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  1. Another track that gives shivers. Infected Mushroom - Never Ever Land Not going to claim it's the best, but I like the unique style and it's a great track.
  2. Wondering if this says anything useful.
  3. Pleiadians - IFO and Family Of Light ... Most don't but having some concept to the track names says nothing about the music.
  4. ~ 10 min long It has 2 samples, both said 2-3 times: 1. Something like "high on lsd" 2. "and electronics have brought an enormous feel to music" Here is sample: http://www.zshare.net/audio/52657565044e3c27/
  5. http://www.discogs.com/label/Dendrite Most of them have no year on discogs. I guess 1995-1997. Does anyone remember any?
  6. Lol at calling this "Goa" anything, but I guess the term must be misused as many before. Carry on.
  7. But but but... istvan and sualk are selling it for that price!!! The price isn't so bad but I think you'll have better luck selling it on discogs than here unless you're substantially lower.
  8. Mostly crappy CDs that you can buy elsewhere for less.
  9. Yea... the uncertainty principle was weak. But so were many albums listed so far. My only concern with Asia 2001 is that their albums seem to be mostly the same tracks released over again and I thought Asia 2001 - Ra wasn't very good either. Ubar Tmar - Fusion, True, Live, Macrometasomakosmos may deserve to be here too.
  10. Dimension 5/Hunab Ku/Ra/Electron Wave Transdimensional Second Phaze Magik Universe To Sirius The Uncertainty Principle
  11. Hehe, for me the only track that still always gives me goosebumps is Dimension 5 - Flow, especially where that panic sound comes as you're flowing down the stream. But I consider maybe 50 tracks "the best".
  12. You either aren't aware of the rarity of some of these things or you just want to get them for cheap too. Don't worry I sent the poor guy a list for the real value of some of them.
  13. So you can turn them for profit?
  14. This thread is confusing. Is it about strong (powerful) albums, or good albums?
  15. Most of the artists who released more than 2 or 3 albums started to release lower quality music.
  16. Exactly what I was going to say, I guess I deleted that part. If this is really released under the Transwave alias I guess sadly they are just looking for money now, because it shouldn't be compared with their previous stuff at all.
  17. Sorry I read the thread wrong.... Dimension 5 + Hunab Ku + RA really stand alone in my mind. Trailing quite a way behind, Astral Projection Etnica + Pleiadians + Crop Circles Transwave + Cypher MFG Miranda + Ominus
  18. I personally find the remix of Lunar Civilization not very good. There's some random chaotic pleiadians sounds thrown in there but other than that it has nothing IMO.... I much prefer the remix of Autonomasia. Daffy Duck on the Comet and Cassic Process are pretty interesting too, but this release is definitely not going to be any top favorite of mine. That said I never thought Etnica was that great on the whole, though they surely have a handful of awesome tracks. But I am still interested in this release. It's surely going to be better than the Lunar Civilization, Family of Light, Rec
  19. I messaged the artist to ask to buy them on CDr and he said it would be released soon. Something funny about that? Yes, these are really good... err... fucking awesome! (the first two at least...)
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