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  1. Oren Barkan - Baraka CD Why can't I bid $5?
  2. MFG - Project Genesis Asia 2001 - Live Dimension 5 - Transdimensional UX - Ultimate Experience SynSUN - The Full Power Of Goa Sneila - Implosion Transwave - Backfire Pleiadians - I.F.O. Hunab Ku - Magik Universe Jaia - Blue Energy Miranda - Phenomena RA - To Sirius Astral Projection - (many tracks, I wouldn't say a whole album though) Chi-A.D. - (many tracks, I wouldn't say a whole album though)
  3. Not gonna lie that was pretty horrible. So generic, no new epic melodies like Transwave used to come out with.
  4. Rapidshare, sendspace, filefactory, psynews.org....
  5. From what I've seen there was a lot more creativity and effort put into goa trance than these things that spun off from it. That's the main reason I stick with goa trance rather than these other things, whatever you want to call them,... they are noisy and boring. I know a handful of exceptions obviously, but it seems like the music lost its integrity after a certain point and evolved into something stale that can entertain the masses and bring in revenue. Even within goa trance there's a lot of crappy stuff, especially in music after 2001 people want to call "goa trance". The real can
  6. I agree with this... everything sounds so hard, harsh and loud now. I loved the organic sounds and the artists who could make music without making noise. I really love stuff like Sneila & SynSUN from 2000, it is dark and has more modern sounds but definitely very "liquid": Sad that all this stuff was unreleased and instead goa turned into shit.
  7. Exactly... most unreleased stuff is unreleased for a reason. Subcouds unreleased isn't good, people just rate that shit highly on discogs because it's rare.
  8. Hopefully it's better than their first two albums.
  9. Sorry I've never seen that movie. Name 4 or more goa trance tracks that sample from STAR WARS.
  10. Oh I see the picture now. It looks the same except without "NOT FOR SALE" around the inside of the CD. Are there other pictures of Psy-Nergy?
  11. Me as well: http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/6164/dogmajt6.jpg I'd like to know what the "retail version" looks like that draeke and Anoebis are talking about. Also, is there any difference in the actual music? Sorry if someone posted images before but they are no longer working and nobody put them on discogs. Technossomy is right, the music sucks, lots of hype over nothing.
  12. Ahh thanks! I kept thinking it was by X-Dream. You should put a new question though. Name 2 goa trance albums with heavy industrial sounds.
  13. There aren't any. This is exactly why we have to call it "newschool" goa, because you're mostly getting something totally different from the good old stuff.
  14. Track... not artist. I really doubt the track was by IM... I intuitively thought X-Dream but I have no clue really as I didn't find it.
  15. Test your knowledge! Interesting + On topic. Whoever answers the question gets to ask a new one. If it's not answered for 24 hours someone (including the person who asked it -- plz include the answer ) can ask a new one. Try not to make them stupidly difficult or too easy. I'll start... Identify the track which has a sample saying "this is like a psychotropic/cytotrophic reaction!" I don't actually remember the answer or exactly which word is said there which is partially why I ask this one.
  16. I liked the MWNN and Voodo People mixes best. They were all pretty good.
  17. Apparently they are getting released!!
  18. Less posting on internet forums, more making music.
  19. Hi. I found these in "mp3s". SynSUN - 1999 - Zelur Project SynSUN - 2000 - The Full Power Of Goa SynSUN - 2001 - The Sounds Of Cosmic Lifeforms They aren't on discogs or synsun.info so I assume they were promos or something. Anyone have some information on this? More importantly, does anyone have these in high quality? I love the style of music, especially in "The Full Power Of Goa".
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