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  1. +10 million I don't understand what the hate is all about, the purpose of certain subgenres are necessary when there are practically thousands of psytrance producers. Even stuff like suomi and twilight/night full-on. It doesn't sound anything like the rest of the subgenres. That's why the genre-tagging exists, so that a somewhat fuzzy divide is put in place to make the spectrum of psytrance more varied and detailed. It would be completely ridiculous to group suomi and darkpsy in the same category, it's just not even logical.
  2. Okay, so your argument is that dark goa was called darkpsy before today's definition of darkpsy existed. That's cool that you've been in the scene so long, but the subgenre has clearly been defined in the last 8-10 years in a stark contrast from your former experiences, which is why Ormion and I were trying to point out the differences between dark psytrance and darkpsy. Dark psytrance is what you posted in your first post in the thread, which does not follow the standards that darkpsy does, and I think you know the reason why they were different. I don't see what's so wrong with calling something dark psytrance instead of darkpsy, you're getting so worked up over an attempt at clarity on everyone's behalf. And yes, you're angry, otherwise you wouldn't have tried to call me out so many times.
  3. I have listened to some of the recent ones, but I am not near a pair of headphones for further review. As soon as I get some free time I'll comment more on the tracks. As far as I remembered, I really liked the Far East Ghost track the most of the ones you posted.
  4. Yeah right, you can't possibly know me well enough to think that I have a big ego. You waltzed into my thread and started complaining about what the definition of darkpsy is. You have two people telling you you're wrong, and you think we are trying to pigeonhole you? Also, I don't really understand your comment about the Parasense track, so I will just disregard it. I had no intention to start a genre war, I simply stated that it wasn't darkpsy and Ormion corrected you as well. You don't have to preach to us, trust me. Edit: Also, I already said I liked the track, what's with the anger?
  5. Darkpsy is the subgenre of psytrance that is generally 15 BPM faster, with common dark elements, all of which are posted in this thread. What you posted was dark trance, or dark psytrance at the very best. I said it was good, but it wasn't darkpsy, and there is no way that you can argue against that. Cry "genre police" all you want, but that's how it is explicitly classified. I wasn't trying to start shit, but you seemed visibly offended that I said your track wasn't darkpsy, even though I said it was super dark and I liked it.
  6. You guys really are delivering the darkness. Those are some real brain benders. @Darkarbiter & ollylovesgoa, those tracks are serious business. Totally dark as fuck. @karan129, I like Powered Psidm, I've heard it before, it's completely wild. @nectarios, the track you posted is super dark, but I don't know if I would call it darkpsy? Edit: I like the Silent Enemy sound, it has so much power. Any more like that?
  7. There are many darkpsy threads, and many "craziest track" threads, but now you've reached the point of no return. You are limited to only ONE darkpsy track (terrorcore/psycore is okay too) to post here that completely trumps any darkpsy track you have ever heard. And I mean dark. The one track that pops in your head when you think of the absolute limit of darkness. Thumping, full-power, otherworld darkpsy that boggles the mind and imagination. I've recommended this track before, but still haven't found a competitor. Give me your best shot. Impaktronet - Modulation http://www.mrtzcmp3.net/Listen?a=89606755059&b=PhADs1&c=1acd70b4f363&artist=Impaktronet&song=Modulation
  8. Ormion, I recommend checking out Yin's Revenge from this time last year. If you like the darkness, it definitely delivers http://www.tranceaddict.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=537179&forumid=73
  9. It's been just over a year since the last installment, and for the final time, Yin and Yang battle for ultimate supremacy. Both sides come to the battle with some serious artillery, armed to the teeth with thumpers and ready to prove once and for all who is the best. Yang's Reserve Yang started the series with a selection of over-the-top melodies, uplifting the heart and soul to enormous heights. Yang's Redemption chose to pack a harder punch and stood up for righteousness. This time, Yang's Reserve gives everything is has to battle the outrageous Yin, using the rest of its energy to win. Delirious - To The Limit Bohemica - Reverie Faders - Pure Energy Space Cat - Lifeguard Audiotec vs Faders - World of Fantasy Ultravoice vs Aquatica - Diamond Sky (Indra vs Genetic Syndrome Remix) Crystal Sound vs Domateck - Nok Out Save the Robot - Portion Distortion Ananda Shake - Scarface Mesmerizer - Going to Have Fun Vibraddict - Acid Droper Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M0LHBXP0 Dropbox (right-click->save as): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/71483/Ziptnf%20-%20Yang%27s%20Reserve.mp3 Yin's Rampage Yin began with a different, negative vibe to set the tone for its takeover. Yin's Revenge felt its previous attempt was too weak to overtake the happy Yang, so it assaulted the listener with pure darkness to prove its worth. This time, Yin's Rampage is controlled and relentless with its full range of dark weapons and skills to show that evil rules all. Principles of Flight - Chaos Opera Dirty Motion - Control Freak Seroxat - Death Machine Earworm - Extensive Damage Khopat vs Geko - Ultimate Weapon Brainwash - I Will Give you the Future Infernal Droid - Blood & Bubblegum Outer Signal & Dapanji - El Diablo Lost & Found - Scanner V2.0 Technodrome - Rizla Wicca - Access Denied Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UMAELZAW Dropbox (right-click->save as): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/71483/Ziptnf%20-%20Yin%27s%20Rampage.mp3 Notes: -Dirty Motion = Frozen Ghost + Hiyarant -Wicca = Claw + Paranoize -Vibraddict spelled the official name of his track wrong, so I had to spell it wrong too -I lied when I said I was done with full-on, seeing as how both of these mixes are full-on. However, I don't have any more mixes planned that are entirely full-on, so I guess this is my last shot at it -I also included the intro track to Principles of Flight's album Chaos Opera, but since it was only a minute and a half or so I didn't find it significant enough to include it in the tracklist. -My buddy Zach drew the ninjas for the cover art. You can go check out his cartoons and other drawings here. Enjoy!
  10. +600 I really like Crazy Astronaut, fast full-on needs to be explored a tad more!
  11. I've been wanting to play a few of these tracks for a while, but never got to build a proper set around them. This one isn't my normal bouncy full-on style, but it's still got a ton of power. The last half can be pretty hardcore at times. I hope this set will attract the real psy-heads, this should be a real treat for some of you. Logic Bomb - Sonic Algebra Headroom - Stereotype Writer Ananda Shake - Ground Speed Xerox & Illumination - Under Pressure Psychotic Micro - Take Over Poison - Radio Active Mad Netic - Transmission Slug - Hardwired Multistate - HQ Part II EMP - Attack of the Moose Twisted System - Overtone Stereopanic - Synthetic Explosion Ziptnf - Radioactive Sound (68:44) ~125MB FASTER LINK: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/71483/Ziptnf%20-%20Radioactive%20Sound.mp3
  13. I hope this is a joke. Abakus is awesome, sooo much atmosphere. It's really good! Uh... these artists are all completely late 80's disco. I think Eddie Thoneick is the guy who made that track sound so good. All last.fm's similar artists are totally electro and 10 cent house floorfillers. Here's another kinda techy trippyish house track: http://www.trackitdown.net/genre/house/track/690847.html It says it's filed under Electro, but I'm not sure if I really agree with that tag either.
  14. I am now the music requesting ninja I'm pretty sure that's all I ever do on this forum So there are lots of types of House, but I can really dig the techy-sound pitched down to about 126ish. The problem is, most tech house isn't very interesting in my opinion. It can get absurdly repetitive, annoying, or just plain boring with no hopes of changing things up at times. Is there anything house-related with kind of a psychedelic feel? Beware of the downtempo stuff, that's not really what I'm looking for. It should feel slightly more dancey and interesting to listen to. Here's a good example of what I'm looking for. I don't really think this qualifies as electro-house, it feels more like techy/psy-house. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70EiakIA-R0
  15. So I don't know much about glitch-hop or any psytrance that may be glitch-heavy. Preferably I'd like to see it used in a way that doesn't compromise the integrity of the music, I'd still like a nice hook for a melody and other sounds to beef up the structure of the track. Here's a psystep track that I discovered a while back that has lots of emphasis on glitchy sounds. The quality isn't stellar, but you should see what I'm talking about. Any 4x4 psytrance recommendations? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1qLsRasDmU
  16. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/58862-ziptnf-psytrance-101/ Also check out Power Trip. It features the track that ion1zed suggested http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/58667-ziptnf-power-trip-farewell-to-full-on/
  17. In a nice change of pace, here are two very relaxing sets. This one starts off with a ton of atmosphere and ends with some slow-paced downtempo music. Bruno Sanfilippo - Imagined Reality Liquid Stranger - Dew Point Adam Nickey - Perfect Destiny (Ambient Mix) David Abrgel - Symphony Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Zen Androcell - Seahorse Dreams Ra - Cloudwalker Chi A.D. - Lost Island Eastern Spirit - Midnight Sunshine Aquascape - Phoenix Dance Ziptnf - Elemental Analysis (64:26) 118MB This one is a lot more interesting and fun, but still very easy-going. Some lush psychill with a splash of breakage. Senzar - Rainbow Child Mercury Fall - Slow Motion Liquefaction Spoonbill - Wash Cycle Tara Putra - Tight Flare Eastern Sun - Solar Infected Mushroom - Elation Station Lunar Sound - Genetic Evolution Bamboo Forest - Muldhara Morphatrix - Fuzz Machine Easily Embarrassed - Reincarnation Devient Electronics - Tesco Siesta Ziptnf - Universal Logic (71:42) 131MB Enjoy! Edit: Btw, I know these pictures are stupid
  18. Thank you guys, this feedback is great! I love it when people enjoy my sets, it makes me so happy I think the energy in this set is pretty serious, I'd like to listen to a full-on set that is equally as powerful spun by someone else, but knowing full-on these days that might be difficult.
  19. You kids and your goa trance
  20. Definitely Brainwash. And +1 to all the other recommendations. full-on: Vibraddict, Space Buddha, XSI, Pitch Hikers (Shift + Slug), Visual Contact night/twilight full-on: Wizack Twizack, Frozen Ghost, Seroxat, Earworm, Lost & Found
  21. I've been listening to trance since '99, but since I'm known for playing psytrance, I figured I would showcase the absolute best of the genre. Most people, including myself, have an image of psytrance as being cheesy, generic, and annoying. I will definitely admit that most psytrance is garbage, but there are a few tracks that are exceptional. In this set, I start off with a bit of an experimental track, then waste no time in putting down some harder progressive sounds, followed by some powerful full-on psytrance. Even if psytrance isn't your thing, give it one more try as you hear all my favorite tracks rolled into one mix. Don't be afraid of the energy, when utilized properly it can really be spectacular. Strap yourselves in and enjoy! Infected Mushroom - Elation Station [Yoyo Records] Infected Mushroom is a cheese-fest these days, but let us not forget the talent they used to have. Elation Station is legitimately the first psytrance track I ever heard. It's very mellow with an uplifting atmosphere, with a playful and fun sound structure. I didn't know what psytrance was when I heard this, but I thought it just sounded so cool. Dickster - Dizzy Drops [TIP World] We move from a bright and happy mood to a much darker tone. Dizzy Drops was the first thing that played when I listened to the Colorsfest 02 set from John 00 Fleming. I had literally just joined Tranceaddict. When I first heard this, I didn't even know what the hell to think. It was just amazing and I knew I wanted to hear more stuff like it. I listened to the set like 20 times before I finally understood what I was hearing. Liquid Soul - Adrenaline [Mikrokosmos Records] I love the bassline in this track, it's one of those borderline progressive/full-on tracks that really expresses a lot of energy. Liquid Soul's finest right here. Astrix - Poison [HOM-mega Productions] This was the first track on Artcore, and it blew me away. I listened to the album at least 5 times before I realized this was clearly the best song on there. Volcano - Pitch Shift [Magma Records] Much like my favorite style, Volcano is known for his catchy riffs and melodies. Unlike most full-on, this track is interesting and unique. Xerox & Illumination - The Beast Within [HOM-mega Productions] I have always greatly admired XI's sound and ability to put together a rock solid album. While I love most of their productions, this is still my favorite track of theirs. Pixel vs Space Cat - Clear Test Signal [H2O Records] I ran into this track very randomly when I was first discovering psytrance. It's very different, and a little cheesy, but I love it. I started following Quadra and Alien Project a bunch after I found this. Visual Contact - Natural Vibes [Com.pact Records] I heard this one on Psyentifica's Full-On Masters II set, it shocked me, because nothing I had ever heard sounded like this. In my opinion, this is the absolute epitome of peak-time full-on psytrance. Brainwash - Music for Massives [Fractal Records] I dislike nothing about this track. It's incredible, it has so much power behind it. The bassline and synths attack your brain with dark and relentless exploding energy. It's definitely the single most intense full-on track I have ever heard. Bizarre Contact - This is Science [Fineplay Records] If you made it here, I commend your dedication! A lot of people can't handle the energy that some of this music creates. I think this track is great because the beginning sounds like the synths are drilling into your skull. The melody at the end is also really fun and oddly happy. Astral Projection - The Prophecy [Yoyo Records] This track definitely has the most epic melodies of all time, not to mention it's one of the greatest goa/psy crossovers ever. Tons of energy, and incredibly lush. Ananda Shake - Final Call [utopia Records] The last melody in this track will forever be engraved in my soul. I dance every time I hear it. Ziptnf - Psytrance 101 (71:56) ~256kbps 131MB or Link 2
  22. ...isn't this DnB? I HAD to get my hands on Multiple Personalities 3 after you told me how good it was. Holy christ, the energy here is enough to kill a yak. I'd love some more mega-pounding hardcore shit like this that makes you wonder if your brain is going to melt. I also like VA - Hard Times, especially the track Impaktronet - Modulation. That track literally feels like my brain is in a blender.
  23. This track does not exist. I believe he means Ananda Shake - Round Trip, since searching for "ananda shake - power trip" brings up my most recent full-on set
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