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  1. Can you point me in the direction of some goa tracks that are similar to Ra and D5? That\'s why I called it try-hard. Making chaos behind the main synth isn\'t not as good as making intelligible music behind the main synth. To what extent Pleiadians actually did this is debatable IMO, but I think most of these newschool artists are just throwing in chaotic layers to obfuscate their crappy music. And it just comes out of the speakers as noise to me for the most part. Relating this back to Ra & D5, there is never chaos in their music, it\'s always clearly defined and there\'s nothing just \"thrown in there\" for extra effect. That, and that their music is always really powerful and melodic (excluding some of D5\'s Second Phaze), seems to be the common divisor between Ra & D5 and their other subgroups. AFAIC tracks are supposed to have the same melodies. That doesn\'t mean they\'re boring if they use them properly and build them up and down and vary them. I view it more as a sign of weakness when melodies change drastically within the track -- it\'s like the artist didn\'t know what to do after a couple minutes so he just decided to switch to a new melody to try and save his track from being boring!
  2. Dimension 5 was never cheesy. Ra\'s first album had cheesy samples. 9th only has a couple samples. Maybe you thought the melodies in To Sirius were cheesy too? Well there are no melodies like that in 9th either, so I think you\'ll be safe.
  3. Aeternum, Bodh Gaya, Brain Accent, Darshan, Digital Sun, Doof, Dreamweaver, Encens, ETC
  4. All of them except Ra (and Dimension 5 re-release) are the now stereotypical \"newschool goa\", especially Filteria. (In other words it\'s try-hard and lacks creativity.) The Ra album is verging on a combination of goa and ambient. It\'s not got a whole shitload of layers of random sounds in it, doesn\'t use the stereotypical goa sounds, etc.
  5. All these artists have distinct features about their music, even though they may be pretty subtle here. Astral Projection has very little creativity between tracks, they all sound the same, but they are still great, melodic and nobody sounds quite like them. Dimension 5 has really big melodies in Transdimensional and then goes really laid back in Second Phaze (totally different albums), but they seem to have more careful constructed layers. Cosmosis isn\\\'t very similar to either Koxbox or Dimension 5, though there are some similarities. Also as someone else said, you\\\'ve just mentioned a couple artists here. Maybe if you listed to hundreds of artists you would understand how each of them has varies. Don\\\'t just listen to the most popular things as people tend to worship groups like Pleiadians, Cosmosis, Filteria, for example, which sound very similar to each other (many people don\\\'t care for creativity at all). Try listening to some of these major artists who sound very different from each other: Jaia, Transwave, UX, Chi-AD, Sandman, Ra, KURO, Moksha, Ubar Tmar, Asia 2001.... Also, try to listen to the whole depth of the music (the nice part about old school goa!) not just the beat, because that\\\'s always going to be the same by definition.
  6. I just listened to half their album. This is truly \"gay\" music, makes me feel homosexual just listening to it. *deletes*
  7. There are hundreds of artists try browsing discogs collections or searching google for a list.
  8. Ra - 9th Dimension 5 - Transdimensional (if you count it)
  9. Forgive my ignorance here, but is only the effect on the vocals or throughout the track in, say, Angelic Particles? Would MFG - Overload qualify?
  10. Assuming you mean Out Of Your Control? Track does little for me but yea it qualifies. Hard pressed to list more good ones. Electric Universe - Nexus Electron Wave - Chromatic Aberration Cyber Planet - Infinite Love (Dedicated To TF) <decent>
  11. Here are some more: Dimension 5 - Flow Solar Plexus - The Landing (Epilogue) Beach Buddha - Glass Voices Cosmosis - Afterglow Blue Planet Corporation - Arcana Hunab Ku - Wavespell Chi-A.D. - Sacred Vision Ra - Light Receiver KURO - Zoa 1996 Transwave - Ulysses Voyage No. 3 Paradise Connection - Source Of Emotion OOOD - Hartley\'s Ambient Jam Sorry they\'re mostly oldschools. These are some of my favorite tracks though. I\'ve tried many ambient and downtempo albums and rarely find tracks that as nice as these! Maybe it has something to do with the rest of the album too mind you.
  12. I don\'t think this is \"important\" at all though it makes an interesting sound.
  13. Can you say some example tracks? (Other than this ambient CD I don\'t have!)
  14. Hello! It seems like many trance artists (goa+psy) have the last track on their albums as downtempo or ambient. In my experience these tracks are much better than albums by artists that are fully downtempo or ambient as those tend to be so boring. It\'s also nice to have a power down track after a powerful album. To start off I will say: Jaïa - After The Rain
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