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  1. I don\'t think AP was cheesy, they just had no variation in their tracks, so a few are good to listen to, but after that it gets boring. And yea, Aurora Borealis was called Ocean on at least one compilation though I don\'t remember which.
  2. Unfortunately I wouldn\'t really know as there is no psy scene here. Maybe someone could comment on the overall intelligence in the psy scene vs. other types of music like pop or rap or whatever? I\'m sure there will always be dumbasses listening to every kind of music, and many people who listen to psy music for different reasons or get something different out of it than myself, but I\'d be interested if, on the whole, you meet a lot smarter people in the psy scene. It makes sense, but I can\'t really comment on whether it\'s true or not. Maybe the music makes them hyperkinetic.
  3. I think it requires more intelligence simply to process all that audio information! There could be many different layers and multiple melodies interacting with each other and slowly evolving throughout the track, which is moving at a fast pace, and yet I am able to comprehend it all in real time and follow the intricacies. However I usually only enjoy goa trance. I find most full-on psytrance just hard and loud, usually containing lots of layers that don\'t work together properly => noisy. So I am unsure here, perhaps someone could further comment: Do people actually enjoy psytrance
  4. Thanks for sharing! The low quality hurts but it\'s nice.
  5. Not sure this fully counts, but: UX - Chrysalis Nice post abasio, theres a few a forgot there and some I will listen to again now to see.
  6. Yea I have quite a few tracks by him but I think his tracks as \"Abnormal\", including that unreleased album, were the best.
  7. Oh great, I thought for awhile that my spirit might be the only one falling for the Other Self there as I never saw that track given much credit. I must say Expand Consciousness is in very close competition though.
  8. Ra - Other Self I\'ve only listened to 3 albums from 2008 though.
  9. I liked his goa right up to 2002, and then his ambient. MS EP wasn\'t so good.
  10. I love Liquid Sun, Aurora Borealis, Burning Up, Let There Be Light, Enlightened Evolution, etc.
  11. Bodh Gaya isn\'t eastern it\'s like south american native jungle tribe.
  12. Etnica has lots of weaker tracks that really aren\'t good for much other than background music....
  13. Are you actually flashing your Illegal Downloads Ratio on a board that clearly is against such things?

    just a friendly advice... you might have to remove it as it is against the rules.

  14. I think there\'s likely a link. Some people who listen to psy trance still have really poor taste IMO. To me it\'s not just loud noisy dance music.
  15. Old news!! Decent stuff for >2003, but nothing I\'ll probably listen to more than a few times.
  16. I don\'t know if it\'s this or just how artists are making the music (packed full of layers of effects), but most newschool goa trance sounds loud and crappy. I don\'t listen to good music in noisy environments.
  17. My ideal track does not adhere to a formula, quite the opposite.
  18. Here are some noteworthy newschool samples in my opinion. ETHEREAL - Cosmic Lobster <2003> Comment: I like the start & end, the middle is OK, but it could be more interesting! SPACE VIBES SYSTEM - Astral Dance <2006> Comment: Great start! Could be slightly more interesting. RA - Time Current <2008> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3VK0cW9rdU I\'m wondering about Har-El\'s newer albums, but never heard them.
  19. Fighting in an intergalactic war with aliens. Or maybe, Running from tribal warriors in the jungle. Or, In my basement at the computer.
  20. How many of what types of synths of what frequencies would you prefer in your track?
  21. STEREOTYPICAL means that it\'s common to the whole group. So Ra & D5 are \"goa trance\", hence they have the general features in common with all \"goa trance\" by definition, but beyond that you say you can\'t point me to any track that\'s similar to them, so they must be pretty unique within the genre. (There are hundreds of other artists...!) Therefore they are obviously not stereotypical. (I wish there were more tracks like them, so if you know of any don\'t hesitate to list them...!) POWERFUL means strong, forceful, in control, etc. Of all goa trance I\'ve heard, D5 &
  22. AP, some Asia 2001, Chi-AD, Blue Planet Corp, Dimension 5, Etnica, Hunab Ku, Jaia, Ra, Transwave, UX Never listened to them too much that they got ruined, but I remember most of the tracks.
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