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  1. My opinion of all my sets are comprehensive, a lot of times I like to feel like I'm building a catalog, and just gauge my favorite sets amongst how much I enjoyed all of them. I thought Creatures sounded a lot like my set, Radioactive Sound, and that is still one of my favorite mixes. I made an ambient set a few months ago, but if I were to demonstrate my sound to somebody, that would not be what I would show them. I think you have to make sure that you know the answer to the question, what does your "sound" represent?
  2. Excellent. You are very good at what you do, the atmosphere in this set was created in such a unique way, starting off the set with some heavy downtempo drum beats and following with some lush, intelligent, paddy ambient sounds that built up to a more structured and well arranged portion in the middle with some steadier rhythms. The magic was all constructed properly, the mind wandered and found itself time and time again with outstandingly complex and rich downtempo tracks. Your mixing is flawless through the entire set, layering sounds and moods via the ear of a perfectionist. The flow is very nice, with the exception perhaps of the last track, it didn't quite fit with the heavier one before, but it was a nice ending to an epic set. Wonderful job, very nice work. More people need to listen to this, and right away.
  3. Spun in the wee hours of the morning in honor of Halloween, this mix is the final chapter of the epic Taijitu saga. Yang was infected with darkness during Taijitu Returns, and regardless of the valor of his final attempt, it was not worthy of the mighty Yin. The pure evil encompassed the universe and Yin now sits on his dark throne as king of the new underworld. I consider anyone who listens to this entire mix to be clinically insane. It's a personal challenge to listen to this stuff, as hearing this mix is a guaranteed one-way ticket to the looney bin. I don't collect much darkpsy, but I've been looking for crazy shit for a little over a year. Whoever is feeling brave or particularly weird needs to check this one out. Enjoy! Silent Enemy - Open the Gate Gorump Peyya vs Acid Goblins - Brain Hack Devic vs Bodhisattva 13:20 - Magnetic Monopole DoD - Figure it Out Derango - Masterdamnit -Z- - Batman Polyphonia - Challo Furious - Sadizmo Ghreg On Earth - Earthcore Vortex Fluidity Data StiTch - Powaqqatsi Made In Space - Speed Core Massacration Furious - Powered Psidm Strenghcore - Synthetic Complex To download, right click + save as: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/71483/Ziptnf%20-%20Yin%27s%20Reign.mp3
  4. Keep at it. Track selection is 90% of the craft, get the other 10% down!
  5. Nice set, man. Lots of good, powerful tracks, but your mixing was questionable. 20 minutes in particular. Thanks for the music.
  6. Btw believe it or not, FSM, I blew my load all over this hot chick's tits to Xerox & Illumination.
  7. I'd like to remind you that this is the internet, and you trying so hard to tell us that you bang only pretty girls means that you're a lonely virgin or a dude who fucks fatties. Enjoy your hand tonight, big guy.
  8. Looks good, please load it to another server, mix.dj isn't working.
  9. I appreciate the advice, but I actually have both of these albums. Another album to add to the catalog of glitchy stuff would be VA - WONK#OUT.
  10. Dude, spend a few days building a tracklist when you think of a track, and throw it down in one go. I find that produces most excellent sets.
  11. Yay! Let me know what you thought after you finish!
  12. Good thing you posted that in a huge size, otherwise I wouldn't have read it. He clearly posted requesting sets with a variety of psy-styles, and that's exactly what we've provided him. He didn't specifically request Vibrasphere, Neelix, or Delirious Noon, he just said he likes stuff by those artists. He didn't even request that we post commercial sets, so why are you still bitching again? If you don't like the fact that 4 people posted their own mixes that they think are pretty good, then you missed the point of the thread.
  13. Nothing wrong with that, especially if we think our own stuff is pretty good. I've already listened to PRS's set, it was really enjoyable!
  14. You're asking for DJ mixes, so I might as well shamelessly promote my sets. I would recommend listening to Radioactive Sound first. It covers a healthy psy territory that starts with more of a groove and bangs the rest of the way into some darker and heavier tracks. I think it's my personal best: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/59522-ziptnf-radioactive-sound-hypnotic-psytrance/ You can also read more reviews of that set here: http://www.tranceaddict.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=573871 I will have another set out this month that you may also enjoy. But before you listen to that one, click my signature and listen to Yin's Rampage. I have no shame
  15. Boy, it must suck to be both a racist AND a virgin.
  16. I would say psy tekk and psygressive would fall in the middle of progressive and experimental. Why not think about all these categories as sort of Venn Diagrams that cross over instead of specific categories? There are plenty of progressive/full-on tracks, and plenty of twilight/darkpsy crossovers, as well as goa/full-on and so forth. Perhaps psybreaks falls directly under experimental.
  17. +10 million I don't understand what the hate is all about, the purpose of certain subgenres are necessary when there are practically thousands of psytrance producers. Even stuff like suomi and twilight/night full-on. It doesn't sound anything like the rest of the subgenres. That's why the genre-tagging exists, so that a somewhat fuzzy divide is put in place to make the spectrum of psytrance more varied and detailed. It would be completely ridiculous to group suomi and darkpsy in the same category, it's just not even logical.
  18. Okay, so your argument is that dark goa was called darkpsy before today's definition of darkpsy existed. That's cool that you've been in the scene so long, but the subgenre has clearly been defined in the last 8-10 years in a stark contrast from your former experiences, which is why Ormion and I were trying to point out the differences between dark psytrance and darkpsy. Dark psytrance is what you posted in your first post in the thread, which does not follow the standards that darkpsy does, and I think you know the reason why they were different. I don't see what's so wrong with calling something dark psytrance instead of darkpsy, you're getting so worked up over an attempt at clarity on everyone's behalf. And yes, you're angry, otherwise you wouldn't have tried to call me out so many times.
  19. I have listened to some of the recent ones, but I am not near a pair of headphones for further review. As soon as I get some free time I'll comment more on the tracks. As far as I remembered, I really liked the Far East Ghost track the most of the ones you posted.
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