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  1. Let me know what you think! Personally, I think the tracklist has potential, but the track arrangement needs work, because I would play a really full on song and then a really trancy one, and it kinda killed the vibe. I should have probably started with the trancier tracks and left the slamming ones until the end. Also, since I was working with only one output, I couldn't cue anything so the mixing was essentially done live. If you notice, I severely fucked up the transition from Pixgod to White Sin. It happens tho
  2. This is my very first set, so be critical. My headphone jack is messed up, so everything was mixed live. I still think the tracklist is good, and while I messed up some transitions, I got better at them towards the end. Enjoy, and let me know what you think! 1. JFK - Inaugural Speech 2. Bizarre Contact vs Dooper Doopler - System Overload 3. Xerox & Illumination - Battleship 4. Space Cat vs Pixel - Test Frequency 5. Digicult vs Fatalt - The Return 6. GMS vs Pixel - Pixgod 7. Mack - White Sin (Wrecked Machines rmx) 8. Human Blue - Party Deluxe 9. Astrix - Techno Widows (GMS Remix) 10. Space Buddha - Storm Reaction 11. Alien Project vs Orion - Closing In 12. Wizzy Noise ft. John 00 Fleming - Endelehia Ziptnf - Midnight Complex.mp3 - 106.07MB (78:07)
  3. Holy cow, this shit is trippy. Very nice work, what applications did you use to render these? Just photoshop?
  4. What Happy Hardcore artist also produced a full on psy track called Colored Light?
  5. Excellent mix, just like all of your other ones. Very full on, made me move practically the entire time. A little too much acid/goa in it, but overall, incredibly well done.
  6. That was like some super hard darkstep, with some good full on thrown in there for measure. It would be pretty wild with a whole CD with stuff like that.
  7. Ah, no hi res versions? Someone find a hi res copy, there's got to be one around.
  8. Some serious full on. Starts off a little dark and strange for my tastes, but ends well with some straight up rolling full on. Well done.
  9. Caffeine just made me giggle so hard I nearly wet myself :D

    I guess you are a bit scary Ziptnf

  10. It's not too common to listen to a piano concerto and envision a rape...
  11. 10 steps ahead of you... already have all your mixes downloaded
  12. Hey, man, I look forward to listening to this set! I LOVED Musical Medicine. I'm a regular on TranceAddict.com, so I saw it there and posted it in the "Best Mixes" thread. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?sh...st&p=910554 I look forward to listening to more of your stuff! Keep em coming!
  13. I think song structure is the most important difference between good psy and bad psy. Everybody has heard that crappy acid stuff where there is nothing but some kind of wobbly synth that hammers away up and down the scale for the entire duration of the song. That is not structure. That is garbage. Well structured music has a perfect blend of sounds that complement each other throughout the song. Good Baroque music from the Classical Music period is absolutely stuffed to the brim with wonderful strings, twitters, bass, and melodies that are able to complement each other and are pleasant sounding to the ears. Good full-on psy trance has a wide spectrum of sounds that complements each other also, from a rolling bassline, to fat detuned buzzer saws, water droplets, square synths, and melodies. As long as everything blends perfectly, I consider full-on psy to have Classical qualities (without the awesomeness and dancing). Oh, and this post won't be complete without :drama:
  14. Recently, I've been enjoying some melodic full-on. This set embodies it perfectly: Ped - Musical Medicine http://www.dj-ped.co.uk/musicalmedicine.html
  15. Oh my word, I wouldn't even want to try that Everything you hear sounds new and interesting when you're on acid, so I would probably be scared of this evil mix I'm doing acid again sometime next month, so I'm gonna line up a whole bunch of full-on stuff to help me
  16. Heh, I live in Kentucky, in the United States (no, I don't live on a FARM ), and most people here wouldn't know what psytrance was if it walked up and introduced itself. Basically, I have to rely on the internet and DJ mixes to get all my psytrance. I specifically prefer dark melodic and full-on psy, and I doubt Ear-X-Tacy or any other major record store would have anything remotely close to what my tastes include. Maybe Infected Mushroom, MAYBE. But since B.P. Empire and Classical Mushroom, I wouldn't enjoy anything they hand to me. I doubt Psytrance can be marketed at all, mostly because, like the people in this thread have been saying, nobody listens to it or likes it unless they're blackout drunk and want to dance to something. For instance, I was driving with my older brother while listening to a DJ Mix, and he said "I like this techno song". I corrected him by saying, "No, you like the DJ, or the genre of trance this is." The problem remains that nobody knows what it is, and nobody will know what it is unless some artist completely blows up and gets a song like Sandstorm to play in clubs across the world. Sandstorm basically revolutionized techno music, because it brought a lot more listeners and followers. Psy could do the same, but only with a smash-hit.
  17. You are a scary person!! Did you do it?!?!?!!

    *Sharp lamp in eyes* well did you!?!

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