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  1. ALL CD's FOR €320! (not reserved ones) all have to go, URGENT!!!
  2. are you neil? if yes, please mail me back, if no, mail me anyway...
  3. Simply selling everything, also my precious cd-collection Trying to get rid of all my 'cows' like Buddha said... less is more... besides that i will also leave for a long time travelling asia within 3 weeks and since you can't eat cd's...
  4. ALL CD's FOR €320! (not reserved ones) Already sold more then 200 cd's of my entire collection in the last few weeks but now it's the very last cleanout... Last ones and all have to go, URGENT!!! The cd's: Airborn Audio - Good Fortune (Ninja Tune) €5 Alien - The Pleasure Of Leisure (Blue Room Released) €2 Amorphous Androgynous - Tales Of Ephidrina (Astralwerks, Virgin) €7 Arsonists* - As The World Burns (Matador) €6 Arsonists* - Date Of Birth (Matador) €6 Bombardier - Violence (Vinyl Communications) €6 Bypass Unit - On A Trance-Mission (Hypnotic)
  5. can't hardly wait for the releaseparty this friday MDS-live belongs to the top 5 of the finest darkpsy livesets i ever heard
  6. it's nice defenitly suited for walking the dog on late autumn nights
  7. +1, also did a nice trade with Blaze, anytime again, thnx
  8. woops, my bad... srry joost i'd change it immediately if i only knew how to mods for the rescue?
  9. Just rounded up a nice trade with Joost and all went more then fine. Nice deal, smooth communication, wel packed 'nd quick delivered postpackage and cd's in superb condition... I'd stand in line to trade with him again
  10. hehe, recognizable, i try to achieve this altered state every party, indeed real trancedance though i do need some quality psychedelic and energy drifted music for that, but like spoiled i am for a belgian that's not something that hard to search for... and it's as awesome -or even better- to reach this state completetely (or quit ) sober...
  11. don't think... just dance, move, experience, enjoy, ...
  12. i would be thankfull.. always nice to enhance trickz nd skillz
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