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  1. Thanks for the other suggestions! You are very helpful! I have this album already, very great production, my favorites from that one are Vaporized and Antares.
  2. This is more psy-dnb, a lot faster and more aggressive. I enjoy this sound too, I would like more recommendations for this. I saw a thread in this subforum a few months ago, and there wasn't much feedback on this style.
  3. I was looking for this album right after your first post. Their hosting server appears to be down. I already emailed them about the problem, I'm hoping to get a response soon. Do you have it? Perhaps you can host it if I don't hear back from them.
  4. Excellent post. Any other suggestions?
  5. Hey all, I'm looking for deep, dark, trippy breaks and dubstep with serious psy influences. For example, Hefty Output branched off into a breaks project named "Meat Axe", and they have a track that embodies exactly what I'm looking for. Here's a clip, some of you guys may enjoy this sound. http://www.arabesquedistribution.com//index.php?option=com_artistavenue&task=playSong&mode=HQ&id=11634&Itemid=99999999
  6. Dark Full On or "Night" Full On includes some of these artists: Iron Madness Brainwash Azax Syndrome Ultravoice Bizarre Contact Khopat Earworm Painkiller Toxical Mekkanikka Chemical Trolls Wizack Twizack Dark Nebula Twisted System Broken Toy Hope that helps!
  7. This is a very unique, banging mix. 3 metal tracks and 11 psytrance tracks with heavy guitar influence. Every one of these tracks are quite interesting, these days it's hard to find psytrance of this quality! Oceano - Empathy for Leviathan In Panic - Diffuser Talamasca - Aries (XSI Remix) Voodoo Velkro - Hydra (Jaws Underground Remix) Hydraglyph - Abstraction Veil of Maya - We Bow In Its Aura Void - Comes Alive Chemical Trolls - La Carmbre Switch - Ravers Only! (Hydrofield Remix) CPU - Es Vedra Pirates Chelsea Grin - Sonnet of the Wretched Genetic Noise - Feel the Energy Azax Syndrom vs Bliss - The Better Man Skulptor & Waio - Deep Ocean Ziptnf - Brutal Machine (70:26) 129MB Enjoy!
  8. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLGd5Bon2bA
  9. This track has a lot of power, but the vocals are really cheesy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8UojR-prPo
  10. So I've been experimenting with a new sound lately. This mix bangs out some electro house, moving into some progressive psytrance with a hard electro tinge, and no Ziptnf set would be complete without a little bit of full-on at the end. There were a few wonky transitions in there, some of the tracks were a tad unpredictable to mix, but hopefully you'll enjoy it anyways! Ticon - Zebra Beat True Lies - Don T Stop It Barak - Evolution Brisker & Magitman - Late Night Drive Felguk - Galaxy Traveller Duca - Snowman (Osher Remix) Echtotek - Electro Buzz Rocky - Boo Girl Perfect Stranger - Stardust (Felguk Remix) Toxical - Nutone Anill - Elektro Bandit Vibraddict - Electro Punch Ziptnf - Magnetic Charge (67:34) 123 MB 256kbps
  11. Horror: Impaktronet - Modulation Twilight(full-on night): Brainwash - Music for Massives Forest: Wizack Twizack - Holographic Image
  12. Holy crap, this looks so awesome. I can't listen right now but my pulse is already racing. I can't wait to turn this on. Who else does Psy/Dnb these days?
  13. The original mix of this track is incredible.
  14. Perfect Stranger's "Free Cloud" album has lots of electro house sounds, but it has nowhere near the energy that I like.
  15. Cool, thanks, I'll check it out. I'm gonna check out your tracklist posted in the DJ promo forum.
  16. If you read my initial post, you would see I like some of the electro house sounds too... Another example, one of which I couldn't find on youtube was Toxical - Nutone, it's more of a progressive sound, but with heavy electro influence. I also like some of the electro full-on like: Faders vs Freedom Fighters - Heartless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y376QbDVU4
  17. Hey all, I'm interested in some of the newer Electro sounds coming from the psytrance scene. I dig the electro house/psy vibes from artists like Ticon, Rocky, Echotek, etc. This hybrid of genres is fantastic, and it makes me sad that more producers aren't jumping on this. Electro and psy can both sound sort of samey, but that shouldn't stop good psytrance producers from creating it. I would like to discuss this hybrid genre further, and see if anyone has any recommendations as far as artists, compilations, or albums. Here is a good example of the kind of stuff I'm looking for: Ticon - Zebra Beat
  18. Iron Madness Liquid Soul Freedom Fighters Xerox & Illumination Perfect Stranger Chemical Trolls Dark Nebula Mekkanikka Wrecked Machines
  19. Hey all, here's a progressive psytrance set that I can pretty much view as the big brother of Dynamic Reflex. I sorta let things get out of hand toward the end, I couldn't help myself. Odiseo vs Jiser - Good Things Lumbago - Flopkickers Next - Webcam Disaster Suntree - Persistence Ovnimoon & Zyce - Stereo Space (Zyce & Flegma Remix) Liquid Soul vs Freq - Liquid Frequencies Gaudium - Just in Front Infinity - Stratosphere Visua - Energy (Aerospace Remix) Liquid Soul - Adrenaline Dickster - Dizzy Drops Han Solo & Interference - Just A Dream Ziptnf - Aggressive Impulse (72:42) ~320kbps 166MB Enjoy!
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