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  1. Hey all, here's a progressive psytrance set that I can pretty much view as the big brother of Dynamic Reflex. I sorta let things get out of hand toward the end, I couldn't help myself. Odiseo vs Jiser - Good Things Lumbago - Flopkickers Next - Webcam Disaster Suntree - Persistence Ovnimoon & Zyce - Stereo Space (Zyce & Flegma Remix) Liquid Soul vs Freq - Liquid Frequencies Gaudium - Just in Front Infinity - Stratosphere Visua - Energy (Aerospace Remix) Liquid Soul - Adrenaline Dickster - Dizzy Drops Han Solo & Interference - Just A Dream Ziptnf - Aggressive Impulse (72:42) ~320kbps 166MB Enjoy!
  2. Impaktronet - Modulation This track is on my dark mix on my Taijitu Returns thread in the DJ Promo forums. It sounds like your brain is getting put in a blender then flushed down the toilet. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/56986-ziptnf-taijitu-returns-double-mix-darkuplifting-psytrance/
  3. You made that track? Unfortunately that single track caused me to trainwreck twice when I was mixing. The kicks kept getting a half step off sync and wouldn't mix properly. It's a good track, but incredibly difficult to mix! That track was the only REAL problem with my dark set.
  4. Hey, back again with more Yin/Yang battles for your listening pleasure! Both of these are pretty banging, Yin's Revenge blasts some night full-on and progresses to some serious darkpsy. Last time, Yang was a little too happy, so I removed the cheese completely. It's more full-on, but still very uplifting! Click here for more information on the concept of the Yin/Yang Dragons. Yin's Revenge Iron Madness - Maximum Game Ultravoice vs Tactic Mind - Mind Control (Toxical Remix) Reset - Depth Charge Cosmic Orgasm - Ignotus Scienta Brainwash - Music for Massives Wizack Twizack - Holographic Image Axonic - Vector Shaping Sym-Fyom - Utter Region Erebus - Extraterrestrial Chai Mami DataKult - Organized Chaos Impaktronet - Modulation Mr. Hades - The Freak Sequence Stitch & PsyComa vs Cristal Scarib - Lords of Deconstruction Yang's Redemption Black & White - Frame by Frame (Space Cat Remix) Aquatic - Side Off (Cosmic Tone Remix) Domateck - Face Wash Vibe Tribe - Destination Unknown Ziki vs System Nipel vs Ananda Shake - Magic World XSI vs Massive - City of Angels 1200 Mics - Speed of Light (Dynamic Remix) Phanatic - Distortion Maniac Black & White - Spiral(Switch Remix) Psilocybe Project vs D-Maniac - It Will Not Stop Analyser & Dotan - Megadance Space Buddha - Walk Thru Time Vibe Tribe vs Freedom Fighters - No Limits Enjoy!
  5. This music is hazardous to your health. Prepare yourself. Intro - Bob Marley Tour Guide Vibraddict - Rasta Man Xerox & Illumination - Bass Safari Sufi vs Digicult - Antilope 1200 Mics - Mescaline (Astrix Remix) Space Buddha - Blow Your Heart Up Visual Contact - Natural Vibes Bizzare Contact - This is Science Frenessy - Artificial Beings Bio Genesis - Hemisphere XSI vs Nomad - Darkness Eskimo - My Kind of Music (Switch Remix) Volcano - Pitch Shift Phanatic - Land of Confusion Ziptnf - Frequency Surge (74:49) 137MB 256kbps P.S. The intro video is located .
  6. Gee, thanks for the amazing feedback. Any idea as to WHAT I should be looking for, or are you going to give me another smartass reply?
  7. Hey, I'm looking for tracks similar to Visual Contact - Natural Vibes, the driving, intense, warped full-on, that doesn't quite push into flowing goa-psy saw melodies with flangers. Can anyone recommend me any SERIOUS full-on, not some Save The Robot - Love Machine garbage? Visual Contact - Natural Vibes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD48isy66go
  8. Hey all, I did a prog-psy mix today. Hopefully this will fulfill the chunky/funky/juicy proggy goodness that your ears have been missing. As always, leave a comment if you listened! Enjoy! Raoul Duke - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Ending Ace Ventura - Exposed (Liquid Soul Remix) FREq - Time Traveller Vibrasphere - Sweet September (Perfect Stranger Remix) Behind Blue Eyes - Rumble in the Jungle (Zen Mechanics Remix) 4Play - Heartbeat U-Recken - Elements Zen Mechanics - Ground Control v2 Human Blue - Lone Ranger Liquid Soul - Synthetic Vibes Ace Ventura vs Lish - The Light (Zen Mechanics Remix) Xerox & Illumination - Head Split Ziptnf - Dynamic Reflex (66:52) ~122 MB (256kbps)
  9. My favorites were 2, 3, 8, 9, and 10. I thought Quadra and Alien Project did well as far as production is concerned. Nothing too mind bending or barrier shattering, and they need to cut it out with the lame vocals and focus more on drums and sounds like in Track 9, Dreamcatcher. Hardly any vocals here, but the type of full on that Quadra is best known for. Overall I thought it was better than Perplex - 10 and DNA - Sounds like a Melody. I only liked 2 songs out of each of those albums.
  10. Hey all, back again this month with one of the most fun mixes I have ever done. This double mix is entirely based off two of the deepest of human emotions, represented by the Taijitu (literally "diagram of the supreme ultimate"). In the taijitu, everything acts as a whole, so one cannot exist without the other. That means if you download one of them, try to make sure you get the other one as well! Trust me, it's worth it. Yang, the white element, is a mix with pure bliss, happiness, and joy. The ridiculously energetic uplifting mix will take you on a melodic journey that should definitely brighten your spirits. This mix was my first attempt at harmonic mixing. The first track is not psytrance, but is so absurdly happy, it had to be included. Toby Emerson - Sleepless Aquatica - Operatic DNA vs Melicia - Indigo Indra - Beat Burn Perplex vs Sesto Sento - Music Generation Intersys - Redstorm Ephedrix - Lost in Velocity Bizarre Contact - The Beach (System Nipel Remix) Aquatica - Deep & Wild Pixel vs Wrecked Machines - Help the Situation (X-Noize Remix) Gataka vs Aquatica - Higher Level (Electro Sun vs Visual Contact Remix) Electro Sun - Floating Out Systemic - Fly On Freaked Frequency - Light Beams http://www.megaupload.com/?d=65L1NIOT Yin, the dark element, is a mix that starts off right in your face, and progresses by warping and twisting your brain, until you finally lose your mind, represented by the last track "Becoming Insane" by Infected Mushroom. I had a lot of fun with this mix too. Xerox & Illumination - Creature of the Night Dizzy Mind - White Noise Insomnia - Sequence Select Xerox & Illumination - Virtual Violence Burn In Noise - Ready to Rock Azax Syndrom & Ultra Voice - Test Flight Dark Nebula ft. Twisted System - Delicious Mekkanikka - Micro Revolution Cortex vs Chemical Trolls - Trapped In Bass Toxic - White Magic Broken Toy - Fragile Phatmatix - Beyond Reality Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane http://www.megaupload.com/?d=E98PJVP9 As always, let me know if you take a listen, and tell me what you thought of it! Since this is a double mix, and not everyone has 3 hours to sit around and listen to both, you can review one at a time, just as long as you enjoy it! Thanks a lot!
  11. Hey all, this set is filled with 100% pure full on psytrance, I threw some of my favorite tracks on there. Be sure to stick around till the end, that last track is a beast, you won't be disappointed! As always, if you took a listen, please leave me your thoughts. Thanks a lot! Donnie Darko - Speech to Jim Cunningham Dune - Colored Light Astrix - Poison Delirious - Impulse Bushman - Rhythmic Device Dizzy Mind vs Nazuk - Fusion Cosmic Tone vs Noga - White Sensation Last Men Standing - North Shift Intersys - Recharge Growling Machines - Surrender Domestic ft. Pixel & Techtonic - Big Time Electro Sun & Bizarre Contact - World Cup Xerox & Illumination - Ghost in the Machine Quadra - Chase the Sun Ziptnf - Color Flux.mp3 (74:09) - 101.85MB
  12. Hello there! My mix for February is out, Journey Through the Mind. I figured I would spin some trancier stuff this month. The first half of the set is some tasty progressive trance, which leads into some tighter, more minimalistic full on, which eventually progresses into some melodic full on trance. Tracklist: Morgan Freeman - Shawshank Redemption Ending Zen Mechanics - Vurt (Sinewave Rmx) Ace Ventura - Sao Paulo Talamasca vs Space Cat - On purpose Black and White vs Chakra - Created for Control 00.db - Twister (Original Mix) Ultravoice - Darkside Astrix - Underbeat Ion ft. Descarto - Invisible Point Zybex - Sensitive Strings Senso Sento - Key to the Universe Ziki vs Ananda Shake - High Damage Prosper - On The Run Electro Sun & Visual Contact - Secret Sequence Please enjoy, and as always, let me know your thoughts if you listened! http://www.zshare.net/audio/552928751cd15642/
  13. The mastering in Quadra's new album, Voice of Reason, is some of the best, tightest psy trance mixing I've ever heard. Anyone agree?
  14. Good work, man! I always enjoy your art! :clapping:
  15. Hey, man, I truly appreciate your work and effort in getting these sizes released! Thanks a bunch!!! I will use these on my laptop
  16. Hello again, with my last set of the year, I provide you with 74 minutes of ass kicking full on psy trance. This is guaranteed to keep you dancing the whole night. Have a happy new year, and PLEASE leave a comment if you listened to my mix! Colon-pounding tracklist: Ziptnf - Warped Reality (74:24) - 192kbps - 102.19MB
  17. Hi again, Psynews! Please enjoy my second mix, made for this month of December. Lots of very energetic full on. I would appreciate any comments/tips you have... any feedback would be great! Happy listening! Ziptnf - Perception Distortion - 67.92 MB - (74:11)
  18. That is not at all what he asked lol. It really depends on what you define as "regular trance". What elements are in "regular trance"? IMO, more thought out melodies, slower, basslines don't roll as much, more epic themes. Much like what Ormion posted.
  19. Excellent. Maybe you could make some of the new stuff at some of those resolutions.
  20. Also 2 tracks: Bushman vs Earthling & Poli - Psychonaut Bushman - Little Snitch
  21. Well anything would be good, I'm sure popular resolutions for single screens like 1600x1200 would be ideal, but personally, dual monitor resolutions would be even better with 2560x1024 images. Your work is very impressive, and I would like to see more! :clapping:
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