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  1. Thanks again everyone...It is going to take forever to find a fraction of this stuff but what I've found so far is awesome !
  2. Thanks yall...sounds like some good stuff. Keep em coming!
  3. hey folks, newbie here. I am hoping you can share your wisdom and help me find some good selections. I'm not certain how to categorize my favorite music, but I believe it would be considered "Dark GOA/Psy-trance" by most people. My favorite groups so far: Infected Mushroom Hallucinogen Shpongle Juno Reactor Dark Soho I really love evil and creepy-sounding tunes...songs with a buildup from beginning to end...not just drum and bass from the start. I am looking for anything similar to the groups mentioned above. Anything with deep riffs, freaky sound effects, and a good melody would be great. Trance that messes with your brain and makes you feel disturbed and uncomfortable...Or the kind that gets you pumped up and makes you feel like an evil, crazy, all-powerful maniac...(music that makes you laugh because it is so damn goooood) THAT is what I'm looking for. Your thoughts or suggestions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
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