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  1. Now available at all digital download stores! Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/nirvana-network/1348847 Juno: http://www.junodownload.com/products/labyr1nth-nirvana-network/2530733-02/ iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/nirvana-network/id898485876
  2. Respect Gathering Goa Connection Festival in NY. One of the best international lineups America has seen in a while. https://www.facebook.com/events/607772512592109/
  3. https://soundcloud.com/radiozora/labyr1nth Labyr1nth - Nirvana Network - Live Set for RadiOzora Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ovn/ovn1cd087
  4. Labyr1nth - Nirvana Network LP - Ovnimoon Records Out now at Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ovn/ovn1cd087.html 1. Labyr1nth - Nirvana Network 2. Labyr1nth - Source Energy (Deep Mix) 3. Labyr1nth - Trimurti (Deep Mix) 4. Labyr1nth - One Pulse 5. Labyr1nth - Drift to the Center 6. Labyr1nth - Cosmic Eye 7. Labyr1nth - In the Light (Radio Mix) 8. Labyr1nth - Mintaka 9. Labyr1nth - Pyramid Technology Ovnimoon Records continues to lead the way on our collective journey deep along a winding path of discovery sharing our most powerful and evocative musical creations, please welcome Labyr1nth (USA) with his highly engaging, finely tuned new odyssey into the Nirvana Network! A labyrinth has only 1 path, that leads the seeker to the center, and back out again. The labyrinth is a path to the center of the soul. For centuries used as a tool for meditation, an experience for prayer, a trigger for growth, an opportunity for new questions, the labyrinth should be approached with reverence and respect for the journey toward the center. Since ancient times, spiritual pilgrims have walked paths seeking enlightenment. The labyrinth is one such path. The Labyr1nth project was created in 2013 by dj Labyrinth after many years of djing various forms of psychedelic and progressive trance. Quickly catching the ear of visionary trance producer Ovnimoon and signed to Ovnimoon Records. The highly acclaimed 'Infinity Is Now' and 'Source Energy' EP releases introduced his sound to the world and now the time has come to dive deeper. Nirvana Network was created as a musical metaphor for the global trance community and the affect it has on humanity. Creating these Nirvana experiences for people all over the globe, either at a festival, club, or in the comfort of home. Trance music is used as a tool for collective meditation. A Network of timeless music created in every corner of the globe connected through technology and co-creation. Deep Psychedelic Progressive Trance that weaves through lush atmospheres, acidic goa melody, tribal percussion, spiritual undertones, and a balance of the classical and the futuristic. Progressing from 138 - 143 bpm, this album is designed to provide a seamless transition between the progressive sound and the psy sound. Welcome to the Nirvana Network! radiOzora guest mix and interview coming soon: http://radiozora.fm youtube promo video: Labyr1nth: http://labyr1nth.com http://soundcloud.com/labyr1nth http://facebook.com/labyr1nth http://facebook.com/ovnimoonrecords
  5. Also available at Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/#release/source-energy/1142036 TrackItDown: https://www.trackitdown.net/track/labyr1nth/consciousness-dawn/trance/6123427.html Juno: http://www.junodownload.com/products/labyr1nth-source-energy/2272987-02/
  6. Ovnimoon Records presents Labyr1nth - Source Energy EP Out now at Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/Downloads/ovn/ovn1dw098.html 1. Labyr1nth - Source Energy http://soundcloud.com/labyr1nth/labyr1nth-source-energy 2. Labyr1nth - Consciousness Dawn http://soundcloud.com/labyr1nth/labyr1nth-consciousness-dawn Cover Artwork by Kameleon http://labyr1nth.com http://soundcloud.com/labyr1nth http://facebook.com/labyr1nth http://facebook.com/ovnimoonrecords
  7. Just launched my new Labyr1nth website with news on events, releases, and dj mixes! http://labyr1nth.com Check out the Labyrinth DJ Mix Vault featuring over 2 days of music: Psy-Prog-Tech-Chill-Dub. Enjoy! http://labyr1nth.com/index4.html Connect: Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/labyr1nth Facebook: http://facebook.com/labyr1nth
  8. Now available at Beatport! http://www.beatport.com/release/infinity-is-now/1073977
  9. Infinity Is Now reached #25 on the Psyshop charts today, thank you all for the support!
  10. LABYR1NTH - Infinity is Now EP Ovnimoon Records presents Infinity is Now EP by LABYR1NTH out now at Psyshop! http://www.psyshop.com/shop/Downloads/ovn/ovn1dw074 LABYR1NTH - Infinity is Now https://soundcloud.com/labyr1nth/labyr1nth-infinity-is-now LABYR1NTH - Theory of Relativity https://soundcloud.com/labyr1nth/labyr1nth-theory-of-relativity LABYR1NTH - In the Light https://soundcloud.com/labyr1nth/labyr1nth-in-the-light-preview Behind the LABYR1NTH project is dj Labyrinth based out of Denver Colorado USA. After a decade of djing psychedelic and progressive sounds across North America, the time has come to unleash his new project of original compositions bringing together many years of dance floor experience. Creating a sound that is groovy yet highly psychedelic, LABYR1NTH mixes modern production techniques with the atmosphere and vibes of the ‘old school’ to take the listener on an interstellar journey through space and time. Mystical melodies, tribal percussion, growling bass lines, and lush fx are utilized in this unique ‘Psy Prog Goa’ style. Debut EP Infinity Is Now out soon on Ovnimoon Records. “You are Infinite! Through the trance dance experience, our goal is to awaken humanity to the infinite love and light within us, and to live in harmony with each other, nature, and the universal consciousness. A labyrinth has only one path, which leads the seeker to the center, and back out again.” http://soundcloud.com/labyr1nth http://facebook.com/labyr1nth http://facebook.com/ovnimoonrecords
  11. Here's my dj mix from the Vaporize event in Denver, CO 04.07.2012. Proggy Psy with a touch of Full On. Injoi! http://pureperceptionrecords.org/mixes/labyrinth/Labyrinth-Vaporize.mp3 1. Mute & Egorythmia - Inspace 2. BLT & Quantize - Monkey and the Rabbit Shoulders (Egorythmia RMX) 3. Ace Ventura & Gaudium - In Between (Captain Hook RMX) 4. Nerso - Science 5. Nerso - Particles 6. Ace Ventura & Egorythmia - White Tunnel 7. Liquid Soul & Captain Hook - Liquid Hook 8. Barkode - Re-Action 9. Zen Mechanics vs. Flegma & Nerso - Flux 10. E-Clip - Salvia Divinorium 11. Ovnimoon - Love is the Key 12. SideForm & Middle Mode - Side Mode Labyrinth Dj Mixes: http://www.pureperceptionrecords.org/newreleases/djs/labyrinth/ Sculpted Sound Events: http://sculptedsound.net
  12. New psychedelic dj mix from the ION gathering in Denver CO Feb 2012. I was closing out the night after a great Forest dj Mukti, starts with some deep and dark sounds and moves into melodic neo-goa bliss. Injoi! Labyrinth - Awakening http-~~-//pureperceptionrecords.org/mixes/labyrinth/Labyrinth-Awakening.mp3 1. Solar Fields - Winter Sun 2. Ianuaria - Native 3. Yudhisthira - Spiritual Entity 4. Scorb - 13.5 Hours (Reanimated Remix) 5. Dust - Koala's Revenge 6. Scorb - Mutoid (Reanimated Remix) 7. Dissociactive - Unga Bakatunga 8. Dust - Pleasure 9. Via Axis - Tryptamine Dimensions 10. Yudhisthira - The Room 11. Via Axis - The 4th State 12. Ianuaria - Liquid Modulation 13. Trold - Its all about Cycles Labyrinth Dj mixes: http://www.pureperce.../djs/labyrinth/ Sculpted Sound Events: http://sculptedsound.net
  13. Psychedelic Progressive Trance mix from Sculpted Sound's 11-11-11 gathering in Denver, CO. Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/labyrinth-pangea/labyrinth-11-11-11 1. Labyrinth - Drift to the Center (Ambient Mix) [unreleased] 2. Frost Raven - Galaxy [Ovnimooon] 3. Easy Riders - High Spirits [Hadra] 4. Ace Ventura - Dark Matter (Egorythmia Rmx) [Plusquam] 5. Ace Ventura - Genesis (Flegma and Nerso Rmx) [Furthur Progressions] 6. Sonic Species - Bend the Future (Logica Rmx) [spun] 7. Barkode - Mysteries of the Governments [blacklite] 8. Zen Mechanics - Modified (Logica Rmx) [Phantasm] 9. Shalys - Indishanti [Free-Spirit] 10. Ritmo, NOK - Multistop (Ectima Rmx) [blue Tunes] 11. Sonic Species - Machina Terra [blue Hour] 12. Ovnimoon - Galactic Mantra (2011 Rmx) [Ovnimoon] 13. Lunaroot - Maudits artistes [Hadra] 14. Ilai - Vibration of Mantra [blacklite] Full catalog of mixes available here http://www.pureperceptionrecords.org/newreleases/djs/labyrinth/ Injoi!
  14. Psychedelic Progressive Trance mix from the ION gathering in Denver, CO Sept. 23 2011 Intro 1. Egorythmia -Night Shift [Echoes] 2. Juno Reactor -Conga Fury (Ace Ventura Rmx) [Metropolis] 3. Ace Ventura -The Spark [iboga] 4. Sidewinder -Roswell Incident [JOOF] 5. Labyrinth -Cosmic Eye [unreleased] 6. Silicon Sound & Sonic Species -Doomsday Hit [Neurobiotic] 7. Artha -Signs [Cronomi] 8. Nukleall -Time Travel (Ectima Rmx) [blacklite] 9. Cosma -People on Hold (Psysex Rmx) [Hom-Mega] Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/pureperception/labyrinth-ion-dj-mix-1 Website: http://www.pureperceptionrecords.org/newreleases/djs/labyrinth
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