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  1. We have new Tshirts by Parvati Records & Dune Wear. Check it out and like our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.168790629977850.1073741842.124059361117644&type=1 Psychedelically Yours http://www.parvati-records.com
  2. Digitally Yours 2 - Parvati Records - PRVEP05 is OUT now! Parvati Records is happy to present you a new digital EP release. The EP will be available exclusively from our homepage. The second chapter of the Digitally Yours EP serie is presenting you 4 brand new productions from the Parvati Artists group with mastering by Baba Yaga. The artwork is made, as for the first Digitally Yours, by japanese designer Morrieo Wada. Tracklist: Flipknot – Cactii Engine 150 bpm Vertical – Touch of Yurei 149 bpm ECT – Parental Guidance 150 bpm Ectogasmics vs Nargun – Dreaming Reality 151 bp
  3. FOOTPRINTS 3 - Parvati Records - OUT NOW..! The time is up! The new digital EP is out. This is the 3th EP in the Footprints series, and this time it features both old and new artists. So Parvati Records is happy to present the 4 tracks of the new EP: Archaic - Mushroom Power Wr. & Pr. By Kostas Kanlis, Greece Farebi Jalebi - Lord Of Small Matters Wr. & Pr. By Adip Butalia, India Magnolia - Bubble Tea Wr. & Pr. Papiyan & Mussy Moody, Denmark Petran – Asonic Wr. & Pr. By Oetran, Greece So head over to our homepage to take a listen to the new EP – Footprints 3. h
  4. Parvati Records is happy to present our second Digital EP release: Footprint 2. This time the 4 footprints are made by a bunch of old and new Parvati artists from all around the World: Red Eye Jah - Tekno Tirsdag Ulvae - Swollen Cycles ECT & Peace Data - What The FLAC Mubali - 63 Hours Power Trip Footprints 2 is now ready and available for downloads as wav, flac & mp3! Be sure to get your very own " Around the World Trip" straight from our homepage! http://parvati-records.com/music-shop/cd/footprints-2 Register yourself as member, there is free gifts for you. Psychedelically You
  5. Support the Music, the Artists, the Label, buy the original ...and a t-shirt!!!! Psychedelically Yours Giuseppe www.parvati-records.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/giuseppeparvati/ https://www.facebook.com/DjGiuseppeParvati?ref=ts&fref=ts
  6. PRVCD25 – Album- ABRAHADABRA is now released!!! Available as cd, 12 € - and as download (Wav, Flac & Mp3) 10,50 € http://parvati-records.com/music-shop/cd/abrahadabra Released: 21.12.2012 Catalogue no: PRVCD25 Label: Parvati Records Copyright: Parvati Records Comment: www.parvati-records.com Country: Denmark Genre: Electronic Style: Psychedelic Trance Format: CD Digipack, Album Mastering: WiredMasters Artwork: H1H2 Written & produced by: Rølike Jahbo, Rune Ranthe and Michael Skaarup, Denmark Tracklist: 01. RubberMind 02. ***EPIC** 03.
  7. Free Dj sets from Giuseppe (Parvati Records) When you register as a member at our homepage there is some free downloads for you: - a 1 Hour DJ-Set by DJ Giuseppe (First hour of a DJ set by Giuseppe played in Austria in spring 2012) - a 1 Hour Live set by Jahbo (played at BOOM Festival 2012 in Portugal) - and the first Parvati Records Digital Gift, a selection of released tracks... for free http://www.parvati-records.com Giuseppe Dj set from Boom Festival 2012 http://www.boomfestival.org/boom2012/2012/12/06/boom-festival-2012-podcast-15-by-giuseppe/ About Dj Giusepp
  8. Parvati Records - Abrahadabra Album PRVCD25 Our new CD, the album by Abrahadabra to be released on the 21.12.2012 is now available for pre-orders. You can visit our homepage to have more news about it, hear samples of the music and pre-order the cd: http://parvati-records.com/music-shop/cd/abrahadabra We will ship the CD so you will receive hopefully for the release date, and certainly around that day !! And if you prefer to have a digital copy of it, the album will also available as download (WAV, FLAC, MP3) from the 21.12.2012 Abrahadabra is the project of 3 danish dudes, J
  9. Jahbo 1 hour Live set from Boom Festival is free to download, in the Community section of our homepage......enjoy !!! http://parvati-records.com/members If you didn't join us allready, there will also be a free gift for you, when you register yourself as member And for the rest of the year we will have a discount of our clothes: http://parvati-records.com/merchandise Psychedelically Yours Giuseppe www.parvati-records.com www.facebook.com/groups/giuseppeparvati/ www.facebook.com/DjGiuseppeParvati
  10. V/A Footprints - Parvati Records digital EP is released now!!! After our succesfull launch of the new platform for Parvati Records, with the new download possibilities, it is with big anticipation that we release the first digital EP from Parvati Records. Full digital EP for 6 Euro in WAV, FLAC or MP3! Single tracks for 1,70 Euro! Only available at http://parvati-records.com/music-shop/cd/footprints Tracklist: VERTICAL - JEWELER 149 BPM w&p by Joonas Lehtinen, Finland ECTOGASMICS - FILTERED CIGARETTES 151 bpm w&p by Conxion & Oil - Germany/Sweden
  11. !!!!! ATTENTION ATTENTION !!!!!


 We are ready for the autumn and winter season with something new, something big for us that has been under work for the past months: a new Homepage. The Parvati Platform is now totally restyled. There is a Blog so it will be possible to keep up with what is goin on at the Label, and partecipate to its life with comments and critics. It is now possible to download all our released tracks in different formats (wav, flac, mp3) Signing in for membership will give you access to different features and periodic free downloads
  12. V/A BrainZcrew 2 - Parvati Records - PRVCD24 Our new v/a Brainzcrew Part 2 compiled by Dj Ilse Hamburg will be released the 6th July. We will have a stall @ Freqs Of Nature Festival where the cd will be available. And for the people who is not coming at the Festival, it will be possible to purchase the cd as usual from our webpage. Actually it is open for PRE-ORDERS now !!! Tracklist: (Samples available on the website) 01. ECT & Peace Data - P-Funk P-Monk 02. Zoobivore - Dinosaur 03. Chicken - The Architect 04. REV - Kubis 05. Kerlivin & Baba Yaga - Psy Funk 06. Ect
  13. Thank you all for supporting!!! Parvatrip 3 copies are going away fast, half of the cds are sold allready. Parvatrip 3 was printed in limited edition of only 500 copies. We will keep and bring out some cds for the 3 Parvati label parties we have in April: 14/4 Turin, 21/4 Athen, 28/4 London. http://www.parvati-records.com/party.html Psychedelically Yours Giuseppe http://www.parvati-records.com http://www.facebook.com/groups/giuseppeparvati/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Onkel Dunkel - Use Your Head, OUT NOW !!!
  14. Parvatrip 3 is released today! Only 500 copies is printed!! Preorders started very strong, so hurry up to get your copy at www.parvati-records.com 15 euro, shipment included. Psychedelically Yours Giuseppe http://parvati-records.com/news.html https://www.facebook.com/groups/giuseppeparvati/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Onkel Dunkel - Use Your Head, OUT NOW !!!
  15. We now have a preview of the artwork for Parvatrip 3. Stay tuned for the mp3 samples!!! http://parvati-records.com/news.html Psychedelically Yours Giuseppe http://www.parvati-records.com http://www.facebook....iuseppeparvati/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Onkel Dunkel - Use Your Head, OUT NOW !!! Gappeq - Made Of Clay OUT NOW !!!!
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