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  1. Good for you! I'm in Durban still, been here my whole life. Looking at NZ as my next possible destination.
  2. Ja boet, awe ma se kind. Just how local are you? Still living this side?
  3. I picked this up last week off Ektoplazm, just fuckin wow!!!! Words fail me when I listen to this. This is seriously top notch. So emotive and melodic.
  4. @astralprojection I dont know if you played much Warcraft 3, but they had a custom map called Defense of the Ancients, well Valve got hold of the rights and now own Dota2, its free to play, not pay to win at all, there is a HUGE pro scene and it's really similar to LoL or HoTS or HoN. http://blog.dota2.com/?l=english http://store.steampowered.com/app/570
  5. @astralprojection, Do you play other games like HoTS? Into Dota2 at all?
  6. This is top top notch! Well worth it. Heard the samples and bought it as soon as I could. Thanks Nova Fractal for another awesome bunch of tunes.
  7. Trance2MoveU hit this right on the head. As a South African, I've always held Nano records in high regard, up until about 2 years ago. One of the best things about Nano was that there was always the signature "Nano Sound", however, I feel that in striving for this unique sound that is Nano, they've gone and done the complete opposite. Instead of encouraging creativity, it's almost like Nano took every single ounce of creativity out of every single one of their artists and said "No! This is not how Nano sounds" and now, all fucking Nano shit sounds the same. It's the same boring fuckin drug samples, the same stale basslines etc. I actually wrote them a letter, complaining that they were in danger of losing a fan, but they probably wouldn't have given a shit anyway, so I tore the letter up, and they're still making shit music.
  8. I really enjoyed this, good energy levels throughout, solid production. Definitely my favourite fullon so far for 2015.
  9. I thoroughly enjoyed this album, like I did with almost every single OTT release. 8/10. Some really interesting tracks and soundscapes on this one.
  10. Enya - Storms in Africa, it's too early in my work day for Psychedelic music right now.
  11. Is it any coincedence that I read track 4 as Excrement Generator rather than Excitement Generator? No word of lie.
  12. Wow, I just discovered this today I know, I musta been living under a rock in South Africa. I immediately had to go and buy it. Amazing/10
  13. I have been listening to this album at work for about a week now and man oh man oh man does this brother know how to cook tunes or what?!?!?! Excellent production.
  14. Wizack!!!!!!!!!! I'm loving the slower deeper sound...to me it's "heavier" than your traditional sound...the lower bpm definitely does something for me On a side note...the Pathogenesis compilation is pretty sweet too Favourites are the Rinkadink, Sattel Battle & Hux Flux tunes as well as all the Wizack originals....more of this please everyone...PSYCHEDELIC!!!!
  15. Matthew De Nobrega aka Artifakt is an english speaking south African artist, he chose the name Artifakt cos he can, its got sweet blue stuffall to do with his first language. In case you r-tards are wondering, I'm also an english speaking south african...yes we do exist!
  16. Hmmm, well Artifakt would be fully within his own right to use a k for his name....But lets start spelling Beljium or Gapan or Untied States of America......
  17. Um, yes it is....Its a BIG typo....unless you're talking in Afrikaans you numbnut...We spell Africa like this in english...A F R I C A!!!! But hey, i'm over wastin time talkin about the spelling of my country.... The most important matter is....this album kicks ass...
  18. didn't skazi try do a remix of every track he could find???? :wank:
  19. Rogue Bagel - Ott Although i dunno if it counts as chill....
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