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  1. Ok. So I´m going. But that´s it for the good news... ummm.... Is it me or is the Sonica-website taking a piss??!! Not only is their English exceptionally bad... it is damn near impossible to order tickets??!!! Can anyone please help me? I´ve spent 30 mins trying to figure out that arse of a website. Now, after a frustratingly lame login-procedure, I´m being redirected to a PayPal-site which is in ITALIAN!!! I just haven´t got a clue how to order tickets Anyway, I´m really anxious to go (in spite of the monumental fuck-up of the festival´s webcrew). Can any of my fellow psynews-users help me out?
  2. Pipeworm is an amazing piece of work (you can´t go wrong with a Posford-production... ) Just wait till you get near the end of the track... and everything blows away in all directions at once with those darn weird hallucinogen-voices going all over the place. I love it . I have listened to this one for quite a while - it appeared on the New Wave Radio broadcast with Simon Posford on Ministry of Sound back in late 2005.
  3. Funny you should say it. Some of the tunes in my vast psymusic-library sound better during summertime . Here´s my list: By the way. Today is my 27th birthday . I´m at home celebrating now with coffee, a huge breakfast-table and a healthy dose of ambient and psychedelic dub - just to spoil myself Trance: Triptych - Lost Paradises TIP.WORLD - Mystery of the 13 Crystal Skulls Imagi:Nations pt. 1 - Night Raja Ram´s Stash Bag vol. 2 Chill: Ott - Blumenkraft Backroom Beats vol. 1 Triptych - Lost Paradises TIP.WORLD - Mystery of the 13 Crystal Skulls Imagi:Nations pt. 1 - Night Ozric Tentacles - Arborescence Ooze - Where the Fields Never End Shpongle - Tales of the Inexpressible (for some reason I never listen to this one during winter. That´s usually when I listen to Are You Shpongled? instead) Saafi Brothers - Mystic Cigarettes (the best summer-chill ever produced ) Entheogenic - Spontaneous Illumination
  4. Modula Green - Orchid Trap Amon - Gateway Kuomi - Augsburg Jonn Serrie - The Far River Brian Eno - 1/2 Hallucinogen - E Ishq - Utopian Moon Garden Nodens Ictus - Way of the Wind
  5. A question... Are these guys having succes with this new "style"(other words, not quite so flattering, leaps to my mind)? If so, just goes to show you that you can make a lot of money on making bad music... sadly. If there were any justice in this world, they would have had their breakthrough years ago with the first three albums....
  6. Arborescence - The second best thing to happen to psymusic since Shpongle I love it... No words can describe it... Dance of the Loomi tickles my braincells like nothing else
  7. Can´t watch any more of this... It´s so terrible, I think it gave me CANCER!!!
  8. Here we go again.... "OH NO! ANOTHER RAJA RAM-RELEASE! RUN FOR YER LIVES!" Bollocks As usual, good news... Always nice with a TIP-compilation. Another divine manifestation of the groovology-policy . I´m getting one.
  9. THATS IT!!! Hallucinogen and Lucas - Pipeworm... The new Hallucinogen-track, that´s been making my brain dance since fall 2005. So far I´ve only been able to listen to it on New Wave Radio @ Ministry of Sound. This is nothing short of a MASTERPIECE I´ve been praising this track on numerous occasions in my various Posford-related threads. So happy! I never thought this track would be released. THANK YOU, TIP!!! Simon and Lucas?? Wow! I thought it was another track with Joti, though Simon mentioned a collaboration with Lucas in the interview. I GOTTA get a copy of this one. It will be nice (to say the least) to hear pipeworm in GOOD soundquality and without dj-commentaries. The way it´s MEANT to be played. I´m getting a copy of "God save the machine". I got a feeling the rest of the tracks are just as good as "pipeworm". Peace
  10. hmmm.... the hallucinogen- and shponglesites are down as well. .. and have been so since the twisted site was shut down for refurbishing:( i don´t get it.
  11. dr papa

    Derango :)

    Damn fine stuff! I just listened to All Channels Open from the new Tumult-album. It´s been a LONG time since a psytune freaked me out that much. It reminded me of an old GMS-track, Slingshot. Only better! MUCH better! I am now officially a Derango-fan. But they still have a LONG way to go before they are as good as Simon Posford . Oh well, some day. Keep the channels open, Derango
  12. Pigs in Space, of course... Also, try out other tracks by Ofer Dikovsy, like Oforia - Why Not on Mars or Tandu - Orca. If you fancy a journey to the next multiverse with the speed of thought, there are loads of good space-tracks out there.... here are some neat little suggestions: Hallucinogen - Space Pussy Astral Projection - Mahadeva + People Can Fly Infected Mushroom - The Gathering S.U.N. Project - Space Dwarves Eat Static - Space Walk Juno Reactor - Masters of the Universe Space Cat - Kreak and, of course, Invasion Sporum - Goo-chi-Mandir
  13. I´m creaming my pants from laughing This has become the funniest thread so far on psynews, especially because of |o|o|p|i|u|m|´s pictures of Simon´s daily routines. Anyway, back to topic. I´ve met him twice... First time at Earthcore in 2004, during the GMS-set , when I had my picture taken with him (what a face he put on ) and second time at Sonica in 2005, where I also had my picture taken with him. What a nice fella... On both occasions I suffered from a complete brainlock and couldn´t put into words how unbelievably great his music is. All i could squeeze out was: "thx, man!"... Maybe next time... I´ll bring my camera, just in case.
  14. becoming insane, indeed... and to think that these guys made me fall in love with psytrance in the first place... i don´t need this crap. i´m just gonna pretend they do not exist anymore. of all the 10+ years old psy-acts, i can honestly say that Simon Posford is the only one who still does it for me. his stuff was the best in the beginning and it is still about 10 times better than most things released these days. maybe it´s because he doesn´t try to appeal to a wider audience while also changing his style. and what a bloody miracle it is that he comes up with pure genius 99 % of the times.. even after all these years. party on, simon!
  15. I agree. It is excruciating... Appearently, MOS think that people who listen to stations like this are too dumb to know what they tuned into. Talk about insulting our intelligences Or maybe they are just a bunch of self-loving wankers who love to go on about themselves. But take it from me: as commercial radiostations go, this one is not that bad . And at least they notice geniuses like Simon. Maybe a much needed change of style, mm? And did you notice how they get the tracknames and artistnames wrong occasionally?
  16. I already did.... And the reason it sounds like Simon is because Simon collaborated on one of the tracks - Invasion. Is that the one you had in mind? And yes, it is a WICKED album. But it doesn´t really count
  17. Tuned in last night... The first Hallucinogen track is MIND-BOGGLING!!! I´m talking about the first track after the (rather annoying) commercial break... New stuff - heard it live last year on a few occasions. Hallucinogen comes out of retirement and blasts the competition to oblivion once again. This one reminds me of Crystal Skulls II dance mix, only darker. Now if only I could invent some kind of special keyboard with special keys to describe the experience and sounds to you. You simply HAVE to listen to this stuff Hallucinogen not only outdoes himself with each new track... He simply reinvents the entire genre. Amazing!!! Why is Simon still the only 100 % kick-ass psytrance-musician out there? Can´t the other average-formulaic-fullon-acts at least try to be that good?
  18. Shpongle - Nothing Lasts Unusual Suspects 2 coming in, second place...
  19. Definitely Infected Mushroom or -related trax: Jorg on Mushroom - the Messenger and Merlin are classic fantasy-trance trax . As for their latest release: i could puke in a synthesizer and come up with better stuff
  20. At the Hallucinogen-site, go to "events", then "pictures", then scroll down to "ultimate hallucination" (no. 5 from top) and scroll down to the video..... ...and enjoy the show. btw, here´s the playlist: 1) Solstice 2) Alpha Centauri 3) Metal Sharon - Balloon Dance 4) Hallucinogen & Joti - Long LOOOONG ARMS 5) Infernal Machine - Nocturnal Chainsaw Kerfuffle 6) unknown no. 1 7) Snarling Black Marble 8) Unknown no. 2 (The acid is...OUT OF OUR LEAGUE ) 9) Hallucinogen & Tristan - Stretchtastic 10) Gamma Goblins pt. 2 (GMS remix) 11) Angelic Particles 12) Shamanix and agia_igoumeni.... What´s to worry about? Seriously, how many Hallucinogen-releases have YOU seen since the Lone Deranger? Not many... so you can understand that some of us are getting giddy with all the new stuff circulating Oh, and by the way... his latest fart was REALLY classic Has anyone heard the Annodalleb-remix yet?
  21. Has anyone here had a taste of the new unreleased Hallucinogen-stuff? I´m talking about those few unknown tracks i have had the pleasure of experiencing at festivals and livegigs in 2004/2005 (Earthcore/Eearthcore afterparty and Sonica). If you have downloaded the videoclip from Ultimate Hallucination in Antwerp, belgium from the hallucinogen-website (www.shpongle.com/hallucinogen) you can get a sneak-peak: - The first one kicks in after 9:36 and ends 12.13. Christ, but it´s a beauty! Just listen to that high-pitched voice going all over the place - The second one kicks in after 14.18 and ends 15.30 before Stretchtastic. I´ve found myself listening to that one a million times (Simon even pulls faces ). It has the intensity of Snarling Black Marble and the unsanity of just about everything on the Lone Deranger album. "Yes...the ACID IS...OUT OF OUR league" . True Hallucinogen-stuff! Also, in case you haven´t noticed the Twisted website has been updated (i didn´t believe it myself, either ) - there´s a sample of Hallucinogen´s remix of Annodalleb - Death. He played it at Sonica. Slow, dark and SCARY stuff!! Think Nine Inch Nails and Hallucinogen together and... A terrible beauty is born. I know, i know... there´s some singing in it (way better than IM, dont worry)... but it still has Hallucinogen written all over it. Give it a go! I think Hallucinogen is breathing again. With all these new tracks floating around at live-gigs and the brilliant new stuff on Unusual Suspects 2, the birth-pangs of a new Hallucinogen-album grows louder every day. He´s definitely found the inspiration again. It may not sound like the golden-age-stuff from 95-97, but oh MY how his new stuff sounds INFINITELY better than your average, formulaic full-on release
  22. my vote goes to jiggle of the sphinx... also because it is one of his most overlooked tracks. fantastic. well, it´s not entirely hallucinogen. it was co-conceived by richard trevor from green nuns of the revolution. anyway, a classic. i still haven´t heard him play it live. a special praise also, to space pussy, magik, thugs in tye-dye, beautiful people, E, Herb Garden (slightly chilled, but still hallucinogen) and not least to those untitled, unreleased but not unhonoured kick-ass crazy tunes he keeps playing at his livesets these days. one in particular, with a fucked-up voice saying: "yes... the acid is... OUT of our league". you know the one i mean i was at sonica in italy, by the way, and simon blew us all away with the most amazing set of his career. 3 hours straight with nothing but shpongle-classics as well as assorted goodies of celtic cross, ozric tentacles, younger brother, metal sharon, ott and various titbits. pure genious
  23. Audio Chemistry - Long Long Arms GMS - The Joke Is On You 1200 Mics - High Paradise X-Dream - The Frog Infected Mushroom - Dancing With Khadafi Hallucinogen + Tristan - Stretchtastic Metal Sharon - Balloon Dance
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