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  1. I dig KoxBox. Interestingly enough, when I was a kid I wrote a program with another guy and we called it koxbox. Then there was that '98 IGMP frag bug which was released as koxbox.c
  2. Im sorry guys, but my goodwill has come to an end. I do not like cheese. What Im looking for is some seriously funky, and I mean funky style robot-pop inspired funky psy. No fucking crazy eastern vocal montages, No heartfelt 'reach out and touch your soul' trance vocalists who crossed over from some other band and thought they'd take on the rave scene, but just some funky-ass 303 bassline with a little synth-pop style vocoder over the top. Is that so much to ask for? :S
  3. whats that about, do they even exist? all I could find was melting clocks everywhere, and nonsensical geometric rooms...
  4. Thanks alot, intersys are totally banging. Up there with gataka, astrix, and the likes I'd say. thanks very much for the tip off re: puoskari, its totally weird. kinda simmelar to texas faggot I guess but it lacks alot of their flair. Awesome guys, keep 'em coming! p.s ... No one has really hit the nail on the head yet; Think 'cities of the future' and you're half way there...
  5. Update: since its reads like I want full on vocal trance, Just any psy with a vocoder line in it will be fine.
  6. Hahaha @ moon unit. lame. Although I quite like the first one.. It gives me cheap thrills to like nekkid girls.
  7. Hi All, This is my first post but I absoloutely *love* psy, goa, etc. That funk-a-delic groove, its so sexy, squidgy and cute. I just want to eat it... (synthesthesia, anyone?) Anyway; I was down at the local headshop the other day getting some incense and they were playing this awesome psy which had a really solid autotuned & vocoded vocal progression Can anyone reccomend really good psy tracks with vocals? - by vocals, I mean real vocal *lyrics* rather than your typical kind of floaty singing (Gataka) or indian singing type vocals (hallucinogen) Don't bother if your only reply is "infected mushroom. " ...LOL, this is PSYNEWS. Not PSYOLDNEWS. Thankyou so much guys, your comments are much appreciated!!
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