed himself at this year´s Sonica, even smiling and pulling faces. Most unusual and a welcome development. True, it´ll never be truly "live"... But an occasional smile and slightly mad dancing is highly infectious. It is a wonderful signal to send out to your crowd if you actually seem to be enjoying your own music.
  11. First of all, I have to say that I find the word "live" in regards to a psytrance festival a joke. Even though it is the artist itself on stage playing his own stuff, there´s nothing live about it in my book. For all I know, they might as well put on one of their CDs and jiggle around on stage every now and then. In that respect, I think only Ozric Tentacles at this year´s sonica would qualify as a live-act, since they were playing instruments. I have yet to see something worthy of calling itself a "live-act". If Simon Posford could go on a stage and play Hallucinogen tunes on a KORG synth, tweak and do all his sonic sorcery on stage in real time, instead of just hiding behind the equipment and play his old, old, incredibly old tunes with his usual "enthusiasm" (which is about as intense as my own when I do my tax return) I´d be really blimmin´ impressed!! But it´s unlikely and - most likely - physically impossible ... Anyway: Worst: Hmmm... Tough one. I´ve seen many livesets. Some good, some not quite so good... Nothing I would term 100 % bad or horrible. About 90 % of the livesets at festivals are all sounding the same. DJ cut-and-paste, DJ some-cunt and Psy-whatever "liveact" from Israel or Mexico doesn´t actually blow my skirts up. One standout, tho, was Infected at Sonica. Duvdev´s "singing" was about as out of place as an ashtray on a motorcycle. Yuch Best: Easy - Youth at Sonica. A gorgeous buffet of electronic and ethnic music - especially the progressive segment as the sun was setting was amazing. Plus, he sure knows how to move around on stage. Other standouts... A big applause to Raja Ram at Earthcore 2004. I´ve never seen such a display of energy from a DJ. It was hot as hell and he played shitty formulaic full-on for 2 hours but I was laughing my ass off seeing him bouncing around behind the machinery. What a show I always enjoy Ott at the festivals.. Always smiling and waving to the audience, always playing funny old reggae-tunes and always looking like he has a good time.
  12. No more disturbing than that "signature" of yours This track really tingles my braincells. Wicked!!
  13. Amen... I see Raja´s role in the Shpongle-project as a muse for Simon. He has mentioned it in several interviews. Simon may be a genius, but it takes two to tango... I mean, Shpongle IMO, that´s what collaborations are all about. After seeing the interviews in Liquid Crystal Vision, with Raja´s rantings, it´s easy to see where it all comes from. It is pure chemistry.
  14. YEAH! can you believe it??!!
  15. 5 so far... But its NOT easy, I tell ya. I always start with Shpongle.. So far my brother and a mate of mine has seen the light, but not many people get it. Ozric Tentacles seem to do the trick every time. No luck with Hallucinogen so far, except with Stretchtastic - it made my boss go ballistic. It was hilarious But most of my Posford-tunes makes people´s faces turn funny (not in a good way)... sadly Yup, my proud little crusade carries on... I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve
  16. Check it out when its ready You might like it ...then again, maybe not
  17. Deflo... anyone...? Also: Man With No Name Sporum (Goo-chi-Mandir) Doof X-Dream Astral Projection (Mahadeva, People Can Fly) Psychonaut Synchro Beast Growling Mad Scientists (before they became GMS)
  18. Hey... that´s what I´m here for. Enjoy
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