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  1. To each his own! I will not have my mix ready until next month, I am still searching for proper tracks. But when I make it, I will PM you to remind you to listen!
  2. It should probably work very well with the tracks I have lined up, but we will see what my final decision ends up being. I'm still waiting on another CD to arrive and I need to keep digging to find some more excellent tracks. As far as the mixing goes, I don't agree with your statement that good mixing sounds boring. In instances where the genre is House or Techno and the mix just plods along with perfect transitions, I can see your point. But where you have a bundle of unique tracks that have a certain level of energy associated with them, dropping the flow or screwing up a beatmatch is detrimental to the entire mix. Trust me, I've screwed up my mixing in plenty of mixes I've released. It sounds terrible when a transition gets ruined. That doesn't "give the mix more character", it makes it sound bad in my opinion. I love to drink a beer and smoke some weed when I'm mixing, and I still place a large amount of importance on how each transition sounds. You can still make it "surgically lasered by a robot from the future" and still make your mixing unique and energetic, especially with these tracks. Look out for my try in the next couple of months. If I blow some transitions, you can give me hell!
  3. Some of these tracks were total monsters: haunting, scary, thumping tech-trance beasts. Others were more trancey and less pounding but still fit the theme. They were all very nice tracks, with the exception of the last one (in my opinion). The flow of the set was pretty nice, but I must say I preferred the first half. Unfortunately, the mixing here is kinda bad. I can't really blame you, because I'm sure these tracks are tough to blend well together, but you had a few beatmatching issues as well. I'm planning one of these mixes myself! I was going to use the Hujaboy track but since you already played it, I'll find something else Nice mix, man, keep it up!
  4. I like watching basketball, especially NCAA and the NBA. I also was a swimmer, so when swim events are televised I usually watch them.
  5. Holy cow, you're like the tech-trance king! Those were all great tracks you posted, and I'm probably going to buy those two albums off discogs. Any other suggestions? Some of these tracks are absolute monsters and I can't wait to check them all out.
  6. Good suggestion. I also like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGq_bLln9nA Any more ideas?
  7. When I think of tech trance, I think of this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pe3DQjsJ80 This isn't quite as dark as those other tracks though, and a bit less emphasis on the techno part. Here's a dark techno track with less psy. I want a happy medium. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gjzxqi5WKa4
  8. You all know exactly what I'm talking about. The Delta - Thing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4sRBja6Hho X-Dream - Fall Out (Dong Version) Dark Soho - The 14th etc. There has to be more.
  9. It's not really psy, unless you want to consider variation "psychedelic". The last track is from the OP.
  10. Thanks! Man, with sites like that, 1400 tracks in the playlist, I'd need hours upon hours to go through each! I got a few of these tracks from chipmusic.org
  11. I threw together a chiptune mix. Check it out heeeeere: http://www.tranceaddict.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=602900&forumid=73
  12. Not really psytrance, but delicious 8-bit goodness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG_Vx-1Sy0o
  13. I recently discovered this track, which takes advantage of the loveliness of simple squares and other 8-bit music synths. Is there anything else in the psytrance scene that does the 8-bit thing well? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVLv2daKPOQ&hd=1 What about just regular 8-bit music?
  14. Hey man, I listened, and this is pretty nice. Mixed well, and the tunes were lush. They didn't try too hard, and the set had a solid flow. Good work.
  15. This mix is a wonderfully weird interpretation of suomi trance. I've always considered this genre to be filled with tracks that can't exactly be classified into specific genres. Suomi doesn't really follow the same rules that the rest of psytrance does. In some cases I preferred the genre confusion of other tracks over "traditional" suomi. If you're expecting this set to flow all nice and purdy, you're in the wrong thread. Synthetic Science is always changing speeds, styles, and moods. Those who make it through the last two tracks will have beaten the final boss of all my mixes Tipper - Open The Jowls (VIP Mix) [Tippermusic] Artifakt - The Runner [Organik Media] M.E.E.O. - Wilder Beast [Mental Sauce] Circuit Bent - Into The Outpsyde [Morning Monster Records] Outolintu - Human Boing [Faerie Dragon Records] Shiwa 2000 - Hyppypiertari [Hippie Killer Productions] Haltya - Rainbow Funkster [Exogenic Record] Weblet - People Juice Eater [Morning Monster Records] Siaqua - Bring it Again [Morning Monster Records] Chromatone - Dub Divider [Nano Records] Texas Faggot - Back To Mad [Exogenic Records] Crazy Astronaut - Breakdown [Osom Music] Strahlenkater - Mathematischer Fehler [Mitnal Records] Lullaby & Goodnight - Experimento Concerto [Mitnal Records] Ziptnf - Synthetic Science (87:26) 160MB ~256kbps
  16. I'll check those out, thanks. I've already heard Sibilant - Proper Filth, but the sound didn't fit with this particular mix.
  17. Wait, so if you don't like Justin Beiber, you're narrow minded? That's some fucking stupid logic right there.
  18. I'm not aiming it at you at all, I'm aiming it at your mindset. The second part is exactly what you said, it is the case where a fanbase may not appreciate the new direction an artist is taking, but it seems that dismissing their new sound without giving it a chance can be closed minded. This is only for specific cases, when talented artists use their old influences to improve their sound rather than change it completely. However, sometimes, artists change their perspective so drastically that it just doesn't fit with their old crowd at all. I don't think Ticon made the right choice in going almost purely electro, but that was their decision, and they abandoned their old fanbase for a new one. That's just the way the music industry goes. The Black Eyed Peas used to do old school, Brooklyn-style hip hop, but now they're doing electro-pop for the brainless masses. That's why I said there are tons of artists out there that are making music that you would enjoy
  19. Not really. Who says that artists should follow a particular pattern when they want to change their sound? When an artist wants to evolve, they can use previous influences as well as current influences to develop a new identity. If an artist makes goa, then psy, then full-on, then goes back to goa, I think that's really limited with what they want to do with their creativity. I, for one, wouldn't be upset at all if they decided to make more progressive or techno influenced stuff, just because they are getting tired of the trippy, full power nonsense that they were into in the past. I think that is very closed-minded. Perhaps if PoF or Perfect Stranger starts doing more techno than psy, you may not like it, but keep in mind that there are hundreds of artists out there that are probably producing music you like. Artists produce music that they like and they hope their fans might like. If they don't, they don't have to listen, no honor lost. But dismissing it because it's not psy is very stubborn in my opinion. Don't dismiss the artist just because they don't keep making goa or psy over and over again for 8 albums straight.
  20. Not all psy artists want to keep producing it. Their tastes either evolve or change completely. Some may be motivated by money, but most of the time artists don't want their sound to stagnate; rather, introduce new sounds and ideas that don't always involve psy.
  21. There's nothing wrong with bad remixes every once and a while. How fucking boring would music be if every single track just brought the pain every time? I would honestly get tired of psytrance if every track was a total killer. I think the best thing about psytrance (and most genres, while we're at it) is that most of it is garbage and only some of it is great. So Toxic liked that Britney Spears song and wanted to remix it, I don't think that just because he didn't make it some epic track with fresh ideas and stomping basslines means that he should be burned at the stake and everybody who likes it is an idiot.
  22. Who says that all psytrance needs to take itself seriously? I mean, come on, I know that it's not very good, but some of you all are acting personally offended that these artists remixed tracks that they like, even if they didn't execute it well. There can be good psy, and there can be shit psy, the same with every genre in music. I would honestly find it quite unusual if no artists ever remixed a popular radio song. Edit: I also doubt that they're all doing it to make money. Sure, it might be great for some weeaboos at a club to hear their favorite Katy Perry track remixed and dropped, but what if the artist themselves made the track because they actually liked it? That seems like a very basic concept, and it shocks me that some of you all are overlooking it.
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