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  1. Hello everyone and wish you a happy new year My votes 1. One Arc Degree - The Tree Maiden (feat. Georgia Irakli) 2. Cybernetika - Prismatic Reflection 3. Xenofish - Made Out Of Stars 4. ShySun - Noir York 5. Mellow Sonic - Psychokinesis 6. Phobium - Orbital Resonance 7. Imba - Serbian 604 Revolution 8. Colin OOOD & Goa Travellers - 100 Billion Neurons 9. THE MVLE - Numinous 10. Phillip Anossov - Conspiracy Theories
  2. I'm using chrome. On the right side of the address bar there is a shield icon...if you press it, it says "load unsafe script" if you do it then every video loads...
  3. I had a similar problem. what i tried: a) Benzos. These substances really help both relieving the stress and also helping you sleep. The problem is that they do it for only 8-10 hours and then you are in the same shit again. There are different types that cause slighty different effects... I wouldn't recommend them because it's very easy to become psychologically addicted to them...and they cause also physical addiction after some time. herbs like valeriana and melissa officinalis...they do jack shit...if someone is able to sleep with them then he probably didn't have a sleeping problem in the first place c) Melatonin. Melatonin will get you to sleep. it really works...you will sleep easily and many hours...the only downside i have is the next day, even if i sleep 8-9 hours i do not feel rested...maybe it's the specific pills that i tried because they release the substance slowly during the night What worked for my problems d) time....as always e) gym...excercising will help your body release some natural hormones that will make you feel better ( ok it depends with your problems) . also you will look better and have more energy and will probably make you more tired = easier to sleep. But make sure you excersise early , not at night before you sleep. other suggestions F) friends/ people to discuss with, and depending on your issues a psychologist...it's not a shame... G) Leave this fucking country, it's hell here
  4. Microcosmos Records presents: Vasilis Kesalidis (aka Spinnet) and Ioannis Konstantios formed One Arc Degree in 2011. One Arc Degree is a music project about feelings and memories. It’s purpose is to explore the multitude of ways to express these feelings back into music, restoring those memories while assimilating the passage of time. listen online (soundcloud): 1. One Arc Degree - The Star Orchard 2. One Arc Degree - Futurism 3. One Arc Degree - Under A Trillion Suns 4. One Arc Degree - For The Love Of Despair http://microcosmosrecords.com/one-arc-degree-trillion-suns/ more info: http://microcosmosrecords.com/ One arc degree Soundcloud Facebook
  5. Hey lemminwings You can check our stuff. We had a D&B release with trance elements http://audiotheoryrecords.bandcamp.com/album/suspension-orbit-2-form-drum-bass-ea003
  6. hello this is our take for the contest https://soundcloud.com/one-arc-degree/juno-reactor-tempest-one-arc we hope you enjoy it
  7. Now released on Bandcamp Full track previews http://audiotheoryrecords.bandcamp.com/track/2-form http://audiotheoryrecords.bandcamp.com/track/suspension-orbit
  8. Preview samples of One Arc Degree's latest release. Blending a trance/psychedelic melodic mood with old school amen breaks, this is a different approach to atmospheric drum & bass, one with clear allusions to the psychedelic trance legacy. Tracklist 1. Suspension Orbit [8:42] 2. 2-Form [8:56] Samples 1. https://soundcloud.com/evil-audio/one-arc-degree-suspension 2. https://soundcloud.com/evil-audio/one-arc-degree-2-form-out-30 Original Release Date: September 30, 2013 Label: Evil Audio Total Length: 17:38 One Arc Degree's first release happened a couple of years back, participating in Ultimae's Ambrosia with the track Distant Industries. Evil Audio Records , One Arc Degree
  9. Fabrics' debut album was released at late April. At the end of the year From A Tree Records is planning to release a digital only compilation of remixes from that album. All you need to do is download the parts for the track you want, create your remix in any style you like and submit it to us for listening. Once you are happy with your remix, just send it to us using the dropbox below. We will pick our favorite remixes and the winning tracks will appear on the remix compilation. The deadline to enter your remix is midnight, 1st December 2011. Info, Remix Stems & Entry Guidelines: http://fabricsband.weebly.com/
  10. not that it has any value but i never really liked infested mushroom for some reason. To my mind they were never good
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