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  1. Very nice :-) Do you happen to have a track list?
  2. Do you have a track list?
  3. awaiting


    Anyone happen to know the name of the first two tracks for Krysis - Psy Mix ?
  4. So I'm converting from spinning hard house to psytrance for multiple reasons. And what I really love... full on hard/dark psy. Can anyone give me suggestions of some good artist/tracks/albums that would be right up this ally? Also, anyone have any suggestions for some good downloading sites? I've found one or two but just curious what others might recommend. A few that tracks that I've found I really like so far: Koxbox - U-Turn Narcosis Sanitarium Atriohm - Paranormal Amplifier Thanks for checking out my post!
  5. awaiting


    I love em both! (Fast and hard..woo!) Do you happen to have a track list for both?
  6. I loved your previous mix Bodywarmer. This mix is just as hot... both relaxing, soothing (really touches the soul), and great tracks. So I am hoping you will be coming out with a Bodywarmer 3 in the near future
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