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    Music. People. Cultures. The Heart, The Mind, The Soul
  1. 1. Jikkenteki-Temporary Distractions 2.Kerietsu vs. Soliptic- Ripples( Imprint of Creation Remix) 3.Felis-Unknowledged Knowledge Its now up on the website A small ten minute mix i hope you enjoy
  2. New mix out for the winter season 'frosty' check www.indabamusic.com/people/Haikilipsy in about a day or so and it should be up. Peace, Haikili
  3. Update: Hey all i would like to hear some comments on what you guys think. I have a new mix in the works for the winter season and should be out by the end ov november keep yours eyes peeled and let me know what you guys think Peace, Haikili
  4. wow! she is beautiful! good work mate how much is she? american dollars...
  5. wow! she is beautiful! good work mate how much is she? american dollars...
  6. psytrance has changed me in alot ov ways. My mind and soul opened up to what the world really is and kinda turn me towards a more spiritual way ov thinking. It has shown me a new world i never thought could exist. Community art music, all kinds ov things. Im glad i can be apart ov what it has become. Im glad im involved in the musikk. I listen to psytrance when im down (particularly Morning psytrance) and i like to match my listening to the seasons . it helps my modd and calms and centers me
  7. warm in winters bitter cold

  8. Hello all Im Haikili. These are my mixes. Unfortunetly i can get them to download quite yet but check this link to see what ive done so far. Comments are welcome www.indabamusic.com/people/Haikilipsy
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