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  1. Here I go :-) http://www.soundike.com/album/136309_C.O.N._Sequencer_Contact_mp3_download.html
  2. Thanks to you both, but this isn't it. ;-) It was Full On, I guess... Might it be that the artist was CON Sequencer??
  3. Hi all Some years ago I knew a track called "porn star" or something like that... The track has two a bit different parts. In the first part one can hear a woman (the porn star I guess) moaning (groaning? soughing?), and after this one hears a short guitar interlude, and then the second part of the track... Sadly I can't seem to find this track anymore, mainly because I have no idea who has created it. Anyone got an idea? Thanks a lot Josh
  4. Thanks a lot! I just love this track! =)
  5. Hi all I'd really like to get the track "Alice is amazed" by SONUS, but I can't find it anywhere... Any hint? :-) Thanks a lot Josh
  6. Hi all I'm looking for a track that has part of "An American Prayer" lyrics in it, originally composed by The Doors. Anyone knows this track? Thanks. :-) Josh
  7. Josh

    Goa Gil Live in Goa

    This sounds very interesting! Didn't hear of this one yet... Hopefully someone knows it. I found only the following: http://www.psynews.org/reviews/mixedliv.htm
  8. I'm not here very often... so these jokes won't hurt me that much. I'll have to get used to the fact that the psy scene isn't that neat old goa style anymore it once was... ich bin vo bärn, aber eigentlich chumi usem aargau. schaffe no bis afang novämber z bärn, also wenn d lust ufe party hesch oder so denn mäld di! gruzz
  9. And again I do not understand this comment... I think he has some very good tracks, Fire On Ice for example. I don't know anything about him personal, but this is no reason for me to flame on his songs... Maybe "I wish" is artistical not a good track, but on the dance floor it really rocks if you don't care about the original... I admit that I begin to like the original (and the whole converting vegetarians CD 2) more and more than the remix... @ Tatsu: Thanks for your comment. I really love the psy scene in Switzerland... Hippie Hippie hurray!!!
  10. can't understand people who judge tracks by its componists... if i like a track, i don't care about who has produced it. it's sad to see that the international psy/goa community isn't that prejudiceless anymore as it was once... at least it's still here in switzerland.
  11. Pink Floyd - Another Brick (1200 Mics Rmx) Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (Dream in Goa remix) but both aren't that cool...
  12. one of my all time favs is "pure reality". you'll find it on "pure analog". have fun!
  13. Hi all I heard a quite cool remix of Infected Muhsroom's "I wish" (Converting Vegetarians - The other side). Anyone knows this track? Thank you.
  14. lol, no other comments? i think there are quite a few psytrance webs around...
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